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Where I am today

I have felt the last 2 days have been very unproductive for my usual standards- a part of me is wondering if this is what I want to do and realising it is, a part of me wonders if it will go the way I want it to because as Will Smith said…

And so I am working towards getting it, but every so often, i reach an obstacle- be it a writer’s block, a moment of doubt, a fight with my partner or the need to catch up on sleep or just this horrible, chesty cough that has come to revisit me.

And then I recall Ira Glass’s words

Words that remind me that sometimes, it is ok to take a moment and take it slow- ‘cos if you don’t, your work can suffer (read this article for more about good ideas- good read!).

So hopefully, I am now back up on my feet and am gonna kick some a$$! 🙂


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