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Oct 20, Monday: Gratitude

I am off to see a friend of mine this weekend, the weekend after I am away again for another friend’s birthday, the weekend after Red and I are heading away to spend a day with room service and telly, the weekend after we are away seeing friends… it is amazing how much short travel I am getting in my life while I keep craving a new country and culture. I am glad I am at least getting the travel I am.

The past while, I have been trying to clean up my eating habits and get better at eating healthy- tricky it may be but it makes me feel great and I am loving the extra energy!

Meeting People
I don’t mean the close friends and family but the ones you see on the street to say hello to, the ones you keep meaning to catch up with and the ones you are meeting for the first time. Seeing people again and meeting new people is such a joy.


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May 20, Tuesday: A Beautiful Moment

Having just come back from a weekend in Barcelona, I think my favourite memory was when I realised how easy it is to get away over the weekends.

One year, SL and I made a resolution to get out of the city at least once a month- and we did- 12 new places or 12 different places as some were places either or both had been to before. It just meant there was always something different to look forward to, something new to explore and something exciting to talk about!

This year, Red and I have made a similar resolution- however, this one involves a different experience outside the areas we live in every 8 weeks- so far, we have managed it every month and in fact, managed some new experiences within our cities too. Boo yeah.

I love life when there is always something fun happening! And I think there should be something fun happening ALL the time!

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April 21 & April 22: Catching up!

April 21, Monday: Gratitude

1. Weekend
This weekend was crazy- I went to a ‘small’ 200 people festival- great fun, all night madness and all sorts of silliness! And then a small weekend break away in the country for the other 2 nights. Gotta love a long weekend.

2. Chats
The very bone of a friendship- without deep, meaningful conversations, without chats, without conversations, a friendship is pretty useless. I had some good chats the past few days!

3. Passion
And not just the kind of passion for between the sheets- a passion to succeed, a passion to enjoy life, a passion to be me!

April 22, Tuesday: Beautiful Moment

For some reason, the last few days I have been thinking of the first school trip I ever went on. It was my first time away from my parents for longer than a night and it was scary but fun- I learnt loads, I saw loads and I had my set of giggles dressing up as ghosts and gatecrashing the teacher’s lounges and what not. I also recall I was the only person in the whole trip without a “best friend” but obviously, even then, I liked to be independent and do my own thing!

Maybe that’s what instilled my independence and travel bug into me?!

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Jan 13 Monday: Gratitude

1. Travel
I love to travel. The fact that I have made it to Cork for a weekend already and that I am heading home in a few weeks is a reminder how lucky I am to call two beautiful countries my home.

2. Friends
I caught up with some good old mates in the last while and some new ones- all in all, I am surrounded by some lovely people!

3. Optimism
When things seem bleak, days seem dark, there is hope- sometimes in the form of a coffee, sometimes an email but always hope!

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Jul 22 Monday: Gratitude

1. Travel
The holiday was amazing- I loved it. The way it all worked out, our timing, our plans, everything… I am still on a high from it all.

2. Music
I am a fan of good music- a lot more than it may come across sometimes but well, such is me. I was at a music festival and am at one every week for 3 more consecutive weekends- 4 weekends of music, fun and friends- I like it ALOT.

3. Life
Just everything seems rosy at the moment, I am loving it.

Dear Universe, thank you, thank you, thank you!

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June 4 Tuesday: A Brilliant Moment

Today I was chatting to Winnie, getting ready for our Cuba adventures and I was reminded of one of the best weekend breaks anyone can ever have enjoyed….

3 girls, last minute impromptu plans, very little booked, trains in the middle of the night, cars breaking down, changes to plans, great taxi drivers, eating with the local family and many more adventures- definitely one of my favourite holidays!

It’s moments like these that make life so charming, so blessed.

The past weekend with friends, dancing, sitting in the sun, walking in the woods, driving vintage cars was pretty darn special too!

Charmed life I lead, I love it.

