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What a disappointment!

That was one of the most boring first halves EVER!

Seriously, Spain had possession for SOOOOOOOOO long and still… they only scored in the last 3 minutes. And Netherlands- guys, seriously- what happened to you tonight???

Congrats Spain- not sure I feel it was all that well deserved though!

Bah- ah well, atleast I got the text I wanted- yay! So happy about that 🙂 Brought a BIG smile to my face!


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Wine over Cheese!

So 2 factors have helped me decide who I am supporting for the final… and the winner is


So why Spain, you ask?

Well, very scientifically I considered the 2 sides, saw who the players were and evaluated the strengths, the weaknesses, the style and decided which team was stronger. Yeah right! As if! 🙂

No, I went with completely non-scientific reasons:

#1. I like love red and definitely prefer it to orange.

#2. I prefer wine to cheese.

So on Sunday, my rioja and I will be supporting Spain. Most likely at Sinnott’s off Grafton Street in Dublin- anyone joining me?! 🙂

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Ok so my 2 favourites will fight on Sunday

The reds vs. the orange- not sure who to support- hmm… any ideas peeps? (And ofcourse I mean colours, c’mon love sports but actually follow them- don’t you know me at all?!! But yeah the Netherlands uniform is orange and the Spanish red so who would it be?!!)

I am a wee bit upset Germany lost ‘cos you know it’s gonna cost me a drink but hey, c’est la vie! I still get to spend time with a cute guy I love to flirt with and who makes me smile- yeah,  I suppose I could deal with it hehe.

Well, talking of drinks with a cute guy- stepped out to meet the hairstylist tonight- he was nice and all but I realised I like alpha men- well not necessarily the trader/ investment banker type who are full of themselves but still…

Is it weird that as I am writing this I hear Julia Roberts go “do you think there is one right person for everybody?” and it makes me wonder- come close to tying the knot a few times, done the whole long term (5 yrs) relationship, done the whole ring on the finger relationship, done the whole long-distance relationship… and I still think there is a chance for me… so, do I really think there is someone right for everyone but I don’t it’s limited to one- I think the one is an odd concept personally.

Anyway, Richard Gere & Julia Roberts are taking my attention, so I am gonna focus on that instead please- laters peeps!

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I tried coming up with an interesting heading but realised the simplicity of just ‘hair’ outdid them all 🙂

So, a very quick note to say hi and just capture my amusement at the fact that I am going for a date with a hairstylist while my own hair looks like an absolute mess. And I am way too shattered to go wash it, blowdry it etc before the date (not that I really have the time either, in all honesty, especially if I want a quick nap- it’s been a long day!)

Even more amusing to me though is a comment my supervisor made to me after my meeting with my client “Gosh- you’re very diplomatic”- errr…. he needs to get his head checked, me thinks!

And oh- GO GERMANY!! I have bet a date on it- it’s the matter of a drink, you gotta win!!! (The hairstylist better take me to a place where I can see the match.)

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And since the game is too exciting to work

I have decided to update all on my dating position with regards the 6 (and maybe more…) men. So I promised a friend of mine last night that I will dwindle it down to 2 in the fortnight. So, copied below are my original comments from Saturday- and now for an understanding of where they stand- colour coded and all, I tell ye 😉

1. A really sweet economist who is a few years younger than me- met up a few times and we always have a great time- however, I am wondering if its more a really good friendship than anything else. We haven’t exchanged any mails or anything in the last while- he seems to be thinking along the friendship lines too, me suspects. So I get to keep him in my life (phew! he’s a good egg) without having to feel guilty about hurting him!

2. A chef- the food aspect alone has me drooling, honestly. Ok that’s not fair on him- he is up for random walks along the sea, along the canal and other fun things on an impulse. It’s all quite easy- I don’t feel the need to think twice or play games, that bit rocks! Still flirting, still having a laugh, still enjoying each other’s company- we;ll see where it goes…

3. An engineer turned manager who spends more time away from Dublin than in- he really makes me smile every time I see a message from him. (Yeah, sickly cute, ain’t I?) And he has the same taste in books, wine and food as me (well… there are some differences but what’s life without those differences?) Well, guess who has a date with this cutie towards the end of the week? 😉 And even nicer- he thinks I have the right to be silly and send him texts when drunk which I regret the next morning! And sounds condescending as it does, without gushing too much, let’s just say, he made me feel all girlie inside and that IS saying something. So far, I would imagine, he is in the lead.

4. A tall, tall, tall hairstylist who has such a cool past of doing a million different things. And for someone like me who is constantly trying to juggle a lot of balls, I love the stories. Date tomorrow night- so this time tomorrow, I could either be striking him off the list or he could be giving the engineer-manager a run for his money!

5. A kid who lives on the other side of the country and loves Terry Pratchett. How can you not like anyone who has such fabulous taste in books?! Yeah, he has realised he is a kid and I am potentially not the right sort of person to be dating- we rarely manage to catch up! Galway- Dublin ain’t that far but still… since I am so unsure of my next steps, let’s not complicate it with a further twist.

6. A Kafka and Borges fan- really- how can we agree on anything but we manage to find common ground, a few laughs and a lot of smiles. It’s become very same-same after a while- and I get the feeling he is trying to make sure he doesn’t say something to p!ss me off. C’mon, I know I am opinionated but I don’t want someone who is scared- I want someone who can stand up to me! I am willing to enjoy a good argument every so often!!

7. A hunky doctor- like seriously since when does a girl with a phobia of needles and blood consider dating within the medical profession?!! And I am sure I have been blacklisted in Ireland amongst the doctors after my appendix experience… We’ve just spent the last 3 hours slagging each other’s teams for tomorrow’s semi, discussing colours and their relation to sex and other random topics under the sky. I am looking forward to that rioja I suspect we shall share not too far in the future.

Ok, so from the original 6, I am down to 3 and there is a new 1 too… how does this impact my promise to my friend… Am I allowed to add new ones in and if not, why not? And if they do come in and are green, then am I allowed to let the pool I am dipping  my toes in (no pun intended) get bigger?!

And now back to the game- 2 goals in 3 mins by Netherlands- woohoo! My reasoning of supporting a colour I like obviously did the trick this time- pity I didn’t put a bet with Paddy Power!

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… shouldn’t always make me feel so guilty, but sadly it does!

So I got home around 6, after meandering through shops and wasting time- when I knew I only wanted milk (ok, fine M&S milk but that’s just because it tastes OH-SO-GOOD, like!)…

Now bearing in mind I have a MASSIVE presentation to a client tomorrow and I am delivering some good news but mainly focussing on the bad, I really should practice everything and have it down to a perfect pitch/ speech/ whatever you wanna call it, right??? Well, no!

Ever since I came home almost 3 hours ago, I have:

– made myself some popcorn and eaten it all – I actually stared at the microwave as the bag went round and round

– read some trashy magazine that was lying around in the house

– seen Netherlands score a goal (Go ORANJE)

– seen Uruguay score a goal (atleast they didn’t cheat this time)

– spoken to a friend on the phone (and I mean a long chat, not a ‘hi, how are you’)

– read a million random online articles and tweeted about a few

– tried to decide who am I supporting

  • Uruguay because I love the chimichuri sauce
  • Netherlands because I love the orange colour, not as much as red but love it nevertheless

– changed my mind who I am supporting

– sent some emails

– looked at some photographs

– replied to some threads on reddit

read a few threads on reddit

– even written an absolutely useless blog post about it (this one- duh!)

So, will I end up going back and focussing on my presentation or will I end up procrastinating again… only time shall tell.

Later peeps!

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