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Jan 13, Tuesday: A Beautiful Moment

I love shoes and I genuinely understand the need for designer shoes- they are that bit classier, that bit more comfortable and just that bit more well made.

I bought my first ever pair for myself in Dec 2003 and it was love at first sight- I still can’t get rid of them though they have become fairly uncomfortable to wear for any length of time. A part of me can’t bear to part with them.

Buying a pair of shoes you fall in love with is something many don’t understand or unfortunately, don’t experience but I love it and I love adding to my collection as often as I can- I am glad I have reached a stage where each and every shoe I own is a thing of beauty and something I love wearing!

PS Happy Lohri all x


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Dec 12 Tuesday: A Brilliant Moment

So, today I was trying to remember something I haven’t talked about but means a lot to me and with the fact that I am wiped out after the presents shopping etc, I had to talk of presents!

The one present I remember, very weirdly is a pair of red shoes I got when I was about 7. I had tonnes of other brilliant presents but this one stands out for some reason and I have no clue why!! I remember having to give my shoe size to my uncle by standing on a sheet of paper and him bringing me back shoes based on that!

I wore those shoes all the time, even when they didn’t match and even when it was inappropriate for the occasion- I suppose that is where the love for shoes must have kicked off 🙂

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Friends are like Shoes

Yup, you read it right and No, I am not drunk or high or any of those adjectives that you may wanna use!

I am basing this on an article I came across in Cosmpolitan in Feb 2011 (over 2 years ago, yeah!!)


The Ballet Pump Friend:
The friend to have to take it easy, not do anything crazy, be sensible with and just drink cups of tea with. The one to be there for you for sympathy.
I don’t think I have one of these- all my mates can play this role usually- depending on what it is I am looking for!

The Brogue Friend:
The one that you instantly click with- easy & trendy. Not a future planner, a great holiday fling & not necessarily always available.
These seem to be ALL my friends- The Shrew & The Beautiful are both very important aspects of my life, inspiring & successful ladies and both have entered my life in the past year! And the bond was almost the first 1 on 1 chat! However, in my case, I am lucky they are there when I need the ballet pump friend too 😉
Score- two in one!

Stiletto Friend:
Best party friend, as the name implies 😉
Again, all my mates can play this role but yeah, there are some who are only good for this, oops- great to party with, but terrible to have a deeper conversation with- someone you enjoy spending time with but not someone you can depend on for a wholesome conversation…

Statement Shoe Friend:
The one you call for a lunch date, to lighten your day and potentially the diva.
I seem to surround myself with these- partly, because for many, I suspect- I am this! I love individuality and I love it when they all show this aspect of theirs. I suppose I dislike it when they are always this ‘cos no one and no one can handle anyone being all about themselves!

To Chuck:
Clogs: well, they are ugly! Rigid, tough & opinionated. Yup, being getting rid of these!
Thigh-high boot: The one who will tramp over you. Had some of those in the past, glad to have moved past!
Shoe- boot: Identity crisis! They are too confused to be able to help in any way. Have some such friends and honestly, I kinda want them around and the shoe-boots have grown on me :/

Basically, shoes are not as versatile as friends, simple as. Now if there was this perfect shoe that could be everything, maybe but then again, that’s like hoping that one person could be everything to you and that’s plain silly. It kinda reminds me of my 7 soulmates theory- I still think we all have 7 soulmates in our lives and they needn’t be romantic. So far, my count is:
– FL- definitely the one who helped me truly understand the meaning of this
– SL- I owe him loads and I think anyone I have been involved with romantically since him, does too!
– Ryan- undoubtedly- goes without saying
– TSG- A part of me is convinced he is one of mine- there is just something there
– Winnie- definitely my soul sister
– The Shrew- and also my soul sister (I know Winnie, tough for you to accept…)
Scary thought knowing that I have only 1 more to find- this is gonna be fun! I wonder who it is and I wonder if I will know instantly!

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After travel, it’s shoes.

