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After travel, it’s shoes.

I mean, my passions in life- I love traveling most, but a close second is fought between photography, business, chocolate and shoes. So when Christian Louboutin talks about shoes, there is no way I don’t feel the urge to comment. So here’s his list of the top 10 shoes a lady should own and my opinions:

1. The Flat Sandal: Agreed- sometimes, the best accessory for a dress- it can dress up a simple dress, dress down a formal dress, provide comfort and kind of shoes a very sensual part of a lady’s body- one usually not seen that way! My favourite are the kind that are simple yet classy, sophisticated and chic.
2. The Evening Boot: This is an area I haven’t been wowed by anything- no boot is good enough for a black tie event I think. I do love the idea of a lace boot though- I have them in ankle boots and love them senseless but yes, there is something else about a leg covered in lace- it’s all about the right pattern and combination with the right dress that matters though!
3. Nude Peep Toe: Nude peep toe, nude pumps- I think they are both musts but I feel, in patent and in the correct shade- not all work with all kinds- people need to make the correct choice and sadly, people, like picking the incorrect foundation, make this mistake too often to remove the elegance. Talking of which, I need these added to my wardrobe too.
4. Classic Heeled Pump: For a girl who owns primarily only these in every conceivable colour, I agree! I love them- the skinnier the heel, the better!
5. Strappy Day Shoe: Not so convinced about this one- I have very few of these ‘cos at some level, they feel a little “40 years old” to me :/ Sorry peeps- I have a few years to these yet.
6. Flat Slipper: I like the concept- esp to carry in my bag for walking. Am not sure I agree with the chosen picture by CL for this one but something simple and pretty does the job for me- I need to invest a few more of these too.
7. The Statement Shoe: Again, I don’t agree with the shoe CL has selected in the article but I agree with statement shoes- I have a few myself after all!
8. Classic Boot: I love, love, love a good boot- as an owner of many different pairs over the years, I understand their importance greatly and am a MASSIVE advocate of a good boot investment- every girl should own black and brown at the very least, I think!
9. The Ankle Boot: Versatile as can be and very handy for the cold summers in Ireland.
10. The Uber Heel: Love, want, love. No other explanation needed.

I personally feel a girl needs a few more pairs in her repertoire…
11. The Lifestyle Sneaker: There is a place and time for these- be it Cons or Pumas, every girl should own one
12. Flip flops: Cos sometimes they are the perfect accompaniment
13. The Graceful Wedge: Not the thick, chunky ones but the nice, pretty ones
14. For the Indian in me, the pretty slightly heeled sandal: For the sarees, the salwar kameezes and esp the anarkalli suits, an absolute must!

Sigh, shoes- drool. I heart heels- the skinnier and higher, the better!


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