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Satisfaction & Contentment

I met a mate for lunch today- and she was ranting about certain people we know. I had my own rant at her and realised I am VERY wise 😉(if i may so myself hehehe)

We were talking about a certain friend of ours who puts EVERYTHING on her facebook and posts pictures of her losing weight, of her new jewellery etc and whatever else. She makes it sound like she has the most amazing life but none of us believe it and in fact the two of us think she is depressed and exceptionally unhappy with her life. She is married to a wimp and she has a beautiful daughter, a decent job but seems to think she knows it all, has it all and in reality, can’t figure out where she went wrong.

I think it’s actually a very easy issue- most people are living in the world of SHOULD, the world the society has told them is what they need and so they expect that happiness, that satisfaction, that contentment when they hit the goals the society has said they should but because they never really decided they wanted it for themselves, they are still seeking that feeling of “I have done it”, “I have achieved it”, “I have made it”, “I did it” but they cannot get it till they set themselves a goal because they want to achieve something.And even more importantly- achievement is NOT monetary but just a feeling of having reached a certain goalpost.

For example, today I booked Cuba- yup, deposit paid, flights booked, cannot cancel, and only informed the boss now- so fingers crossed that will not be a problem! And I am frigging ON TOP OF THE WORLD!!!!!!! OMG- I am SO effing excited!

July, I cannot wait to meet you! Come quick. Just having booked the holiday makes me feel as if I am in a bath as beautiful as this pic:

Beautiful bath


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i AM going to cuba

Yeah I know the punctuation in that is all wrong- I have chosen to emphasise AM!

I have no clue how the money will come to me.
I have no clue how I will make it all happen.


Winnie and I are going to Cuba- others are welcome to join in but the two of us are going. I have sent the intent out there, I am believing it, I am planning it, my diary has been cleared and I am going, I am going, i AM going to cuba!

to travel is to live

My first holiday in a while- I am so very excited. I was chatting to Winnie today and she is the main reason this is happening- we were upset about the lack of holiday together- our last one was in 2009!!! She had to cancel 2010 plans cos Ryan decided to come along and she didn’t want to be with him around and we all know the disaster of 2012!

So dear world, make it happen, please. I cannot wait. I am so very happy and excited!

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As if I said these words myself, hehe

So very true.

work for travel

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I love to travel

And by that I don’t mean stay in fancy hotels, go only to the touristy spots etc, but to talk to the locals, share a laugh with the kids, experience the culture and today, when I came across this- I totally felt it captured my feelings- next time you travel, please don’t be a tourist.


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Almost Impulsive!

So I have been saying for the past few weeks that I would love a break, would love some time at home, would love to get away… well, I have finally decided on an almost impulsive trip- if all the things fall in place, it is going to be EPIC!!

I am considering going on 3 mini holidays in the next 3 weeks! Now how’s that for making my wishes come true? The idea is to go to India via Turkey:

Holiday #1:

Something like this: in Istanbul

– Topkapi Palace
– Blue Mosque
– Spice Bazaar
– Hammam
– Hagia Sophia
– Archaeological Museum
– Bosphorus Tour
– Based on price, Cappadocia

Holiday #2:

A few days with my mum and her boyfriend, out of town, getting some sun, getting some exercise, exploring a new spot, having a few cocktails and kinda just going somewhere off the beaten path.

Holiday #3:

Winnie and I plan to head to a spa in Pushkar in Rajasthan- apparently this is a good spot to rejuvenate, rest and get pampered.

And how cool would it be to catch up with my mates?! Between Calvin, Salfa, ChiseledCheeks, Winnie I am looking forward to some good laughs, some fabulous memories and some fun time.

With a few days away from Delhi being pampered, I am looking forward to getting my energy back.

With a few days with my family, I am looking forward to having a good time yet being absolutely exasperated!

Fingers crossed, all goes to plan now. Pray, pray, pray!

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Dating a Girl

Men tend to make a big deal of dating a girl… I understand why- we are complicated creatures. However, deep down inside, I suspect, we all want exactly the same thing from our partners- love, respect, trust, loyalty, honesty- we just portray it differently.