I mean, my passions in life- I love traveling most, but a close second is fought between photography, business, chocolate and shoes. So when Christian Louboutin talks about shoes, there is no way I don’t feel the urge to comment. So here’s his list of the top 10 shoes a lady should own and my opinions:

1. The Flat Sandal: Agreed- sometimes, the best accessory for a dress- it can dress up a simple dress, dress down a formal dress, provide comfort and kind of shoes a very sensual part of a lady’s body- one usually not seen that way! My favourite are the kind that are simple yet classy, sophisticated and chic.
2. The Evening Boot: This is an area I haven’t been wowed by anything- no boot is good enough for a black tie event I think. I do love the idea of a lace boot though- I have them in ankle boots and love them senseless but yes, there is something else about a leg covered in lace- it’s all about the right pattern and combination with the right dress that matters though!
3. Nude Peep Toe: Nude peep toe, nude pumps- I think they are both musts but I feel, in patent and in the correct shade- not all work with all kinds- people need to make the correct choice and sadly, people, like picking the incorrect foundation, make this mistake too often to remove the elegance. Talking of which, I need these added to my wardrobe too.
4. Classic Heeled Pump: For a girl who owns primarily only these in every conceivable colour, I agree! I love them- the skinnier the heel, the better!
5. Strappy Day Shoe: Not so convinced about this one- I have very few of these ‘cos at some level, they feel a little “40 years old” to me :/ Sorry peeps- I have a few years to these yet.
6. Flat Slipper: I like the concept- esp to carry in my bag for walking. Am not sure I agree with the chosen picture by CL for this one but something simple and pretty does the job for me- I need to invest a few more of these too.
7. The Statement Shoe: Again, I don’t agree with the shoe CL has selected in the article but I agree with statement shoes- I have a few myself after all!
8. Classic Boot: I love, love, love a good boot- as an owner of many different pairs over the years, I understand their importance greatly and am a MASSIVE advocate of a good boot investment- every girl should own black and brown at the very least, I think!
9. The Ankle Boot: Versatile as can be and very handy for the cold summers in Ireland.
10. The Uber Heel: Love, want, love. No other explanation needed.

I personally feel a girl needs a few more pairs in her repertoire…
11. The Lifestyle Sneaker: There is a place and time for these- be it Cons or Pumas, every girl should own one
12. Flip flops: Cos sometimes they are the perfect accompaniment
13. The Graceful Wedge: Not the thick, chunky ones but the nice, pretty ones
14. For the Indian in me, the pretty slightly heeled sandal: For the sarees, the salwar kameezes and esp the anarkalli suits, an absolute must!

Sigh, shoes- drool. I heart heels- the skinnier and higher, the better!

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Dreams for 2012

I have been meaning to write down all I want to achieve this year: here are some images!

1. The BIGGEST decision of my life potentially but one that makes me excited, tingly and happy 🙂

2. I know I look good but there is something about feeling good- inside and out. I have ignored yoga and my body for ages but this year, I want it to change. It is not just about turning heads when I walk in about doing a double-take everytime I catch a glimpse of me in the mirror! Too vain, perhaps but it’s what I want for me.

3. My blog name says it, my very ethos is about it and I really miss it. I cannot wait to go on a new adventure. I am hoping I don’t have too long a wait.

4. What’s the point of owning a beautiful car like mine if I don’t take it for an adventure- bring on summer, hood down, foot on accelerator and just a weekend of giggles, photography, chats, fun- boyfriend optional 😉 Well, to make it that bit more special, it would be nice to go with him!

5. Goes back to #1. When I start earning, I can start saving. It’s a vicious circle.

6. With the changes coming my way, with the roller-coaster I have been through in the past few months, with the decisions I have made in the past few years, I have forgotten myself- my values have remained, I have adapted but I have not always been honest to myself- this year, I find myself again.

Honestly, I am not even sure what this means but it sounds AWESOME and so I am somehow gonna define it this year for myself and make it happen!

And when I find myself, define magic for myself, I can be who I want to be- again. It is time to reinvent myself.

7. Have fun, live life, be happy

So what if this is my last moment on earth- as I have said, I would rather die doing something fun and memorable than sick and bored…

Part of finding myself is to accept myself too!

