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You don’t lose your value

A very good lesson here:

you don't lose value


Earlier today, I was assaulted with doubts about certain decisions in my life and the way I treat myself.

Yesterday, Ryan and I closed the last of our businesses together- so in a matter of 8 weeks, we will be down to just being friends and nothing more- no more business partners. After 6 years of constantly having had each other on speed dial and constant businesses discussions, I am not sure how that will work for us but I am sure we will find our new equilibrium. As I was walking away from that meeting, I thanked my lucky stars to have him as a friend. And I still stand by that. However, one person made a very valid point to me- she was talking to a few of Red’s friends on Saturday and they were stating their not-so-nice opinions about Ryan. And she told me how she thought he was so lucky to have me defend him and stand by his side. A valuable lesson again- I was not valuing myself here and was only considering how lucky I am.

We need to remember, every relationship is two way! And both of us are valuable- never forget that 🙂


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it’s all about the one on one quality time

You know, the other day someone commented I spend too much socialising- at first, I got defensive ‘cos they always make it sound like I am flitting about and not really adding any meaning to anyone in the particular situation but I rationalised it, at least in my head- just taking this month alone:
– Aug 1: one on one with a guy I met on an online dating site and I am kinda dating
– Aug 2: one on one with a guy I absolute adore and who I am trying to convince to come on a week long holiday with me
– Aug 3: a fun evening with one of my teams
– Aug 4: a fun day with my mates
– Aug 5: one on one with Chammiya, one on one with another friend and a party with a few close friends
– Aug 6: a one on one with an old friend of 15 years
– Aug 7: a one on one with TSG
– Aug 8: a one on one with a mate I hadn’t seen in 3 months and a one on one with my younger “sister”
– Aug 9: a one on one with a fellow Indian and dinner out with my girls
– Aug 10: another date with the guy I was out with on Aug 1
– Aug 11: one on one with Tigger
– Aug 12: one on one with a friend I haven’t seen in 4 weeks and usually see twice a week and coffee with the mate I met on Aug 2 with

So yes, I am social- very social- I am up to something every day, whether it’s a coffee, a dinner, a drink, a walk, cinema, gig or something else- but yes, I am social. And you know what, I will have it no other way- ‘cos it’s these one on one that make me realise (yet again) how lucky I am to have the friends I have and how awesome it is to be able to have friendships that I can pick up when I want and not have to worry about when I don’t make the extra effort. ‘Cos that’s what true friendship is- quality time spent one on one with mates, mixed in with quality time partying and mixed in with slagging, advising and generally chatting about all things serious and mundane!

I could really some one on one time with Ryan and with Candy and with Winnie- make them happen, please?!

Thank you- each and every one of my friends- I love you and adore you for who you are. Thank you for being a part of my life and next time, someone calls me social, I will smile smugly knowing how much it means to me and my sanity. With that thought, I bid you adieu as I go off in search of some stunning moments of seeing meteors whiz by!

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Define your time.

I got a really good piece of advice off a mate today as part of a conversation

“Don’t look as time as money. Define your time as intellectual property. If people are going to use your advise exponentially, how can you charge an hourly rate?!”

Honestly, I never looked at myself with so much self worth- I love these words. I may not take them all at face value but I will certainly consider them when trying to monetise my current consultancy, especially as it is focused more and more towards the startup world.

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