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Totally agree- the uber man!

All- read!

or if that link doesn’t work, it is copied here too:

Men, this is what we women want. (Red- go figure it out)
Women, if you don’t agree, please tell me why!


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So… women get more emotional post sex

This is a well known fact- it is tougher for us women to just have sex and not get emotional about it- not impossible, mind you- some people have perfected the art but not all of us have… and a friend of mine put it beautifully in perspective today….

When a man and a woman get together, a woman lets something get into the very soul of her body- in touches her darkest spot in her body, it shows trust, it depicts acceptance, it depicts a sense of unity. Whereas for a man, he is getting out of his body- he is not connected to his emotion at all. For him, it’s just an act. It is only over a matter of time, through his emotions that this act starts meaning more.

When put like that, is it a wonder that we are so careful about letting someone in?!


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Happy International Women’s Day

Well… I am not a feminist- I am who I am.
I am not one who believes in fighting my corner as a girl but as a human.
I think we all have out strengths and weaknesses.

So, happy international women’s day! Here’s a laugh on us women:


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What a girl wants, what a girl needs…

Came across an article in a men’s magazine recently telling them what a girl wants- the top 10 simple rules.

My take on them:

1. Totally, I want a guy who is into ME- who I am, what I do, what I enjoy (and yes, I will accord the same back ‘cos if I am with you, I am genuinely interested!)

2. Not so sure- I want acknowledgement but not necessarily on the Hallmark occasions- if I say I don’t want anything, I usually mean it- no games!

3. That goes for everyone in your life- thank you’s and sorries rock!

4. Kinda ties in with 1

5. The reason I broke up with TL so yeah, I totally stand by this- potentially one of the most important aspects

6. Be a grown up, even if its in your parent’s basement- especially if the reason is so you can mind them. So not as strict but yes, be an adult

7. Commitment, yes. Marriage- not necessarily.

8. VERY important- I think it is so so so so important to be able to compliment and accept compliments!

9. A 2 way street- but obviously

10. Yup- cos life is special when all those simple things tie in together

Ah well, if such a man exists in my vicinity and is smart enough to keep my brain locked in,  coffee? 😉

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No fury like a woman scorned!

You know, when people talk of women being scorned, it’s often in the context of romance but there are other aspects to our lives too.

Over the past few days, I have felt betrayed- VERY betrayed. And that to by someone VERY close to me. A part of me expected this behaviour and is not surprised, another part of me is VERY shocked.

However, the strategic is me had put a few things in motion and you know what, someone will regret crossing their path with me ALOT.

a VERY disappointed me!

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Conversations with a Turk!

It’s been a while since I penned my thoughts down- primarily because I have been SO stretched- and most of the time away from work or well, not working as much as I usually do.

I am gonna try and focus this post on my time in Turkey- what I thought of it, what I recommend, what I loved, what I didn’t like as much etc etc etc…