This means finding a different type of strength, maybe not so unladylike though:

AND confidence- the confidence to be me!

And now that I have begun the process of finding inner peace, I hope to always

8. While finding my new strengths, I shouldn’t forget the old ones in my life:

I am SO SO SO SO SO lucky to have the people I have in my life- thank you! If I am cranky, if I am tired, if I am insufferable over the next while- forgive me and keep giving me the strength!

And why wait to find a mistletoe… 😉

A hard call- I do know this is always tough to judge and very intangible but I really hope to achieve it the best I can:

9. Something small, something materialistic and something that makes me smile: I am going to own my own Loubotins by the end of 2012!

10. A full bar to me symbolises friends coming in, good times, the ability to afford the finer things and a sign of laughs and memories that have been shared and that will be created 🙂

And no point of drink, without some food, esp exotic food- nom nom nom!

11. I also want to read more, write more, see more plays, have more laughs, explore more and just let the year be the year of awesome!

2012: the year of living, the year of dreams and the year of living my dreams! 🙂



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Some cool inventions over the years that well, never made it mainstream…

Spring mattress- I understand, spring bed… hmmm… not sure I would want one of them personally!

Hahah kinda funny but useless but may mean less breakages at parties!

If I find one of them, so getting it for the shower! Defo!!

Love! Love!! Love!!! Want. NOW. I heart penguins.

If this gets me out of bed in the morning, it may just be THE alarm clock I need!

The best way to manage that tea break with only 2 cookies!

For the Irish weather and the fact that girls never have place for a brolly, this might just be the answer!

Even for someone as lazy as me, that’s going TOOO far!!

Errr Ummm REALLY?!


I want these stairs PLEASE!


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I did say I wanted to ramble…

… and so I am back!

This time a topic that seems to be very close to my heart- DATING- again! In particular, first dates…

Now, by no way or means, is this list exhaustive or in any way a guide for anyone else- these are my experiences and I kinda have hit upon this list by chance:

  • I am NOT your sweet, darling or anything– don’t you frigging call me that- do you know what I am like when I am PMSing? Do you know what I do when i am really angry? Do you know what makes me sad? No, right? You are not close enough to call me your darling or any such endearment!
  • I am presuming we’ve been texting/ e-mailing before we meet- it’s very rare I would come up with a time on the spot when I meet you (I have a great brain for double-booking) so if you’ve used terrible grammar, text speak or not used proper punctuation/ capitalisation, you are starting on a weak footing.
  • Peck on the cheek when you meet me- ok, A bear hug- NOT ok!
  • Shoes– I can’t explain what it is about them but I do notice them and I do judge them and I do make a decision based on that and so far, 10/10 for my judgements being right- I am not proud of it but I am beginning to believe it.
  • Pay up guys– if it’s a coffee or something, buy me one. I may earn loads, maybe even more than you but that’s beside the point. Unless it’s a meal or something, cough up- you are in the company of a capable, independent, pretty lady- treat her like one. I am all for women’s lib but read point 10 to see what I mean- somethings are just chivalrous and gentlemanly.
  • Dress right– a suit jacket is not the same as a jacket to be shrugged on the jeans- c’mon seriously, do you think I have no sense of style or that I’ll just look at it and smile? I will smile if you seem to have made no effort  and the look is quirky but not when I know you’re trying to impress me and failing miserably! And oh yeah- don’t forget deodorant- very important, you know- especially, if things go right…
  • Make me smile- simple. Don’t try and tell me tales of what brilliant stuff you’ve done, or the new discovery you made- tell me about you- the person you are, the dreams you have, the childhood memories that always crack you up etc- I wanna date you and not your CV!
  • Reading habits– I am being a snob but there is something to be said about those who read (e-reading/ audiobooks count) and those with a thirst of knowledge and learning- college education is fine and dandy but c’mon, you need to continue with the thirst of knowledge!
  • Errr, cinema IS not really a date– we sit together, eat some popcorn, drink some fizzy stuff, stare at a screen, exchange 2 words the whole evening and make plans to actually meet each other again? Nope- with me, there is no second time- you take me to the cinema the first time, you get the boot, simple.
  • A tight-rope walk but if you can master this, it will help you loads- treat me like a lady but never, ever not like an equal. And while at it, don’t patronise me- I am sharper than I may come across as at times, trust me, I know that!

