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Sep 15 Sunday: Catching up on Thurs & Fri

Sep 12 Thursday: Letter

Dear Red’s parents

Thank you for your warm welcome and support in my relationship with Red. I am so nervous coming into the weekend, I am hoping to see a lot of you this weekend yet I am hoping not. I have felt very much a part of “the family” and yet I am nervous of losing your approval of being with him. I hope I am good enough in your eyes and I hope we have many more adventures together!


Sep 13 Friday: The Week Gone By

1. Celebrated some very good news- Red’s job
2. Had an amazing meeting with a client in one of my roles
3. Managed to lose some pounds towards my ideal weight


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Meeting the Parents?!

So… next month is going to be a little interesting… I know for a fact things have changed a little for Red and me but it seems, I am finally going to an event with his family. So far, I have met the friends and the sibling but this is scary and exciting.

I know for a fact that for once, my nationality will probably work in my favour rather than against! After 5 years with SL and dealing with his parents, I am tired of it all!!!!

On a different note, I am a little annoyed at one of my mates going on about another mate’s mother and her apparent issue with the non Irish! Seriously, people need to get over this and chill out.

But yeah, I know in Ireland, at least in out current “relationship situation”, meeting the parents is not a big deal but I am Indian, and to me, it is still a step in a different direction, even if its only in my head. Either which way, I am looking forward to it- they sound like a fun bunch to be around!

One day at a time….relationship status = dont know

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Not sure how to react!

Ryan’s mother comes up with statements out of the blue that I have no clue how to react!!

After dinner, we were having some souffle as a Sunday treat and she looks up and informs me that if Ryan and I ever have kids, they will either be:

  • Red headed with an odd mixed colour skin
  • Really fair with beautiful dark hair
  • Really dark with blonde hair

But no matter what, that will be her problem and she will deal with it because they will be gorgeous!

Seriously!!!!!!!! She met the Rower on Friday and knows I am kinda dating other guys so why make such a statement?! Oh my, wish I understood people better :/

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Wherever in the world you are, I miss you.

I am exceptionally lucky to have so many father figures in my life and today, when Ryan’s dad was dropping me to work, I realised how much I just miss someone doing the silly little things Dads do.

It was just nice to have someone look out for me, because they care. Sometimes, one forgets how awesome it is to be Daddy’s girl.


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Yup, it’s gonna rain

rain money in my life, that is!

Dunno why I felt like sharing this or why I feel this way but I do and so here it is!

It’s been an interesting week for me and here’s my top ones:

  • Been really nice to certain people I doubt I will really ever interact with- I mean 1 of them is nice but needy and insecure and I just think that’s ridiculous
  • Had a few awesome evenings with some amazing people- dinner out on Fri, brunch on Sat, dinner on Sun- all in all- some fantastic people- Candy and her beau, Dr. F and his lady
  • I celebrated 10 years of my parents relationship ending and my ex’s engagement with dignity and maintained my moral high ground. And on the note of relationships, even caught with The Chef but as suspected, I think it’s all over- nothing happened- we hung out as 2 mates.

All in all, a good weekend and this time next week, I will be in Vietnam- BRING IT ON! Yay for travels.


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I completely understand how Mark felt- only difference being, I am thinking mother, rather than father 🙂

When I was a boy of fourteen, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be twenty-one, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in 7 years.“- Mark Twain

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