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All about the Zzzzzzzzzzz

When I am tired and can’t seem to switch off my brain… 😉

better sleep.PNG

Long weekend has me out of kilter… Night all, sweet dreams x


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Jun 16, Monday: Gratitude

1. My Sounding Boards
Be it my mother, her boyfriend, Red, Shrew, Lady or some of the other people in my life- I am so glad they are there. I have been very lucky that when some of the people I am used to having around get busier with aspects in their lives, someone else enters. So lucky to understand that people can’t always focus on me and so glad that when they can, they do! Thank you all- I always need your love and strength and hope in return I can be there for you and others who need it!

2. Music
Every so often, I am reminded I don’t do enough in music- in terms of listening, exploring, going to gigs and then all of a sudden, I immerse back into it- I am so glad to have the option to do so and to enjoy the melodies of sound!

3. Sleep
As I am so short on sleep, every nap, every snooze, every night of sleep I get is such a  bonus- I love sleep! Zzzz’s are awesome!!

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Jan 6 Monday- Gratitude

Nothing like a good sleep to get your mood in the upbeat form and you ready to take on the world.

Healthy Eats
I just spent a mini fortune on food that’s good for me- I am looking forward to tucking into it and getting healthier!
Prunes, plums, dates, apricots, figs, apples, bananas and some sugarfree/ gluten free/ dairy free bars, coconut water- now to incorporate it into everyday eating!

Idleness, not that I have had a chance to experience it in ages, is irritating and so the counterpart would be busy but doing work sounds better and is genuinely more fun!

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Dec 2 Monday: Gratitude

This weekend I got some sleep and it makes me feel infinitely better. I slept in today but have had an infinitely more productive day already- go me!

That tingle when you are about to do something, that tingle when you are excited about something- reminds you that you are alive. Delighted I can feel it!

Organisation Skills
Having shopped most of my Christmas presents, I feel fantastic that I am not as burdened financially or timewise to sort things- do have a few bits and bobs to buy and have to wrap everything yet, but for the most part… all done!

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Oct 29 Tuesday: A Beautiful Moment

Today I woke up to terrible news re a robbery in Ryan’s office. Obviously, I am in shock and disappointed with someone doing something like this. But as my promise to self is to focus on the good, my memory today takes me back to my first big fulltime project with him and us sitting at home, eating a fabulous dinner, drinking champagne and being so tired that we fell asleep on the couch instead of partying as much as we would have liked!

Sometimes the rewards is in the little things- like friendship, laughter and sleep! Ryan, I hope you get through this tough period.

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Aug 26 Monday: Gratitude

1. Ability to cook
This weekend, my ability to cook and put together decent meals came in VERY handy- I was thrown into the deep end when I had to feed Red’s parents lunch in their house, with no notice! And then dinner again the next day. Thank God for Red helping too- together, we made a good team in the kitchen!

2. Warmth
This Saturday, I got about 75-80 text messages- only 5 were my friends- all the others were Red’s friends- making plans with me to hang out with me while I was down visiting Red in his childhood home! When I exclaimed this to Red, he told it was because they had all warmed up to me instantly and wanted to get to know me better- yippee- always a good sign!

3. Sleep
I am SO sleep deprived that even after 3 days of 10 hour sleeps I am absolutely shattered and need a lot more rest- cannot wait for some R&R- so wish Monart was in my near future.

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Aug 19 Monday: Gratitude

1. Communication
Catching up with a friend after only a few emails in the past 12 years was amazing and fantastic. Keeping communication open and going is such a brilliant way to make sure one can keep their friendships (acquaintances?) alive!

2. Red
The past week has been busier than usual for me and him helping me out with work has been fantastic. I appreciate all his help and think him just making life easier for me when family, friends, work all seems to be piling up is definitely one of the most romantic things ever 🙂 Yeah, caring means more than flowers to me!

3. Sleep
I seem to be very sleep deprived at the moment and therefore am loving any sleep I am getting at the moment!

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3 am…


Dear 3 am

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I almost forgot…

… to write my last week’s achievements and so here goes:

  • Planned my next holiday, well, more to the point, decided on where to go: Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and India, ofcourse
  • Slept for 14 hours non-stop and made some me-time- gave myself a pedicure, a hea massage, a face mask and you know, the general pampering works
  • Cooked myself a meal- after ages, it seems, I finally cooked- and it was gorgeous- I can be pretty darn good, I tells thee 🙂

More soon- crazy busy with the final days of college, with the juggling of the guys, with life in general- toodles!

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Intelligence vs. Career

A few days ago, I had posted a link to a study about how people who went to bed late were usually more intelligent. Today I came across another study that shows that those who wake up early do better in their careers.

What if I went to bed late and was thus more intelligent, woke up in the morning and so was getting ahead in my career and slept in the afternoon (‘cos a woman needs atleast 5+ hours of sleep!)? Would that make sense?!

However, if I had to choose between intelligence and career, I would go for intelligence ‘cos without that, there is NO career! So sod you studies, all it comes down to is the brains I have and how I use them 🙂


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Sleeeeeeeep rocks! Oooh yeah! :)

So… I went off to the land of the nod last night/ today morning at about 4 am and despite the alarm etc, I didn’t wake up till about 3 pm that is 11 glorious hours of bed time. I tells thee, it has to, just has to, be one of the bestest (yeah, it’s a word ok? ;)) things ever!

Now, more refreshed than I have been in ages, I check my phone and it’s amazing how despite not having been out too frequently, having pretty much decided that online dating isn’t for me and realising I am loving singledom a little too much, I had texts from 4 different guys, yup 4 different guys, suggesting dates. And no, none of these guys are mates- if I count that, there was a lot more.

This is what I call a Saturday.

So now I have 6 guys on the trot and it’s a bit difficult to juggle:

1. A really sweet economist who is a few years younger than me- met up a few times and we always have a great time- however, I am wondering if its more a really good friendship than anything else.

2. A chef- the food aspect alone has me drooling, honestly. Ok that’s not fair on him- he is up for random walks along the sea, along the canal and other fun things on an impulse. It’s all quite easy- I don’t feel the need to think twice or play games, that bit rocks!

3. An engineer turned manager who spends more time away from Dublin than in- he really makes me smile every time I see a message from him. (Yeah, sickly cute, ain’t I?) And he has the same taste in books, wine and food as me (well… there are some differences but what’s life without those differences?)

4. A tall, tall, tall hairstylist who has such a cool past of doing a million different things. And for someone like me who is constantly trying to juggle a lot of balls, I love the stories.

5. A kid who lives on the other side of the country and loves Terry Pratchett. How can you not like anyone who has such fabulous taste in books?!

6. A Kafka and Borges fan- really- how can we agree on anything but we manage to find common ground, a few laughs and a lot of smiles.

And I am off to meet my best friend to enjoy a fabulous meal in this really fancy place in town (bring on the treat- seafood, yummmmmmm) and then to check out the flicks. Someone tell me there is a reason for me not to be on top of the world and I’ll kick you hard! (I do have a black belt, watch out.)

This is what I call feeling fabulous.

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