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Sun, Throws and Hot Water Bottles!

Spring time in Ireland is a funny one… it’s dry and it’s sunny but it’s not warm! Yesterday was the perfect example of such a day and just right to kick off BBQ season… it’s dry, c’mon- main ingredient sorted hehe.

So yesterday I took advantage and to avoid soaking in some damp off the ground, Red put up a hammock for me and then cocooned me in numerous throws. Ah bliss, bliss, bliss!

I did need a hot water bottle to keep me going though… Sigh, did I mention bliss?!
Roll on the summer and hopefully, some heat!

Ah sure, sun and fire do make for some craic (& smoked clothes!)


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Oct 7, Tues: A Beautiful Moment

I am late catching up on this as I was busy catching up with people in the real world.

I was reminded today of a beautiful Sunday last year in the summer when a friend I rarely see but enjoy great conversations with and I went walking up the beautiful Glendalough mountains and had a few drinks to just have a good time and enjoy the sunshine.

Moments like these are special and make me realise how lucky we truly are to enjoy this beautiful world.

Here’s to many more!

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Catching up with June!

So the last week just took me by surprise and it was tough in a lot of ways, so here goes the ones I have missed out on:

June 23: Gratitude:

– Sunshine: A weekend in the sun, longest day of the year, loads of friends, great music, fantastic memories- all made extra special because of the beautiful weather.
– Ability to drive: After having to drive back from the music festival, I am glad I could- having to spend an extra night there would not have been fun!
– Shower: Nothing like a good clean shower after a weekend of camping and fun!

June 24: Moment:

The first time I went looking for an apartment, I was clueless as to what I should be looking for- eventually found something, nice size etc and realised that the girl I lived with was amazing and I had struck lucky till she had to  move out… as I look back, I have had some odd moments all right, some weird stories but all in all, I have been really lucky and I hope as I go looking to share for potentially the last time, I am really excited about the prospect of meeting someone new, making a new friendship and creating a new atmosphere and environment around me!

June 26: Letter:

Dear Mum’s Youngest Sister,

You have often been the one I have compared to most- thank you for our advice, thank you for your pragmatism, thank you for your love, thank you for the inspiration you have provided and thank you for the shoes!

I love you loads and I miss you loads- wish I could be there through these times.


June 27: Weekly Achievements:

– Packing up completed
– In the news in 2 different countries
– Taking some time to remind myself how lucky I am over a nice bath and a glass of bubbles!

June 30: Gratitude:

– Good Times: Water skiing, donuting, BBQs, drink with Red’s granny, all make for good times! Great weekend makes for a great start to the week
– Sense of Humour: SO much went wrong over the past while but a sense of humour has really been awesome
– R&R: Booked myself a spa day and also had lie-ins, sleep-ins, chilling in the sun and all the things that make for a nice R&R (even if the body aches now!)

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June 10 Monday: Gratitude

1. My Car
The past week has been beautifully sunny in Dublin- it’s been a fantastic summer, I have gotten a lot of sun and I have truly enjoyed having the car I do. For the first car I bought myself, I sure am lucky!

2. My Sense of Practicality
There were situations/ moments last week that were a bit of head and heart ones and even though the heart put on a strong struggle, I am glad I finally went with practicality- not necessarily fully listening to head but a fair mix that allowed a good compromise between the two.

3. Sunshine
I know I said this a few days ago but hving had fabulously dry and sunny weather for the past 10 days has been absolutely amazing. Getting brown again, having a burnt nose and just being able to sit outside without many layers is absolutely the business!

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May 27 Monday: Gratitude

1. Sunshine
Yup, many of us take the sun for granted. But when you live in Ireland and you are more often pasty and pale rather than brown and coloured, this is something you are grateful for, you appreciate and you love. Thank you Weather Gods- please give us a few more days of sunshine, a few more days of happiness and smiles and please, let the next 5 weekends be dry and warm too.
Cannot wait for the constant sunshine in Cuba…

2. Friends & family
Yup, I repeat myself like a broken record. But honestly, with NLP looking out for me, with The Shrew just minding me, with Lady caring for me- people I have known only a year, I realise how lucky I am to have these people in my life. And all the while, I have kept my older (not necessarily by age, in case any of you get into a huff!) friends too…

3. My E/I Quotient
I am not the most intelligent nor the most empathic person I know. However, what I have I am delighted with- I am glad I have a good mix of both the emotional and intelligent. And I am even gladder I have the sense to use it all…

Thank you Universe for everything, I truly appreciate all that I have, all that I have been given and all that is yet to come my way.

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Dublin in sunshine!

The last week, the weather here has been absolutely stunning and fab! I, for sure, am loving it- have played with Candy’s dog in the park, eaten icecream, worn no warm clothes out, bought a beach top for daily wear and just enjoyed it all…

You know the main reasons why I love Dublin in the sun though:

– People look happier- everyone is in a good mood
– People look hotter- yup, Sunshine said this earlier today and I totes agree- people make that extra effort
– People are warmer- everyone wants to share a good word with the other person etc
– The city looks prettier- I always think this city is pretty but in the sun, nothing beats it
– Pints in the Pav- no summer day is really truly fab without this!! For those of you who haven’t done it- trust me, you are missing out!!!!

A very warm me 🙂

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