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Jun 25 Tuesday: A Brilliant Moment

I try to use this time to find a moment that’s far back in memory and refresh it but today I am going to go with one from last week cos to me, it meant a lot.

I love hammocks. Yeah, I know I am crazy.

For the past 18 or so months, I have had a hammock just lying around ‘cos I haven’t had the space for it. The other day Red offered to help me put it up in  my back garden.

To me, him making it happen (without too many reminders from me), caring enough to go to the hardware store a few times to get it just right, knotting/ unknotting & reknotting the strings to balance it on both ends was just the thing I needed to feel cared for.

I have to admit, I really like Red and am not sure where we are going, partly because I think neither of us knows what either of us wants but I am having so much fun, I don’t care.


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June 7 Monday: Gratitude

1. Happiness
Whether it is spending time with an old friend, whether it is reconnecting with a lost friend, whether it is sharing lunch with a new friend, whether it is having a laugh with good friends, whether it is a phone call from your family- being able to feel happy is pretty darn good and I love the fact that I can.

2. Romance
I am not the most romantic. I am not the couply sort but I enjoy my type of romance- be it silly giggles in the bed, a shared moment in a nightclub, a long hug to say bye, seeing a movie the other one really likes or whatever little thing that shows one cares. I may not be in a serious relationship and I know we are just having fun but that’s no reason to not care or not have some romance. The little things over the last few weeks have been really nice and brought many a smile to my face.

3. Friends
Connected to just about everything in my life- I love my friends, I am very lucky to have them, I am even luckier to be able to salvage the friendships when they reach a point where it could be a point of no return and I don’t ever want to take them for granted.

Thank you for everything in my life, dear World. It’s been a tough one but a fun & blessed one!

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If music be the food of love…

… I have had the most romantic 3 days EVER!

I have been to many music festivals, I have heard lots of bands but the last 3 days have been just different… I hadn’t planned any of it, it kinda all just happened and I am on a HUGE high!!!!

I even went away for the day to see John Grant perform- it was amazing- so much more electronica than I had expected. All in all, amazing!

musicSo today I went to the county that Red was spending his weekend in. Bumped into a lot of his friends too. He didn’t know I was there and I still haven’t informed him. I feel I shouldn’t need to- just cos we are in the same place doesn’t mean we should meet… am I weird that way?! Many of my friends think so but he had his plans and we hadn’t really been in touch… Of course I will tell him when I see him- we even put a pic on his friend’s fb just to let him know! Ah well… I am still too much on a music high to give a damn!

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Apr 30 Tuesday: A Brilliant Moment

This is one of my favourite moments in my romantic life and I see it as a theme:

When I was away with Red and a bunch of his mates a few weeks ago, I went to bed after him. I got into bed and the moment I got in, he turned towards me and pulled me in real close into one of the tightest hugs ever. THAT feeling of absolute, pure hugging made me really happy. (We know I am a hugger).

However, it reminded me of some of the more important moments of my romantic life:
FL asked me to go steady with him when he was hugging me tight
SL always used to hug me tight when he was telling me something that would invoke an extreme reaction- either good or bad
TL got the affirmative response to his constant question (will you marry me one) when he came into bed and hugged me tight and asked me then

So basically, a hug can make me irrational BUT I still love it 🙂

hugging is a good  medicine

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The way to my heart

You know last night, I was out with some friends and we were talking about what romance means to us, what really grabs us and what keeps us in a relationship. It was interesting to realise (yet again) how it takes on a different meaning to each one of us!

Over the last while, Chammiya and I have been hanging out a lot and I have gotten to know her well- and since, had to change my initial thoughts- she is still trying too hard at times, I think- and she is very much a homebody and the simple person that I had suspected initially but with a very intelligent brain. And since she and I are so close- I have had the opportunity to see her relationship with her husband- 2 people you wouldn’t put together- both appear very different on surface and have a different type of depth in them- she comes across very open minded and unconventional but deep down is a lot more traditional whereas he comes across simple and boring but has an inner strength unseen by most with a sense of adventure (albeit in a traditional sense- he is likely to follow the tried and tested rather than forge his own way). Initially I wondered why they were together but I have seen in them, a relationship that is strong and mutually affectionate and full of caring and happiness. They work well because they are so different. To me, that makes sense in many ways yet I can’t see myself in a relationship like that!

There were many other relationships discussed, many other types of romance thrashed and I realised I am much like the lady Lindsey Kelk wrote about in Marie Claire (The Girl Can’t Help It, Apr 2012)- I am the one whose toes curl when a guy calls her ‘smart’. ‘intelligent’ especially if the ‘beautiful’, ‘pretty’ bit is not so high on the list. I am the one who thinks a guy who makes me laugh wins over a guy who buys me nice dinners. I am the one who likes to break the norms and make a relationship work in the best way possible for two people- whether it’s getting coffee at 11pm in each other’s gaff or a walk in the pier at midnight or a hike in the wee mornings because things are so busy to find time in the traditional day. I am the one who gets goosebumps when a guy earns my admiration and respect by doing something amazing in his life, just ‘cos rather than to impress me or anyone else.

Ultimately, romance to me is about those intellectual conversations, those silly laughs and basically a fabulous time together. It’s the kind of relationship where the two people in it find each other their kind of perfect.

Romance and relationship are 2 different things though, hopefully, the romance/ the fun/ the courtship leading to a stronger relationship and I think it’s when the partners can understand each other’s emotions and pain, especially when they are trying to hide it- in all honesty, to me, that’s not just in a romantic relationship but all the ones that are truly meaningful.

A similar discussion had come up between Roark and me when we were trying to figure out why neither of us was dating anyone at the moment (obviously not counting each other- which is well, over now) and we both realised we were happier being single than being in a relationship for the sake of it and the picture below just seems so apt for it!

The optimist in me knows that someday my childhood love is likely to come my way (again) and I am gonna find someone whose idea of romance matches mine, but in the meantime, I am loving life and the experiments it is sending my way!

PS Apologies, once again, I started with one idea and ending up going in many different tangents :/

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Too cheesy…

… for me to be comfortable putting it on text for Rower to slag me!

So driving home today, after a long day at work, I saw a beautiful moon- just a hint of yellow, almost half and just really beautiful against the pristine black sky and it looked stunning.

For a few brief seconds, the romantic in me was mesmerised and it made me think of the Rower… and so I called him and when I did tell him, I was so embarrassed that all he heard was my giggle- yay!

It’s so cheesy that I am not sure I am willing to actually admit it! oops 😉


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A true fairy tale!


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