Seriously guys, you follow these simple 10 commandments of mine, and I don’t see any reason why I wouldn’t wanna see you again… it’s not that difficult really!


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The changing avatars

Wow! What a day today has been, the last 24 hours have been just insane…

Started the day in a suit at a board meeting with this charity I used to assist years ago. They had asked me to come in for some help and advise so I went back in for a meeting and was reminded of some amazing moments, fantastic people and the amazing passion those people share.

But then, it was time to don on the studenthood again and so out came the jeans and the hoodie… but as luck would have it, I had to go meet our client so change again and this time, we went with business casual and suit would have been TOO formal!

Now considering I hate getting dressed and changing clothes, I was really hoping to put the feet up, have a glass of wine and just chill but no such luck- the photographer in me needed to spend some time with the camera and so the team (my camera and I) headed out to do a shoot for 2 gorgeous ladies in costumes and bikinis! (My favourite shot is on the flickr page already).

Ok so NOW I had earnt a bottle of wine, forget the glass, right? Right?

Ah NO such luck! My best friend needed a spongey shoulder- thank God for the soakage powers it has!!

Basically all in all, I have changed so many avatars, so many clothes, so many shoes today that I am not even sure who I am anymore… so WHO AM I?! Am I one of these things, all these things?! Will I ever know…

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Heya all!

So I just had a few moments today to just sit back and reflect on so many things happening in my life and here’s my week so far- pretty charmed life, I lead eh?

On Monday, I got offered the role of a CEO of a SME in Ireland- now that’s pretty darn cool, in my opinion! And then I spent the rest of the evening with close friends just chuckling, smiling and having a good time 🙂

Tuesday was a quite day with alot of visits to the toilet and knowing I have a doctor mate who dropped by to check up on me, with a bottle of wine in tow, made me laugh! I mean seriously, doc, I haven’t even in 24 hours and you want to pop open some wine to celebrate? You went with non-bubbly ‘cos of my health- oh how nice of you! Thanks for the laugh doc 🙂 [Incase you are worried, it turned out to be 7up in the wine bottle and he was troubling me but hey, it was amusing]

I went for a tour in the Convention Centre Dublin on Wednesday and wow! What an amazing building- completely carbon neutral, a PPP that seems to be favoured towards the public while still making a profit for the private entity and 8000 capacity on the 5 floors! I am blown away with the way everything was so high-tech and all- maybe in the years to come, it wouldn’t remain so good… but for the moment, I can see a lot of potential to it. My biggest issue is the lack of connected hotel- when I go away for conferences and such, I tend to prefer staying in the same hotel than commuting… I know they are connected to Ritz Carlton in Powerscourt but that’s gonna be not easy!

And today, I was reminded of an old song I used to love- there was an Indipop version of it too but for the life of me, I cannot remember it- so if anyone could tell me where I can get either the French or the Indian version of the song, I would be very grateful- it’s a very soothing tune. I also learnt a random fact that there were over 2 billion videos viewed on YouTube yesterday- that’s some traffic!!!

Some interesting links I enjoyed reading today:

Big hips on women = potential memory loss!

China is STILL trying to control its people’s thoughts!

What a way to start what you’d hope to be a lasting relationship!!

Opening wine by using a shoe- certainly wouldn’t manage that in heels!

Indian Rupee has its own symbol now!

The potential of social media marketing (McKinsey Quarterly report)

Testing your decision making gut (McKinsey Quarterly report)

And when to trust that gut? (McKinsey Quarterly report)

And the BEST smile of the day- TS mailed me a reply to an email I sent him on Tuesday because he had promised to do so. He mailed me at 3 am because that’s when he finished work- now, how cute is that? You gotta adore someone as sweet as that 🙂 *Swooooooooooooooooooooon*

And you know what- we are only half way through the week- how cool is this?! Wahay, I love life!

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