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Beautiful People…

We can all be beautiful…

beautiful people… all we have to do is SMILE.


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Life is pretty darn good

These days all seems to be going well… I was talking to a friend of mine who was trying to understand my “relationship” with Red and I surprised myself by saying this:

Screen shot 2013-06-04 at 22.56.27I have almost always been the relationship sort of a girl, I have fun but don’t get serious but this time, there is something different. Lady keeps wondering if I am compromising on what I want but the truth is out there- I am happy, I am having fun and yes, I would be keen to know if we have a future but hey, there’s no crystal ball!

break, forgive, kiss, love, laugh, no regrets, smileAnd you know what, I might be doing something unconventional, I might be playing with fire but I am creating memories that make me smile and hopefully always will.

AND I am meeting some amazing people 🙂 All in all, I am pretty damn happy with the way my life is!

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Good rules to live by

So last night I was out celebrating life with a lot of my friends. As we all know, my life has been very blessed, surrounded with some amazing people but even then, I have made some big mistakes- mistakes that have taught me valuable lessons!

I wish I had known of these rules in the past:

7 rules of life

(even though I do suspect I may not have appreciated these rules before I went through the experiences I have!)

So, please, peeps, do pay some heed to them- even if it’s only to a few!

Happy Life!


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I feel horribly unwell

But hey- at least it ain’t manflu 😉

And no NONE of us are JUST anything! I am A GIRL and happy to be one even though I agree with everything else that pic says 😉

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Good Morning, Dear World! :)

Go on, make someone smile.
And then go back and do it again and again and again….

Everyone deserves to smile. Do your best to help them get there.
Good morning!

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Dear World, Please Smile More

Today, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and was just in a grumpy mood all day long. In the evening, I went for a meditation session and still came out feeling like sh!te. I couldn’t figure out why. Through it all, I still had a smile on my face.

I went into town for coffee with NLP and realised, very few people were smiling- whether they were alone or with people- and it made me feel even worse.
I still couldn’t figure out why I was feeling this way and then while chatting to NLP, I realised- today is the day. It is the day when I started maturing up in a sense that one can’t explain. It is the day I realised that the first cut is the deepest. It is the day I lost my best friend and my partner.

Weird, my body always knows, and my subconscious always knows but I always forget. Sigh.

Dear world, please smile- life is too short not to.

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:) Home is where one can smile

Walking into this every morning makes my day!

My living room, my office for the next while, my home.

Thank you Candy for finding us a great spot and for adding so many colours to the picture below, for the memories we already have here- be it sparkly reindeer or peppercorn dinners or pasta bake or for the memories we are gonna create 🙂

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I did say I wanted to ramble…

… and so I am back!

This time a topic that seems to be very close to my heart- DATING- again! In particular, first dates…

Now, by no way or means, is this list exhaustive or in any way a guide for anyone else- these are my experiences and I kinda have hit upon this list by chance:

  • I am NOT your sweet, darling or anything– don’t you frigging call me that- do you know what I am like when I am PMSing? Do you know what I do when i am really angry? Do you know what makes me sad? No, right? You are not close enough to call me your darling or any such endearment!
  • I am presuming we’ve been texting/ e-mailing before we meet- it’s very rare I would come up with a time on the spot when I meet you (I have a great brain for double-booking) so if you’ve used terrible grammar, text speak or not used proper punctuation/ capitalisation, you are starting on a weak footing.
  • Peck on the cheek when you meet me- ok, A bear hug- NOT ok!
  • Shoes– I can’t explain what it is about them but I do notice them and I do judge them and I do make a decision based on that and so far, 10/10 for my judgements being right- I am not proud of it but I am beginning to believe it.
  • Pay up guys– if it’s a coffee or something, buy me one. I may earn loads, maybe even more than you but that’s beside the point. Unless it’s a meal or something, cough up- you are in the company of a capable, independent, pretty lady- treat her like one. I am all for women’s lib but read point 10 to see what I mean- somethings are just chivalrous and gentlemanly.
  • Dress right– a suit jacket is not the same as a jacket to be shrugged on the jeans- c’mon seriously, do you think I have no sense of style or that I’ll just look at it and smile? I will smile if you seem to have made no effort  and the look is quirky but not when I know you’re trying to impress me and failing miserably! And oh yeah- don’t forget deodorant- very important, you know- especially, if things go right…
  • Make me smile- simple. Don’t try and tell me tales of what brilliant stuff you’ve done, or the new discovery you made- tell me about you- the person you are, the dreams you have, the childhood memories that always crack you up etc- I wanna date you and not your CV!
  • Reading habits– I am being a snob but there is something to be said about those who read (e-reading/ audiobooks count) and those with a thirst of knowledge and learning- college education is fine and dandy but c’mon, you need to continue with the thirst of knowledge!
  • Errr, cinema IS not really a date– we sit together, eat some popcorn, drink some fizzy stuff, stare at a screen, exchange 2 words the whole evening and make plans to actually meet each other again? Nope- with me, there is no second time- you take me to the cinema the first time, you get the boot, simple.
  • A tight-rope walk but if you can master this, it will help you loads- treat me like a lady but never, ever not like an equal. And while at it, don’t patronise me- I am sharper than I may come across as at times, trust me, I know that!

Seriously guys, you follow these simple 10 commandments of mine, and I don’t see any reason why I wouldn’t wanna see you again… it’s not that difficult really!


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What a disappointment!

That was one of the most boring first halves EVER!

Seriously, Spain had possession for SOOOOOOOOO long and still… they only scored in the last 3 minutes. And Netherlands- guys, seriously- what happened to you tonight???

Congrats Spain- not sure I feel it was all that well deserved though!

Bah- ah well, atleast I got the text I wanted- yay! So happy about that 🙂 Brought a BIG smile to my face!

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