To men, strength is in being the protective one. Apparently our strength is in showing our vulnerability– duh, that’s obviously what I am doing wrong :/ And there are many other such rules- I for one, am oblivious to them- I make my own, I follow my own and together, i create whatever works for the guy I am with and myself. It has obviously not worked so far, in as much, that I don’t have “the one” but it has worked in terms of making me the person I am today, giving me the belief I need and letting me grow the way I want to.

However, the other day I came across a picture and it caused me much amusement:

Usually not one to believe such statements, this one actually sits uncomfortably close to the truth- the more I like someone, the more I ignore them- especially if I am really close to them. It’s partly a self protective mechanism for myself because when it comes to love, I am not the biggest risk taker!

And then, I was assailed with doubts (‘cos we know how my belief has taken a knock over the last while) and came across this:

There is a lot of truth in the old adage “All’s well that end’s well”. And so on that hopeful and optimistic note, goodnight! 🙂

PS I love this post about why one should women who travel– geeky, travel crazy, gorgeous, friendly, successful- no wonder I intimidate men 😉 hehehe, will the real men please stand up and introduce themselves?!

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Dreams for 2012

I have been meaning to write down all I want to achieve this year: here are some images!

1. The BIGGEST decision of my life potentially but one that makes me excited, tingly and happy 🙂

2. I know I look good but there is something about feeling good- inside and out. I have ignored yoga and my body for ages but this year, I want it to change. It is not just about turning heads when I walk in about doing a double-take everytime I catch a glimpse of me in the mirror! Too vain, perhaps but it’s what I want for me.

3. My blog name says it, my very ethos is about it and I really miss it. I cannot wait to go on a new adventure. I am hoping I don’t have too long a wait.

4. What’s the point of owning a beautiful car like mine if I don’t take it for an adventure- bring on summer, hood down, foot on accelerator and just a weekend of giggles, photography, chats, fun- boyfriend optional 😉 Well, to make it that bit more special, it would be nice to go with him!

5. Goes back to #1. When I start earning, I can start saving. It’s a vicious circle.

6. With the changes coming my way, with the roller-coaster I have been through in the past few months, with the decisions I have made in the past few years, I have forgotten myself- my values have remained, I have adapted but I have not always been honest to myself- this year, I find myself again.

Honestly, I am not even sure what this means but it sounds AWESOME and so I am somehow gonna define it this year for myself and make it happen!

And when I find myself, define magic for myself, I can be who I want to be- again. It is time to reinvent myself.

7. Have fun, live life, be happy

So what if this is my last moment on earth- as I have said, I would rather die doing something fun and memorable than sick and bored…

Part of finding myself is to accept myself too!

This means finding a different type of strength, maybe not so unladylike though:

AND confidence- the confidence to be me!

And now that I have begun the process of finding inner peace, I hope to always

8. While finding my new strengths, I shouldn’t forget the old ones in my life:

I am SO SO SO SO SO lucky to have the people I have in my life- thank you! If I am cranky, if I am tired, if I am insufferable over the next while- forgive me and keep giving me the strength!

And why wait to find a mistletoe… 😉

A hard call- I do know this is always tough to judge and very intangible but I really hope to achieve it the best I can:

9. Something small, something materialistic and something that makes me smile: I am going to own my own Loubotins by the end of 2012!

10. A full bar to me symbolises friends coming in, good times, the ability to afford the finer things and a sign of laughs and memories that have been shared and that will be created 🙂

And no point of drink, without some food, esp exotic food- nom nom nom!

11. I also want to read more, write more, see more plays, have more laughs, explore more and just let the year be the year of awesome!

2012: the year of living, the year of dreams and the year of living my dreams! 🙂



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New Vigour

Since I can’t travel for at least 6-7 months… moving to Dublin will count as my BIG adventure even though it’s partly back in my comfort zone!

Here’s to new vigour to my mind, could certainly use it 🙂

Sigh, I miss traveling… so wish I was packing for Cuba & Mexico right now. SIGH!


