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Yup, that is it- go on, break my spirit.

Oh why again. WHY? WHY?? WHY???

FFS- every time life sorts itself, I get a knock YET eFFing again. Seriously, what the f*ck. When will you stop testing me dear world and just send the success and fruit of my labour my way?! Enough. Please. Enough.


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What can we do?!

When I think back to 1946 and a group of students getting together to deal with the aftermath of WW2, they started AIESEC– an organisation to unite the world, to transcend boundaries and to exchange cultures and thoughts. To a great extent they succeeded, they have penetrated through huge societal barriers, they have created youth leaders, they have united a lot of people but the happenings of today make me wonder just how much have we really impacted the world around us?

Yes, I question this cult like organisation that has achieved so much and changed so many lives. But I also know if it weren’t for this organisation, things would be worse, much worse, infinitely worse. Every drop in the ocean counts and this organisation has changed many lives. I alone have been changed and have passed the effect on to some others and this trickles forward…

But is this the time to think of new ways of doing things- moving, traveling, working in other countries despite the red tape and bureaucracies has become easier for those with the means. We need to focus on a different level of the society now- the level that is inspired by all the images flashed on the telly, the level that thinks someone’s life has no meaning, the level that wants to reach higher but is not guided correctly. Programs like Junior Achievement do wonders, but sadly, they haven’t had the reach needed. There was another program in South Africa that tried to bridge the gap and I am not sure how it is doing now. I genuinely believe it is time to reach out to those who are caught in the gap between wanting to achieve all that they have been told defines success and not being told what needs to be done! But who is responsible for this? And how can we do this?

Part of me wonders, have we, as a society, gotten so involved in the lives of our own and perhaps, if they are lucky, the lives of our immediate ones that we have forgotten our responsibility to the community? I am ashamed to say I am the same- I don’t even know my neighbours- I may not even recognise them walking on the street! Is this really the way to peace and is this really way to celebrate life?!

I know I am ranting, repeating myself but I am wound up, I don’t even have a concrete idea of what we could do. Almost all my sensible friends are talking about it at some level, almost all  of them want to do something, but what?!

On a sidenote, I think people getting together to clean up is a great sign of solidarity- but the cynic in me wonders how long will it last?! And why do we need an atrocity before we get together, every single time?

I lament, what can we do? What can I personally do to affect a change? I wish I knew.

Peace to the world. May I wake up to a calmer planet- be it Syria, Libya, Egypt, India, Pakistan, United Kingdom or any other place facing some turmoil, any turmoil- natural or manmade.

In MJ’s words, heal the world, make it a better place.

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