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Aug 25, Monday: Gratitude

1. Hosting 
A party, a dinner, a cup of tea- whatever it may be, I like to host and I like to be able to host it with grace and class. I like giving people good things to eat/ drink and I want to make sure everyone has a good time!

2. Sex
A necessity. Enough said.

3. Possibilities
Every couple of days, one realises how many possibilities there truly exist and I am glad to say I can take advantage of so many! I love it and am glad to have this sense of optimism, the knack to recognise the opportunities and the ability to dream of the possibilities!


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January 28 Tuesday: A Beautiful Moment

You know today my mum dragged me to an astrologer who told me I would have multiple marriages! So I asked him to expand on that and he explained that it meant I would have more than one lover (not necessarily simultaneously- I never have!).

This got me thinking back to my first time. I was older than most in my peer group and I was embarrassed of my lack of experience but I am glad I went through with it when I did- it was a beautiful experience then and is still a beautiful experience. My aunt gave me the best advice ever- “It’s genuinely a beautiful and very natural thing if you do it with someone you love!”

Advice from my experience:
– Don’t do it unless you are truly ready and want to do it
– Don’t bow down to society pressure
– Enjoy each moment of it!
– Experiment
– If you are an emotional wreck like me, avoid one night stands
– Lose yourself in the moment
– Don’t force it- let it happen naturally
AND most importantly, truly experience an orgasm- trust me, you will know when you feel it spasm through your body and take your breath away while making you feel more alive than ever!

Be safe and enjoy x

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Sep 23 Monday: Gratitide

1. Sex
Enough said

2. Friends
I am blessed. I am very lucky. I hope to retain them forever and I hope to keep adding new ones in.

3. Ability to throw an outfit together
The past few weeks have had the need for me to be a little creative to wear the same wardrobe in a different manner and I am glad I have the ability to carry off pretty much everything, put different bits together and look good and appropriate (A boon for someone who doesn’t like shopping;))

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An alpha and an alpha

The other day, a mate and I were talking about relationships- we both agreed that the best/ ideal scenario is when a couple can retain their identities as individuals and form a new identity as themselves. Also, we know that it is not too idealistic a scenario as we have seen a lot of examples of such in our lives.

However, I was chatting to another mate and they commented that an Alpha and an Alpha could never gel. For obvious reasons, this got my goat! We have seen how many posts I have written about the brilliance that is the combination of these two.

And this got me thinking… so here’s what makes a good Alpha-Alpha relation work and be awesome, in my opinion. A lot of these are good relationship rules in my head but then again- I have never understood a non-Alpha-Alpha relationship so…. :

– They need to be friends first
– They need to have their own interests and know what they like or don’t
– Their relationship needs to be built on trust, loyalty, respect
– The relationship needs to be well balanced between depending and letting the other person depend
– The relationship needs to have more areas of support than of competition
– Both people need to retain their individual personalities- Goes without saying, they need to have awesome chemistry

In other words, if two strong personalities can be supportive friends and also be lovers, it could really work. Idealism or realism, I am not sure but I like to believe the latter!

perfect relationship

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So… women get more emotional post sex

This is a well known fact- it is tougher for us women to just have sex and not get emotional about it- not impossible, mind you- some people have perfected the art but not all of us have… and a friend of mine put it beautifully in perspective today….

When a man and a woman get together, a woman lets something get into the very soul of her body- in touches her darkest spot in her body, it shows trust, it depicts acceptance, it depicts a sense of unity. Whereas for a man, he is getting out of his body- he is not connected to his emotion at all. For him, it’s just an act. It is only over a matter of time, through his emotions that this act starts meaning more.

When put like that, is it a wonder that we are so careful about letting someone in?!


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Many moons ago, I was single- both SL and TL were not on the scene and I was beginning to wonder what it would be like to be with a lady…. not wanting to shy away from curiosity, I hooked up with a few different ladies- nothing serious.

Tonight I came across one that helped me tick off a few of those fantasies that I have never achieved… stranger, one night stand, female s*x. It was one of those really memorable hook-ups that I had actually completely forgotten about till tonight- when I saw her in a night club. We both saw each other and froze, smiled and carried on as if we didn’t know each other. Bar that split second of recognition, no one would have guessed. It was odd. And then we ended up in the ladies at the same time and gave each other a hug, reminisced and yet again, didn’t exchange names so as not to mar that memory.

How tiny is this world?!


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Of all the lovers of a girl, he is only her true husband who possesses the qualities that are liked by her, and such a husband only enjoys real superiority over her, because he is the husband of love.“- Kama Sutra

Such beautiful words. So true.

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I was just about to log off when I came across this article and I am not sure what I make of it- it is just bizarre!

If the sperm has such staying power, why do so many women have a tough time getting pregnant? And seriously, pregnancy through oral sex- that could happen to anyone right, yet it had to be a case of someone without a vagina- I mean, seriously?!!!

Wanna believe I do but my naive-o-meter is ringing very, very, very, very, very loudly!

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“No one can starve in India”

This comment deserves a post in itself in my opinion!

How this ain’t the most ironic comment ever is beyond me… considering India has some approx. a third of the poorest people in the world and about 40% are below the international poverty line, and those are the official facts- we all know the reality is worse.

In fairness, the context was as a guest visiting an Indian family- the Indians are worse than the Irish when it comes to hosting- they ply so much food into the guest that one can’t move. Not that it’s a bad thing usually…

So combine this discussion with giggles about snuggie-sutra, I have had my share of amused moments and its only 5 hours since I got out of bed… can’t wait to see what lies ahead.

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