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Theories in me head…

Theory 1: I burn when I use sunscreen

So, the other day we went tubing in Vang Vieng, Laos- one of those must-do back-packing activities that are actually quite a bit of fun and a wee bit dangerous. Now even though it is their winter, the sun was very strong and the temperature pretty warm- early 20s, me thinks! Anyhoo, I had factor 60 sunscreen, Ryan had 50 and Spartacus didn’t put on any. At the end of the day, Ryan was pretty badly burnt, I was burnt too- and Spartacus was fine. The only times I have EVER been burnt were after I moved to Ireland, after I started using sunscreen and it didn’t matter when I reapplied. So is waterproof sunscreen really waterproof and does sunscreen really stop a sunburn?! I tried this theory today- stepped out in the Cambodian sun to see temples- no sunscreen and even though I had tonnes yesterday, my skin was red, but today- with no sunscreen- I came back a shade or two darker but without the burn feeling. This really makes me wonder! A part of me is cautious and thinks I shouldn’t risk skin cancer but still…

Theory 2: Successful Entrepreneurs and THAT lady

Now we all know my life is full of some very successful entrepreneurs and some very successful intrapreneurs. The funny thing is in each of them, I have also seen truth in the statement “behind every man is a successful woman” even if they will not acknowledge it too openly, they all depend on this one lady alot. And though in some cases, not in any I have known, the woman might be the mother or sister, it is usually, and so in my personal circle, the partner. Some of these ladies are not as alpha as their males, but they are all VERY good in their own way-

  • either as housewives who can juggle being a host, the perfect guest, etc;
  • as partners who have their own stuff really well together and know how to play the host, the lady, the guest and those different avatars;
  • as a business advisor who is always there- juggles being a mentor, a friend, a supporter and all the other avatars as well
  • or the one who is a partner in every way- in business, in personal and all other aspects of life.

In all of these, I have seen the housewife example most in the generations before me- few in my generation are not working and that was the norm- but then, these ladies run the house completely, they manage it like a business and they ensure the man had little to worry about and in closed doors, they provide a LOT of counsel.

The lady with her act together is more common in my generation but it is usually in the case of intrapreneurs- he wants the risk but is afraid to make the move, she keeps him grounded yet she gives him the illusion he is doing something daring and to some extent, stops him from reaching his extent but because they are both well matched, it works out really well.

The business advisor one is exceptionally common and the only way it works is when the woman is just as strong-headed and alpha as she is the only woman he listens to.

The partner is THE best match though- I have seen a good few of these cases and the funny thing is in my circle, ALL the really successful entrepreneurs, all the ones who have done well, all the one who are actually going places have found themselves this one lady.

I know this post has assumed only men are entrepreneurs, we all know that’s not true but I suppose I am thinking from my perspective- I have done my entrepreneurial stint, I have identified that my core strength is making a company grow and ideally when it is in its entrepreneurial phase and I have identified that I want an equal so does this mean I should ideally be looking for an alpha male who is already an entrepreneur or one who is about to become one?! Hmmm… and based on this fact, since I am a business partner to Ryan, should I be moving away from him and the company we have built together so far once I know someone else can do the rest?!

And do my theory or hypotheses have any more basis than just that these are my observations and the way I perceive things to be?!


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Life’s funny!

Yup, it is. And I say it often enough but tonight just really amused me…

I had booked into a hotel and realised it was the wrong branch and so cancelled the booking in the City Centre location and re-booked for the Old Quarter location (in Hanoi). Through the process, I was in touch with the hotel and was promised a premium twin room had been reserved for me…

And on the one day where we, absolutely wrecked and definitely in need of our own space, we needed our own beds- we have never shared a double and don’t really want to start doing so now- the hotel messed up! They had NO twin rooms available and since the room was tiny, we couldn’t exactly fit in another bed so we ended up back in the city centre hotel which in fairness, is MUCH nicer- bigger, more spacious- queen beds for both, and the bath and shower are something else…

And so as I said, life’s funny!


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Hi again!

