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Dec 15, Monday: Gratitude

1. Red and his support
As things have been awkward with Ryan, Tigger and me, I didn’t want to involve Red in it and asked him to make a decision for himself. He didn’t go either and I really appreciated his standing by me and instead helping me with some business plans of mine, some DIY work and some R&R time. This weekend was him doing bits and bobs for me and I felt very loved.

2. Healthy living
For the past while, I have been very conscious of what I eat and how much I exercise etc. It has been fantastic to feel the impact of it in my body and I am absolutely loving it!

3. Family
With a new addition to the family, I am so glad I have the family I do!


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April 7, Monday: Gratitude

Right so, a week of no posts meant I was away from blogging for a while, unexpectedly- busy with work, busy with partying and busy with flu all combined make for a VERY busy Joy- I did however get into the habit of doing a daily gratitude and daily favourite  moment before going to bed (trying to get Red into the habit too- he will be hooked to it soon, I hope!).

Anyhow, my top 3 for the week:

1. Energy
We take it so for granted but when I was wiped out the last while, I realised yet again, health is one thing but clean energy around us and having the energy to enjoy everything is pretty awesome.

2. Red
We went through a bit of small hiccup there recently and when we came out at the other end, it helped me realise yet again how lucky I truly am.

3. Music
Life is so dull without good music. Good music differs for all and it rocks!

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Mar 17, Monday: Gratitude & Mar 18, Tuesday: A Beautiful Moment


Post party ‘fear’ hugs, pre party calm down chats, long romantic drives, effort to find me colours etc etc etc- the list goes on, I am lucky to have him. I am glad I have him.

Sometimes, you got to appreciate a weekend away! It makes for good chats, good company, rejuvenation and good times!

New Experiences
The joy of a new experience- whether to be repeated or not is completely immaterial! To experience it is the important thing 🙂

Beautiful Moment:

This weekend, I spent a good bit of time talking to one of Red’s bestfriends- we talked of aspects we hadn’t before, we discussed spirituality, we discussed God, we discussed atheism, we discussed relationships, we discussed friendships- we had a good chat and we were able to re-connect on many levels. I love meeting new people and more importantly, I love getting to know them as friends.

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Mar 3, Monday: Gratitude

Every so often I have to thank Red for just being so wonderful- wonderfully able to drive me nuts and bring me back down to reality too 🙂 Thank you, my love.

Me time
Having my house all to myself- no dog, no housemates, no partner, no guests and just some me time is something I truly enjoy and cherish when I get it!

I am lucky- simple as!

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Nov 25 Monday: Gratitude

1. Pride
Ego may be a bad thing but I am glad I am proud of what I do and take pride in what I put my name to! My work is important to me and even though it causes me pain at times, I am glad I do what I do, how I do it and why I do it.

2. Red
I am glad I have his support and I am glad we care for each other as much as we do. It was a tough few days last week and me being able to turn around, let my guard down and just take his help was something I am very proud of having been able to do!

3. Smiling
The power a smile has is just amazingly brilliant. Be it to a stranger, to a friend or just for yourself. It automatically brightens the day and is my favourite thing to wear!

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Oct 28 Monday: Gratitude

I am very lucky to have such a wonderful person in my life. I am worried I will mess it up all the time and I am glad we are as good together as we are. Here’s looking forward to the future together.

Everything happens for a reason. I am lucky it’s all happening the way it is- the good, the bad, the ugly. I do hope to get more good, especially the 6 things I keep repeating in my head to achieve.

Financial Stability
Money does make the world go round, no matter what one says! It may not be the biggest motivator but the lack of it is a big deal. Glad I have the stability I need.

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Aug 19 Monday: Gratitude

1. Communication
Catching up with a friend after only a few emails in the past 12 years was amazing and fantastic. Keeping communication open and going is such a brilliant way to make sure one can keep their friendships (acquaintances?) alive!

2. Red
The past week has been busier than usual for me and him helping me out with work has been fantastic. I appreciate all his help and think him just making life easier for me when family, friends, work all seems to be piling up is definitely one of the most romantic things ever 🙂 Yeah, caring means more than flowers to me!

3. Sleep
I seem to be very sleep deprived at the moment and therefore am loving any sleep I am getting at the moment!

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Green is my new Red

For those who know me, I have (for the longest period of my life) been synonymous with red- red shoes, red clothes, red bags, red lipstick, red, red, red- my wardrobe is practically ALL red- but over the past 12 months or so, I haven’t bought too many new red items- maybe a bathrobe, a pair of runners but that’s pretty much it.

What surprised me is when I was in India this time, looking at everything in the shops- there were some beautiful red prints- they looked fantastic, the cuts, the colours but I just didn’t want any of them for me. I mean, my mother thought I was unwell (she hadn’t taken me seriously when I had said it to her earlier that day- Geez, mothers!)

I think one of the primary reasons was I realised my personality is fairly strong and outspoken, the red only accentuated the alphaness and kinda took away from the lady I can be- demure, sophisticated. And I think, it’s just everywhere- earlier, it was a symbol of confidence but when everyone starts using it, it’s no fun- to redefine myself now!

(and we all know I am not short of courage and kinda like to stand out!)

Instead, I am constantly in awe of yellows, oranges, greens, mustards these days- is it called maturing up, do you think?! Or are those the new colours that make me happy? 😉

And talking of happiness and the post I wrote earlier today, this is pretty darn good advice!

Go on, people, dance in the rain, laugh with friends, play with babies, kiss the one you love, splash in a pool with a dog, travel an unexplored road, do whatever it is that makes you happy!

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Wine over Cheese!

So 2 factors have helped me decide who I am supporting for the final… and the winner is


So why Spain, you ask?

Well, very scientifically I considered the 2 sides, saw who the players were and evaluated the strengths, the weaknesses, the style and decided which team was stronger. Yeah right! As if! 🙂

No, I went with completely non-scientific reasons:

#1. I like love red and definitely prefer it to orange.

#2. I prefer wine to cheese.

So on Sunday, my rioja and I will be supporting Spain. Most likely at Sinnott’s off Grafton Street in Dublin- anyone joining me?! 🙂

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