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Second Chances!

We all deserve second chances- this is a known fact.
I mean, we are only human.
However, sometimes you may not be given a second chance and even thought you know you deserve it or you know you really want it, circumstances don’t allow it so when situation is such that it does allow for it, you take a moment, breathe in deep and thank whoever is keeping an eye out for you, so THANK YOU!

I am delighted with the second chance for something I am cooking up in my life and I am grateful for the support Red showed me for the few days where it was all a bit all over the place… another month and I will know whether I did well on my second chance or whether I messed up fantastically!!

THANK YOU yet again.



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Standards & Expectations

In every thing one does in life, there are certain expectations and standards we set for ourselves. In relationships too, it is the same. We all know how much I dislike hypocrisy and how seriously I take my friendships.

So when my expectations in friendships are not met, I feel terrible. I feel bad. I feel angry. And honestly, if the person was in my shoes, I would expect them to feel exactly the same way.

And so, maybe, it is time to start subtracting!

add and subtract

It hurts to subtract certain people and things in my life but maybe, it is time to bid adieu and not expect so much! The only problem being Tigger means a lot to me and letting our friendship go will have massive knock on effects… and am I ready to deal with them, emotionally? And so continues the fight between the head and the heart.

Do you know the worst bit?! If roles were reversed, she would have no trouble cutting me off!

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End of a Chapter, Beginning of Another


Yup, I just quoted one of those quotes but hey, it’s true! Each end represents a new beginning, sometimes a beginning we want, sometimes one we don’t, but hey- c’est la vie eh?

Last night, even though it was only a subtle change, I know a chapter closed:
– I picked the last of my stuff from my old place in the middle of nowhere- ok fine, there are still some glasses, some plates, some bowls, some flower vases, some lamps lying there- but those are things that I will let Ryan decide for

And some new ones opened:
– I saw Ryan for about 10 mins and he made a few statements that let me believe that last year’s fiasco has finally been put to rest, we have made our peace and the new era awaits us
– For the first time in years, both Tigger and Ryan will be in Dublin- 2 of my closest friends back in the same city as me, now that’s pretty good going- here’s hoping it actually means more time with them too!
– NLP and I had a very honest chat after ages- he took on board my advice in the past and helped me with the afore-mentioned move

All in all, this wind of change I have been referring to is definitely blowing and so far it seems for the better- now if only I could understand what my game-plan is beyond February, I could make certain decisions…

… in the meantime… उम्मीद पे दुनिया कायम!

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