So you know I was reading my own description of me on the site and even though I am officially now finished with the masters, there is a part of me that does not want to update this page… this blog started as my space to rant and now I love it too much to let go… I love hearing the comments, receiving the emails, getting the tweets and whatever else!

I have been writing 2 posts for soooooo long now and apologise for the time out- just the new life is taking its toll- and there is NO hammock up in my room yet either- sigh- the moment…. it’s this image of cocktails, palm trees and the beach that’s helping me stay on track for my travels around South East Asia this year- SO cannot wait- anyone got any suggestions of where I should go and what I should do?

I need me drink!

Here I come...

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Obviously my day for random links!

1. 2 Travel Safety Tips

So, for someone who travels a fair bit (or well, hopes to), I usually get the advice to take copies of my passports everywhere, to not carry too much cash, to not wear very provocative clothes etc etc etc but this is some amazing advice- gives me an excuse to sleep in, even better!

I usually go for window seats in airplanes and as high as possible in hotels, maybe, I need to rethink both! Hmmm… I know this says nothing about airplanes but think about it, if there is an emergency, the people in the aisle would get out quicker than those by the window that doesn’t even open…

2. Women are NOT from Venus

“Popular culture tells us that women and men’s brains are just different. It’s true that male and female hormones affect brain development differently, and imaging studies have found brain differences in the ways women and men feel pain, make social decisions and cope with stress. The extent to which these differences are genetic versus shaped by experience — the old nature-versus-nurture debate — is unknown.

But for the most part, male and female brains (and brainpower) are similar. A 2005 American Psychologist analysis of research on gender differences found that in 78 percent of gender differences reported in other studies, the effect of gender on the behavior was in the small or close-to-zero range. And recent studies have debunked myths about the genders’ divergent abilities. A study published in the January 2010 Psychological Bulletin looked at almost half a million boys and girls from 69 countries and found no overall gap in math ability. Focusing on our differences may make for catchy book titles, but in neuroscience, nothing is ever that simple.”

I this! It comes from an article about 10 random facts on brains and is an interesting read though Points #7 and #1 are my favourite! I can now fight anyone who says I am thinking a certain way because I am a lady and I can tell my friends who care about their looks to realise the importance of those lines- maybe, I should go add some lines on my face by frowning though the laughter lines are so much prettier, me thinks!

3. Ladies, stretch your legs!

Yet another reason to stretch our legs ‘cos I refuse to give up heels- they are way too sexy!

4. And that is abuse of power, silly goose!

So a flight attendant became irate and went down the inflatable evacuation tube. Kinda sounds funny, in fairness, to the flight attendant! But this IS so silly, people who believe they have the power yet are low in the pecking order really shouldn’t think they can get away with things like these!!

5. Some of the things we argue about, fight about, care about are, well- for lack of better word, lame

David having the time to put this together makes me wonder how un-lame it is too but seriously, some of the things in here are just insane! I mean do I really care if Jimmy Wales edited his own birthdate or if Sarah Palin is more or less famous than Michael Palin (the man with the dream job), is Bono any good at the harmonica etc?!

Either which way, funny and amusing. And keeps me well distracted for a while… 😉

6. Puberty at 7/8?!!

Man, I am glad I didn’t have to deal with puberty at that age- imagine trying to explain birds and the bees to a kid that young! Studies are showing that girls today are hitting puberty early because of obesity (oh sorry, the word is fat now, isn’t it?) and the environment. I can just see this being such a bag of troubles! 😦

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I almost forgot…

… to write my last week’s achievements and so here goes:

  • Planned my next holiday, well, more to the point, decided on where to go: Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and India, ofcourse
  • Slept for 14 hours non-stop and made some me-time- gave myself a pedicure, a hea massage, a face mask and you know, the general pampering works
  • Cooked myself a meal- after ages, it seems, I finally cooked- and it was gorgeous- I can be pretty darn good, I tells thee 🙂

More soon- crazy busy with the final days of college, with the juggling of the guys, with life in general- toodles!

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