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Who Am I?!

The other day, I was out for a few beers with TSG and at some point, I broke down (well, for me) and shared how scared I am about the lack of direction in my life. And even though, it’s not a case that I lack focus or I have too much free time, TSG got me thinking maybe it was more about WHO AM I.

Initially, I dismissed the idea- I mean, here I am, well known in the business community, recognised for my achievements, someone who has traveled alot, someone who has tried her hand at many things but what is it that I associate myself with.

Is it a photographer?! If so, why don’t I shoot more? And why am I no closer to making money from my holidays using my photographs as I had once planned?

Is it a businesswoman? And if so, am I happy with that? I mean, I love being one, albeit not a fantastic one (in my own eyes) but I feel it only captures one aspect of me and not me.

Is it a traveller? I haven’t been to a new place in a while, does this still count?! I am no longer as much on the move as I used to be!

Is it a friend? Isn’t everyone one? We all have our own definitions, yes but still.

Is it loyal? That’s more a characteristic of who I am than definition of who I am. Infact I recall the word I want on my epitaph is WHOLESOME- closest to capturing me but still not a noun to describe me.

I would love for it to be human, but that’s not it either!

Is it nationality?! Am I Indian or Irish? To some extent, this has been playing on my mind a lot recently so yes, this is a factor and a big one, to be honest- not so much for me but for how the society perceives it and how I react to it!

So WHO AM I?! And How do I find the answer to that?! Sigh- long meditation awaits me. Sigh!

make peace with self


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The changing avatars

Wow! What a day today has been, the last 24 hours have been just insane…

Started the day in a suit at a board meeting with this charity I used to assist years ago. They had asked me to come in for some help and advise so I went back in for a meeting and was reminded of some amazing moments, fantastic people and the amazing passion those people share.

But then, it was time to don on the studenthood again and so out came the jeans and the hoodie… but as luck would have it, I had to go meet our client so change again and this time, we went with business casual and suit would have been TOO formal!

Now considering I hate getting dressed and changing clothes, I was really hoping to put the feet up, have a glass of wine and just chill but no such luck- the photographer in me needed to spend some time with the camera and so the team (my camera and I) headed out to do a shoot for 2 gorgeous ladies in costumes and bikinis! (My favourite shot is on the flickr page already).

Ok so NOW I had earnt a bottle of wine, forget the glass, right? Right?

Ah NO such luck! My best friend needed a spongey shoulder- thank God for the soakage powers it has!!

Basically all in all, I have changed so many avatars, so many clothes, so many shoes today that I am not even sure who I am anymore… so WHO AM I?! Am I one of these things, all these things?! Will I ever know…

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Customer Intimacy = Success?

Ok, so theoretically speaking a company can focus on 3 axis:

  • Product Leadership
  • Operational Excellency
  • Customer Intimacy

(This diagram explains the theory further.)

Lately, I have been seeing amazing examples in how Customer Intimacy actually seems to drive long term sustainable growth. I am gonna take a few random examples from my own personal life and this is not based on any theory or study but just my instinct!

  1. Mark Geary– one of my favourite singers- pretty big in US/ Ireland/ Eastern Europe when it comes to singer/ songwriters. He reaches out to his fans through facebook, through myspace and becomes friends with them. Whether it’s an email to help me deal with a sh!t day or a surprise CD to acknowledge my love for his music, he is always there. There is no “I am the star” attitude. There is no “I don’t care for you” feeling. It’s all about a hug, a smile, a pint and a shared connection. Marky, you are my hero! Thanks for your music.
  2. The Bikini Shop– saw them on TV3 Expose yesterday and decided to check out the website. Now I am lucky or unlucky to have a figure that’s not the usual one and I don’t always get my size. Unfortunately the combination of sizes was not on the website so I decided to call them- and they gladly took my size, my preferences and are looking to help me get the bikini I want. Now, that’s service- this feeling of wanting to help me makes me want to go nowhere else- especially since no one has my size anyway!
  3. My local printer- As a photographer, I am constantly printing pictures, getting them framed, and as such, a frequent visitor to the local shop. Now, yesterday I was feeling sick and had absolutely no energy to go anywhere even though I needed to collect a commission from the shop that was due for delivery. So they called me, since they knew its importance to me and when they heard I was unwell, they even asked if they could bring me some groceries and medication. Now, that’s service!

I mean everyone has good products, maybe they have good lean operations (that’s more a cost management internal thing that a customer cannot judge externally) but if the products are comparable, who do you go for?

So if we convert our product focus to service, is it an automatic recipe for success… I truly wonder?

And is this something about the company culture, the training internally or is it just I have been luck to have come across the right people?!!


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