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The Social Pressure

You know, in India, I expect the pressure- it is inherent in our society:
“When will you get married?”
“When will you have kids?”
“When will you do X?”
It’s only natural. In fact it is one of the main reasons I feel I cannot live back home- I feel I am always trying to prove something, live the lives they want me to lead and am a constant rebel. Being a black sheep far away is much much much easier!

Last few months, I have started feeling the pressure here. And it’s not from my family but oddly from Red’s. I am absolutely flattered and overjoyed they want to make me an official part of the family. I am delighted they care so much about us and approve of us- getting a call from Red’s mum when he is away and she needs to tell him something is a testament that I am seen and accepted as his partner.

I needed to vent and get it out of my system to be able to accept the questioning again tomorrow- them old grandparents aren’t too good at remembering they asked me this question today! Sigh, the joys of having to see them without Red…Life, eh! At least this one has a HUGE silver lining 🙂


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Satisfaction & Contentment

I met a mate for lunch today- and she was ranting about certain people we know. I had my own rant at her and realised I am VERY wise 😉(if i may so myself hehehe)

We were talking about a certain friend of ours who puts EVERYTHING on her facebook and posts pictures of her losing weight, of her new jewellery etc and whatever else. She makes it sound like she has the most amazing life but none of us believe it and in fact the two of us think she is depressed and exceptionally unhappy with her life. She is married to a wimp and she has a beautiful daughter, a decent job but seems to think she knows it all, has it all and in reality, can’t figure out where she went wrong.

I think it’s actually a very easy issue- most people are living in the world of SHOULD, the world the society has told them is what they need and so they expect that happiness, that satisfaction, that contentment when they hit the goals the society has said they should but because they never really decided they wanted it for themselves, they are still seeking that feeling of “I have done it”, “I have achieved it”, “I have made it”, “I did it” but they cannot get it till they set themselves a goal because they want to achieve something.And even more importantly- achievement is NOT monetary but just a feeling of having reached a certain goalpost.

For example, today I booked Cuba- yup, deposit paid, flights booked, cannot cancel, and only informed the boss now- so fingers crossed that will not be a problem! And I am frigging ON TOP OF THE WORLD!!!!!!! OMG- I am SO effing excited!

July, I cannot wait to meet you! Come quick. Just having booked the holiday makes me feel as if I am in a bath as beautiful as this pic:

Beautiful bath


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Need to act my age!?

It’s hitting me now- most of my friends are married, 4 of my close friends are expecting babies in the next 6 months and I am beginning to freak out ‘cos for the first time I feel I am being left behind…

And I truly wonder why am I letting someone else’s yard stick define my life?!

I am in a great place- I own a few businesses (with massive potential), I have a good contract at the moment (even if not for long), I have a good few job leads (and one of them more so-The Shrew is helping me there and she has the Midas touch), I have a fantastic set of friends, I have an amazingly fabulous family and I have achieved 90% of all that was on my bucket list (I definitely need a new list but am waiting to achieve the last thing I want to before I turn 35 before I start setting myself new goals!) so why am I comparing myself to others?! It is apples and pears. Their priorities were different to mine. Their wants and needs were not the same as mine.

So then why do I feel as if I am alone here?!
Why do I feel I have not achieved?!
Am I beginning to give in to social conformity?!
Have I lost the will to try and fight?!
What is going on… why do I feel the need to act my age as to what society expects…

Anyone with answers?!

doing things we dont wanna doI need to rethink how I am going about life before I reach the point I am doing things I hate… maybe I need to change tact and direction again?!

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