#1: They need to sort out their immigration for some of the Asian and almost all African countries that have the option of visa on arrival- a 2 hour system and 5 queues later, it was a bloody painful welcome and kinda put in a bad mood for the rest of the day
#2: Women are accorded all sorts of respect but there is an unspoken understanding we are the weaker sex and we should do as the man says. I ended up adopting a fake husband to deal with the fact that I was a woman travelling alone! Infact, the only time I saw Turkish women was in the plane, in the airport and at the hammams- otherwise, all the tasks- especially those in the public eye- were accorded to men.
#3: Like the Indian men, the Turkish men feel it’s ok to stare at women. Ugh, respect people. We are not meat.
#4: Language is beautiful- there is a bit of Persian, a bit of Urdu and I presume some others mixed into their language and so I loved realising some words were exactly the same there as here.
#5: Turkish tea kicks Turkish coffee’s ass- seriously. Loved it. No milk, no sugar- and it’s gorgeous.
#6: The people have VERy strong views about whether they are European or Asian, should join the EU or not, should have open boundaries or not- they have strong opinions and stand by them- rightly, wrongly etc
#7: Their flights are never on time- 75% of my flights were late- on Day 1 by an hour meaning I got only 2 hours sleep at night, Day 2 by another 2 hours implying yet another 2 hour sleep night and finally on Flight 3, 2 hours late to get me to my mum
#8: They are EXCEPTIONALLY friendly! Everyone was keen to talk to you, everyone wanted to help you and yes, one is worried of all sorts of scam but most of the time, people just wanted to help you even if the non-guide population doesn’t really speak english and communication is tough. I recall one particular gentleman who told me to get off a metro stop too early so I could get amazing night shots since he had seen me with my camera!
#9: Cyprus is another version of Northern Ireland or Kashmir- the people don’t care of it as the government and their egos do!
#10: Cappadocia is amazingly beautiful- a must do once and definitely MUST do the hot air balloon- it was some experience!!!! I loved it
#11: Hammam is an experience and a half- I went twice thought that was a bit of an overkill but I do recommend doing it at least once. I loved the bubble soap massage that was something else! If for no other reason, give it a shot.
#12: Istanbul- a city of choices- it gives you a lot, it has a lot to offer and in many ways, it’s like Delhi. But what struck is me is how tourist friendly it is and how clean it is. I highly recommend doing the Old City yourself and walking around Sultanahmet yourself- please don’t do one of those guided walking tours unless like me, you are in a hurry and wanna skip queues to buy tickets and enter into museums etc. And oh- please please please please do the Bhosphorus, party in Taksim, walk under Galatta Bridge and eat fish and bread, walk in Egyptian Bazaar, skip Grand Bazaar, walk the city at night and take a random spot and walk back to your hotel
#13: Safety: 3 am, camera in one hand, beer in another, a lone girl walks back to her hotel… and doesn’t feel unsafe- absolutely amazing.
#14: Hospitality: The hotels will do all they can for you, the tour operators will go out of their ways but the guides are useless- I dealt with 4 in total and none of them made me feel welcome or were friendly- they look at the tourists that help them keep a roof over their heads as idiots- I understand they get frustrated with some of us, have had enough and are impatient but customer service can’t afford to show that to the client!

All in all, an amazing country- will I go back? Maybe to other spots but not one of my all time favourites…

(PS Very rare but for once, the pictures in this post can be credited to me)


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Dating a Girl

Men tend to make a big deal of dating a girl… I understand why- we are complicated creatures. However, deep down inside, I suspect, we all want exactly the same thing from our partners- love, respect, trust, loyalty, honesty- we just portray it differently.

To men, strength is in being the protective one. Apparently our strength is in showing our vulnerability– duh, that’s obviously what I am doing wrong :/ And there are many other such rules- I for one, am oblivious to them- I make my own, I follow my own and together, i create whatever works for the guy I am with and myself. It has obviously not worked so far, in as much, that I don’t have “the one” but it has worked in terms of making me the person I am today, giving me the belief I need and letting me grow the way I want to.

However, the other day I came across a picture and it caused me much amusement:

Usually not one to believe such statements, this one actually sits uncomfortably close to the truth- the more I like someone, the more I ignore them- especially if I am really close to them. It’s partly a self protective mechanism for myself because when it comes to love, I am not the biggest risk taker!

And then, I was assailed with doubts (‘cos we know how my belief has taken a knock over the last while) and came across this:

There is a lot of truth in the old adage “All’s well that end’s well”. And so on that hopeful and optimistic note, goodnight! 🙂

PS I love this post about why one should women who travel– geeky, travel crazy, gorgeous, friendly, successful- no wonder I intimidate men 😉 hehehe, will the real men please stand up and introduce themselves?!

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“She deserved it”

As a victim of sexual abuse myself, I have always felt like an outcast to the society even without mentioning it- despite the rational understanding that almost 25% of people have been victims at some point and 60% of those are from people we know. I might be that unlucky statistic who has been a victim thanks to both a known and an unknown person.

I think the words in this image captured at one of the Slut Walks are absolutely fantastic!

I yearn for the day people mature up and smell the coffee.


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Happy Women’s Day folks- even if I am not sure what the purpose of today is- shouldn’t everyday be everyone’s?!

I am very fond of Drake’s words- I know I expect a guy to jump through hoops and often tar them with a guilty brush and expect them to clean up other people’s mess- yeah, messed up is me! But I am aware and I try not to take it out on the men I date most of the time :/

For a women in business/ careers perspective, here is a video that shares some thoughts/ results on the matter- I am one of the few statistics who actively manages her career (even if I sometimes suspect I have failed), makes changes despite the risks at large (even if it means losing everything) and change roles when unhappy.

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Break Ups!

