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Sun, Throws and Hot Water Bottles!

Spring time in Ireland is a funny one… it’s dry and it’s sunny but it’s not warm! Yesterday was the perfect example of such a day and just right to kick off BBQ season… it’s dry, c’mon- main ingredient sorted hehe.

So yesterday I took advantage and to avoid soaking in some damp off the ground, Red put up a hammock for me and then cocooned me in numerous throws. Ah bliss, bliss, bliss!

I did need a hot water bottle to keep me going though… Sigh, did I mention bliss?!
Roll on the summer and hopefully, some heat!

Ah sure, sun and fire do make for some craic (& smoked clothes!)


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May 19, Monday: Gratitude

1. Sun
Glorious sun- a weekend of heat and sun always puts me in a happier mood and I am so glad I got some!

2. Passport
A passport to travel, a passport to see the world, a passport to re-discover old places, a passport to live life 🙂

3. Work
So good to have work and a job to do all I need to do to make it big in life 🙂

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Jan 27 Monday: Gratitude

Catch up on Jan 24 achievements:
– Managed to meet most people I wanted to before I flew out
– Packed everything in time with all the shopping I had to do
– Bagged 2 deals I hadn’t completely

Today I cooked a massive meal for some of my Indian friends despite all the issues of not knowing kithcen, not having everything, improvising etc etc etc and it was fantabulous- I especially loved my fudge brownie- gorgeous as it could be!

At the end of the day, nothing is more exciting than using your brain. Over the past few days, I have really had to optimise on certain areas and it has been handy to have a sharp brain!

Nothing, nothing, nothing more glorious than a glass of bubbly in the sun with good friends around you!

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