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‘cos it’s a tiny world!

Tis amazing how many time in the last few weeks I have bumped into people who have more in common than I expected:

  • Last weekend, almost everyone I met, there was a person in common. Some of us had even been at the same wedding last year
  • Yesterday, my colleague told me about a call she made to someone I used to know at one point and when she mentioned it to me, I knew exactly who she had been talking about and was truly surprised by the way the call went
  • A couple of days ago, met a client and turns out he comes from my sister school, sister college and we were in the same society, and both of us were within 4 kms radius back when we were in India

These connections and so many odd coincidences….


…. I feel absolutely amazing and am truly, madly, deeply in love with life!


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Jan 26, Monday: Gratitude

1. Networking
One of those skills that has no real tangible value but immense intangible value. Believe what goes around comes around and do the best for everyone else, funnily things start falling on place for one self! I love it.

2. Laughter
You can’t beat a good laugh. Period.

3. Luxury
The last while I have spoilt myself, even while booking some of our hotels for our holidays, we have made some expensive choices but hey, we only live once, yeah?! While we are flash packing, it would be awesome to enjoy these experiences!

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Sep 23, Tuesday: A Beautiful Moment

About 2.5 years ago, I was trying to start a new business (it never got legs!) and was therefore meeting a lot of influential people as part of it.

One of those meetings took me to a lunch meeting with a very high powered CEO who was also an ex-AIESECer I had never met.

What was meant to be a one hour chat, ended up being a 3 hour conversation with loads of ideas, lots of thoughts and a whole load of fun discussions that have since led to a strong friendship, a working relationship and a mentoring aspect.

I am absolutely delighted that a simple email could open up so much! I was on a high that day from the lunch and I am on a high today on the memory.

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Jun 10, Tuesday: A Brilliant Moment

I don’t know where to even identify this point to but I suppose it is from a lot earlier than when I realised it- my confidence- when I walk into a room, I can adapt my behaviour to the way I want.

The first time I realised I could do this was my first “networking” event in Ireland- when in a new country, with new surroundings and nowhere to fall, it is easier to make mistakes and step out of your own shadow. Looking back, I am glad I made the changes in my shy behaviour I needed to make- being able to do my own thing today is a god send 🙂

Not truly a moment but yet a brilliant moment!

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