With Valentine’s Day round the corner, many people are either remembering their break ups, focusing on break up or like me, just wanting the day to move on… However, the one good thing is the theory going around about how Valentine’s Day is cancelled because: 14-2-12=0 (for the geek in me, it’s caused many a giggle). And the other is this image- not necessarily a valentine one but well, still only come my way at this time… And oh so true, we women tend to assimilate facts, get used to the new ways things are happening and move on whereas men feel the crash later, much later. And in a completely different universe, my personal and professional avatars are fighting- I am delighted Ryan is having trouble with some official stuff and still likes to get my opinions but at the same time, as a mate, I want to help and know that I can’t till he asks me! Wish things could be simpler but sometimes, you just need to let the people make their mistakes and come out flying the other side (hopefully) or else let them make them.mistakes and be there to pick them up the other side (preferably not). Ah well… life’s a journey and an interesting one at that… here’s to the shenanigans coming my way!


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The geek in me loves this!

Hahahahah brilliant and true, I suppose… it kinda defines the new rules of cheating eh… instead of postcode, it’s if your phone is not connected to mine 😉

And while, we are on about the geekiness…. here’s a flowchart for The Beatles’ Hey Jude!

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Meh, men!

On a dating site, a friend’s friend contacted me- not knowing it was me!

And when I mean my friend, I mean a very close personal friend who shall rename unnamed for the sake of her privacy. And when I mean friend’s friend, I mean more than friends.

Seeing the two of them together, I had thought this whole “friends with benefits” lark could work for strong women but today, I learnt, it doesn’t- it doesn’t work for anyone. If there are two people, just having fun, one of them is likely to get hurt and more often than not, it’s the girl. At the end of the day, people’s interpretation of this situation is different and it’s not always an easy talk- and most men, don’t want the talk!

Women are nurtured to be a one-man-gal, a monogamist creature, a penguin but men- no matter what, you can’t take their cave activities out- they want to sow their seeds in as many as they can and you know what, they do it without realising they are hurting you. Meh!

How can the two genders be SO differently wired?!
How do so many people manage fwb relations without any issues??
How do strong women like my friend and me mess up on something so insignificant?!
Why do women’s reactions come out so strongly and why do men think we are drama queens when we are just emotional?! Let me blow the steam out and I am all good.

Oh, so many questions, such few answers. And while I am on the roll of questions, do universal contour wraps really work or are they a gimmick?

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Men are from Mars, Women from Venus

I had to take screen shots from my email for this! Too funny 🙂 Brilliant!

(Too funny but now it gets better!)

(I love, love, love the teacher!)

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So, the other day, some of my closest lady friends and I were heading back from an epic weekend away and on the drive back, we started discussing women and the stereotypes.

I must say, I felt bad and a part of me cringed at the racist in me but a bigger part of me has shown I have almost always been right about these and my experiences have been such… so in my defense, I have experience on my side, and personal ones. I also apologise to anyone who reads these and is offended.

It started off with us talking about Russians (I am kinda seeing one so sshhhh but he’s male so obviously this doesn’t count hehehe). The Russians and Eastern Europeans are almost always gold-diggers and not consciously. They always marry up and access the basis of a relationship based on the monetary potential, and the materialistic one too. They will use their bodies and make a massive effort to maintain them to keep their partner interested and keep them plying!

Funnily enough, many of the Asian women are similar. Indian women may not use their body but they certainly would be very much aware of the need to marry up.

So is it that the caste system has changed to a different system that women now use to decide on their partner?

And as an Indian, how have I escaped? Or have I? Scary, scary thought! I love my possessions (my shoes, my gadgets, my jewelery is enough of a give away) and have been mostly successful men. I mean SL and I parted cos of his lack of focus but in most scenarios, I have been the one who would have been worried of gold-diggers…

PS On a completely different note, the romantic in me loves this pic– a recreation of one of my favourite paintings!

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Whale or Mermaid

One of those emails that made me smile.

I would rather just be me 🙂

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A true fairy tale!


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She gives women a bad name…

And by she, I don’t mean anyone in general but a lot of ladies- a certain type of the female population, to be honest- a percentage that have no respect for themselves, settle for anything and lower the opinion a certain male population have of the female race.

The funny thing is, I usually remain disconnected from those sort of females and try to avoid those sort of men but seriously, sometimes, you meet a guy and he is brilliant in every which way but has zero/ nada/ no respect for women and you realise he has only dealt with the type of females that give other ladies a bad name.

These girls need to grow up, even if not for their sisters in the world, but for themselves and realise that to get respect from the world, they need to respect themselves.

And those men, well, they need to realise that to get a lady, they need to stop being seen or hanging out with those females, ‘cos a woman worth her salt can smell the stench of another woman and will not go near…

Cryptic as I am, I know what’s bothering me and just need to rant!


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Since I believe in equality, I can’t have an opinion on menism and ignore this side, right?! 😉

Ha! That’s just an excuse- it just seems women is the common theme between some of the topics playing on my mind tonight:

– As you know, I sit on the board of a few different organisations around town. Well, one of these companies is run by someone (for the sake of the blog, we’ll call him Ryan) I admire alot. But love him as much as I do, there are times I do think he misses the differences between males and females. And this amuses me, since he has no brothers, 2 sisters and works in an office with 5 ladies and spends atleast an hour a day talking to me- another female.

Now I know there are issues with women leading women at times and I mentioned it to Ryan as part of one of our discussions and it’s been playing on his mind so he informed one of the key members in the staff about the fact that I might be stepping into a full-time role for a while. However, in Myers-Briggs terms, he went with a VERY ‘T’ approach and I suspect she is a ‘F’. Now, next week will mark her 4th anniversary in the company which is a BIG deal for all of us so we plan to pamper her silly with a card, cake and the usual little things that just show our appreciation for her work. We want to give her a raise too but I think I’ll personally tell her about that when I get down there to have a chat about her career, her plans and her increased responsibilities.

But why oh why, are we women so very emotional about these things and why do we misunderstand the intentions sometimes?! Or is it just a matter of emotional intelligence to be able to sift through to things that really matter??

– Well, on the topic of emotional women, Ryan and his girlfriend make for great entertainment (and frustrations) in my life. Basically Ryan’s girlfriend works for us in the summer and (ab)uses her position as his girlfriend which makes me REALLY angry- like seriously angry but he is so forgiving (love really IS blind). He gets irritated at her, vents to me and tries to teach her what she’s doing wrong but she gets in a huff. She has spent 3 months doing something that should have taken her a week! My main manager (the one who is completing 4 years next week) doesn’t want to supervise her because she knows what a handful she is and rightly so- it’s kinda tricky to boss the boss’s lady! But the other day the girlfriend spent the whole day NOT doing what she is meant to do, fought with Ryan and then just stormed out. She handed in her notice and then, the next morning, decided to come back to work. Such  behaviour would not be tolerated if it was anyone else- what can I do? As a person, she is all right, extremely immature and even though I can’t say I like her but I really think Ryan can do so much better- as his best friend, I am slightly biased yes, but really he should be with someone who appreciates him and all he does for them and not take him for granted.

– On a completely different topic, my mother is driving me insane right now- she is telling EVERYONE that I am getting married in 2011. Errr… mum, there is a fundamental need for me to say yes to that- MY wedding, I choose the person and time, remember?!

– And since I seem to be going through the generations, great grandma tips I have been loving recently are:

  • When one bruises, one of the best things to drink: milk, turmeric and sugar- hate the taste but works really, really well
  • Baking soda and hot water makes an excellent exfoliator
  • Vitamin E on scars works wonders, as does coconut oil
  • Yoghurt and lime makes for a great cleanser- especially to remove colour (if anyone wants to) and moisturise at the same time
  • Salt and coffee misture are very good on the skin
  • Surya namaskar (yoga)

– On a completely different note, I did something hilarious last night and everyone but everyone is talking of it in my gang today: We were all out for a big night out, and had been drinking since 7 p.m. Come 1 a.m., we were in a night club and they had Wii there. Now I am a divil for Wii Bowling- and I am just brilliant at it, if I may say so myself- despite the number of drinks I had, despite the crazy busy dance floor, despite everything I beat the sh!t out of this guy who plays Wii VERY regularly unlike me, who plays about twice a year. So, as I was bowling a shot, my remote connected with another lady’s drink and the glass went flying in the air. On paper, it doesn’t sound funny but I am pretty darn sure had someone made a video, it would be ALL over Youtube!!

At the end of the day, this pic says it all:


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Obviously my day for random links!

1. 2 Travel Safety Tips

So, for someone who travels a fair bit (or well, hopes to), I usually get the advice to take copies of my passports everywhere, to not carry too much cash, to not wear very provocative clothes etc etc etc but this is some amazing advice- gives me an excuse to sleep in, even better!

I usually go for window seats in airplanes and as high as possible in hotels, maybe, I need to rethink both! Hmmm… I know this says nothing about airplanes but think about it, if there is an emergency, the people in the aisle would get out quicker than those by the window that doesn’t even open…

2. Women are NOT from Venus

“Popular culture tells us that women and men’s brains are just different. It’s true that male and female hormones affect brain development differently, and imaging studies have found brain differences in the ways women and men feel pain, make social decisions and cope with stress. The extent to which these differences are genetic versus shaped by experience — the old nature-versus-nurture debate — is unknown.

But for the most part, male and female brains (and brainpower) are similar. A 2005 American Psychologist analysis of research on gender differences found that in 78 percent of gender differences reported in other studies, the effect of gender on the behavior was in the small or close-to-zero range. And recent studies have debunked myths about the genders’ divergent abilities. A study published in the January 2010 Psychological Bulletin looked at almost half a million boys and girls from 69 countries and found no overall gap in math ability. Focusing on our differences may make for catchy book titles, but in neuroscience, nothing is ever that simple.”

I this! It comes from an article about 10 random facts on brains and is an interesting read though Points #7 and #1 are my favourite! I can now fight anyone who says I am thinking a certain way because I am a lady and I can tell my friends who care about their looks to realise the importance of those lines- maybe, I should go add some lines on my face by frowning though the laughter lines are so much prettier, me thinks!

3. Ladies, stretch your legs!

Yet another reason to stretch our legs ‘cos I refuse to give up heels- they are way too sexy!

4. And that is abuse of power, silly goose!

So a flight attendant became irate and went down the inflatable evacuation tube. Kinda sounds funny, in fairness, to the flight attendant! But this IS so silly, people who believe they have the power yet are low in the pecking order really shouldn’t think they can get away with things like these!!

5. Some of the things we argue about, fight about, care about are, well- for lack of better word, lame

David having the time to put this together makes me wonder how un-lame it is too but seriously, some of the things in here are just insane! I mean do I really care if Jimmy Wales edited his own birthdate or if Sarah Palin is more or less famous than Michael Palin (the man with the dream job), is Bono any good at the harmonica etc?!

Either which way, funny and amusing. And keeps me well distracted for a while… 😉

6. Puberty at 7/8?!!

Man, I am glad I didn’t have to deal with puberty at that age- imagine trying to explain birds and the bees to a kid that young! Studies are showing that girls today are hitting puberty early because of obesity (oh sorry, the word is fat now, isn’t it?) and the environment. I can just see this being such a bag of troubles! 😦

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Apples & Wine

I am NOT suggesting wine made from apples… relax!

Got an email off a mate of mine today about how women are like apples and men like wine- and have to admit, there is some truth in it:

Women are like apples on trees. The best ones are at the top of the tree.

Most men don’t want to reach for the good ones because they are
afraid of falling and getting hurt.  Instead, they sometimes take the apples
from the ground that aren’t as good, but easy. The apples at the top
think something is wrong with them, when in reality, they’re amazing.

They just have to wait for the right man to come along, the one who
is brave enough to climb all the way to the top of the tree.

Now Men…. Men are like a fine wine. They begin as grapes, and it’s
up to women to stomp the shit out of them until they turn into
something acceptable to have dinner with.

I am an apple on the top of the tree judging by that theory and still waiting to make my fine wine- made a few bottles of some drinkable stuff along the way… 😉

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It’s not just the planets that are different

So recently it has been discovered that women and men don’t break down proteins and carbohydrates in the same way.

I am just wondering haven’t we always known that men and women are different, our bodies differ and so how we metabolise, how we train, how we react will differ too. I am glad there is a scientific proof now and am hoping that soon we will learn what works for women in a situation where they need to keep going for ages but seriously, just stating that works for men doesn’t work for women is too easy a cop out and nothing ground-breaking in my very humble opinion!

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Ladies, beware ;)

Well, this one is for the ladies out there…

If you think a guy is trying to seduce you and has been getting his advice from the internet- then he may be thinking of popping in one of these films to get you in the mood.

Seriously, who puts these lists together? I mean, I like most of these films but would I really get in the mood with all of them, not sure? Will I have a good time, yes? Are there others I would appreciate more- maybe! I mean, if a guy is watching a chic flick with me, it is usually because he wants something- there are VERY few guys who genuinely enjoy these movies. I mean, if a friend of mine came to see Twilight with me, for example (NOT that I am likely to drag them or myself to it), I would wonder if

  • he were straight
  • he fancied me (when we are not dating)
  • he knew what the movie was about
  • he had a hidden agenda

Men, if you really want to get a girl in the mood- do something you both enjoy- she enjoys it when you are having fun too. Don’t always put us on a pedestal and treat us like porcelain!

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Intelligence vs. Career

A few days ago, I had posted a link to a study about how people who went to bed late were usually more intelligent. Today I came across another study that shows that those who wake up early do better in their careers.

What if I went to bed late and was thus more intelligent, woke up in the morning and so was getting ahead in my career and slept in the afternoon (‘cos a woman needs atleast 5+ hours of sleep!)? Would that make sense?!

However, if I had to choose between intelligence and career, I would go for intelligence ‘cos without that, there is NO career! So sod you studies, all it comes down to is the brains I have and how I use them 🙂


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Heya all!

So I just had a few moments today to just sit back and reflect on so many things happening in my life and here’s my week so far- pretty charmed life, I lead eh?

On Monday, I got offered the role of a CEO of a SME in Ireland- now that’s pretty darn cool, in my opinion! And then I spent the rest of the evening with close friends just chuckling, smiling and having a good time 🙂

Tuesday was a quite day with alot of visits to the toilet and knowing I have a doctor mate who dropped by to check up on me, with a bottle of wine in tow, made me laugh! I mean seriously, doc, I haven’t even in 24 hours and you want to pop open some wine to celebrate? You went with non-bubbly ‘cos of my health- oh how nice of you! Thanks for the laugh doc 🙂 [Incase you are worried, it turned out to be 7up in the wine bottle and he was troubling me but hey, it was amusing]

I went for a tour in the Convention Centre Dublin on Wednesday and wow! What an amazing building- completely carbon neutral, a PPP that seems to be favoured towards the public while still making a profit for the private entity and 8000 capacity on the 5 floors! I am blown away with the way everything was so high-tech and all- maybe in the years to come, it wouldn’t remain so good… but for the moment, I can see a lot of potential to it. My biggest issue is the lack of connected hotel- when I go away for conferences and such, I tend to prefer staying in the same hotel than commuting… I know they are connected to Ritz Carlton in Powerscourt but that’s gonna be not easy!

And today, I was reminded of an old song I used to love- there was an Indipop version of it too but for the life of me, I cannot remember it- so if anyone could tell me where I can get either the French or the Indian version of the song, I would be very grateful- it’s a very soothing tune. I also learnt a random fact that there were over 2 billion videos viewed on YouTube yesterday- that’s some traffic!!!

Some interesting links I enjoyed reading today:

Big hips on women = potential memory loss!

China is STILL trying to control its people’s thoughts!

What a way to start what you’d hope to be a lasting relationship!!

Opening wine by using a shoe- certainly wouldn’t manage that in heels!

Indian Rupee has its own symbol now!

The potential of social media marketing (McKinsey Quarterly report)

Testing your decision making gut (McKinsey Quarterly report)

And when to trust that gut? (McKinsey Quarterly report)

And the BEST smile of the day- TS mailed me a reply to an email I sent him on Tuesday because he had promised to do so. He mailed me at 3 am because that’s when he finished work- now, how cute is that? You gotta adore someone as sweet as that 🙂 *Swooooooooooooooooooooon*

And you know what- we are only half way through the week- how cool is this?! Wahay, I love life!

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:) It’s funny how this is turning out to be quite heavily focussed on relationships!

So here’s a forward I just received which sums up the perspectives of the different sexes in the relationship pretty darn easily!

Before I lay me down to sleep,
I pray for a man who’s not a creep,
One who’s handsome, smart and strong.
One who loves to listen long,
One who thinks before he speaks,
One who’ll call, not wait for weeks.
I pray he’s rich and self-employed,
And when I spend, won’t be annoyed.
Pull out my chair and hold my hand.
Massage my feet and help me stand.
Oh send a king to make me queen.
A man who loves to cook and clean.
I pray this man will love no other.
And relish visits with my mother

I pray for a deaf-mute gymnast nymphomaniac with
Big tits who owns a bar on a golf course,
And loves to send me fishing and drinking. This
Doesn’t rhyme and I don’t give a shit.


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