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Jun 16, Monday: Gratitude

1. My Sounding Boards
Be it my mother, her boyfriend, Red, Shrew, Lady or some of the other people in my life- I am so glad they are there. I have been very lucky that when some of the people I am used to having around get busier with aspects in their lives, someone else enters. So lucky to understand that people can’t always focus on me and so glad that when they can, they do! Thank you all- I always need your love and strength and hope in return I can be there for you and others who need it!

2. Music
Every so often, I am reminded I don’t do enough in music- in terms of listening, exploring, going to gigs and then all of a sudden, I immerse back into it- I am so glad to have the option to do so and to enjoy the melodies of sound!

3. Sleep
As I am so short on sleep, every nap, every snooze, every night of sleep I get is such a  bonus- I love sleep! Zzzz’s are awesome!!


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April 7, Monday: Gratitude

Right so, a week of no posts meant I was away from blogging for a while, unexpectedly- busy with work, busy with partying and busy with flu all combined make for a VERY busy Joy- I did however get into the habit of doing a daily gratitude and daily favourite  moment before going to bed (trying to get Red into the habit too- he will be hooked to it soon, I hope!).

Anyhow, my top 3 for the week:

1. Energy
We take it so for granted but when I was wiped out the last while, I realised yet again, health is one thing but clean energy around us and having the energy to enjoy everything is pretty awesome.

2. Red
We went through a bit of small hiccup there recently and when we came out at the other end, it helped me realise yet again how lucky I truly am.

3. Music
Life is so dull without good music. Good music differs for all and it rocks!

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Jul 22 Monday: Gratitude

1. Travel
The holiday was amazing- I loved it. The way it all worked out, our timing, our plans, everything… I am still on a high from it all.

2. Music
I am a fan of good music- a lot more than it may come across sometimes but well, such is me. I was at a music festival and am at one every week for 3 more consecutive weekends- 4 weekends of music, fun and friends- I like it ALOT.

3. Life
Just everything seems rosy at the moment, I am loving it.

Dear Universe, thank you, thank you, thank you!

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May 10 Friday: The Week Gone By

1. Heard some awesome music over the weekend, including a trip down to the countryside for some
2. Brilliant catch up with certain friends of mine- both Monday and Wednesday
3. The chat with my younger sister today- helping her understand my business world a little more. Boo yeah!

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If music be the food of love…

… I have had the most romantic 3 days EVER!

I have been to many music festivals, I have heard lots of bands but the last 3 days have been just different… I hadn’t planned any of it, it kinda all just happened and I am on a HUGE high!!!!

I even went away for the day to see John Grant perform- it was amazing- so much more electronica than I had expected. All in all, amazing!

musicSo today I went to the county that Red was spending his weekend in. Bumped into a lot of his friends too. He didn’t know I was there and I still haven’t informed him. I feel I shouldn’t need to- just cos we are in the same place doesn’t mean we should meet… am I weird that way?! Many of my friends think so but he had his plans and we hadn’t really been in touch… Of course I will tell him when I see him- we even put a pic on his friend’s fb just to let him know! Ah well… I am still too much on a music high to give a damn!

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The Waves- Villagers

I am hearting this song A LOT.
Totally hearting in.

This song is just absolutely beautiful. Love, love, love.

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A musical house?!

There’s my definition of a musical house- a house with music in every room and music playing all the time (as is my home in Delhi and anywhere I make home in Ireland) and then there’s the German interpretation:

Amazing as the idea is of living in such a place, imagine trying to sleep through the rain :/ However, also gets me thinking- what everyday stuff can we re-use in a different format to make people smile more?

Either way, pretty awesome- someday, I will check it out!

While on the topic of music, I am currently obsessed with a band called CFIT– their singers are amazing- some of their music is a little too electronically produced, me thinks and I seem to detect a M83 influence- but hey, who am I to complain when I get to hear good tunes?!

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टिप टिप बारिश बरसे

So the weather forecast said it was meant to rain crazy today and for a very long time, it seemed we had managed to avoid it but obviously Mother Nature had other plans and so it poured, and I mean- it was like monsoon in Ireland, so so so cool. Well, I would say that because I was sitting inside a closed room, enjoying a great conversation with some of the boys on my team and looking out at the rain. Due to the heat, it is humid and so much more like monsoon.

Some of my favourite memories of the rains through my childhood are:

  • Going for a run and getting absolutely soaked to the bone
  • Sitting under an awning, in a car, and drinking hot, sweet, milky tea while eating pakodas
  • Sitting on my swing in my house and enjoying the rain
  • Playing music (something poppy or something romantic or something emotive) and dancing to it in the open
  • Trying (and trying being the most operative word here) to be poetic
  • Trying to compose a new song (yeah, right! haven’t done that in 10 years!)
  • Sitting inside while it rained outside and just saw the rain fall

Today, while walking home, after the rain had stopped, the breeze caused the trees to wet me- just enough for me to feel I had stepped back to the days of wet Delhi, open my arms wide and enjoy the raindrops. The best bet was that it felt great- for once, I didn’t feel cold, I didn’t feel the need to dry myself but I could enjoy the feeling of rain in Ireland and the worst bit- the need to get my suit dry-cleaned now hehee.

It was potentially one of the most beautiful feelings I have felt in such a long time. If I could bottle the smell of freshly wet dry earth and bottle it, I would use it as a perfume ALL the time- if only to remind me of happy times, nice thoughts and the fabulousness provided by our environment!

P.S. The title just says “Tip Tip It Rains” but its so much more beautiful in Hindi!

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Customer Intimacy = Success?

Ok, so theoretically speaking a company can focus on 3 axis:

  • Product Leadership
  • Operational Excellency
  • Customer Intimacy

(This diagram explains the theory further.)

Lately, I have been seeing amazing examples in how Customer Intimacy actually seems to drive long term sustainable growth. I am gonna take a few random examples from my own personal life and this is not based on any theory or study but just my instinct!

  1. Mark Geary– one of my favourite singers- pretty big in US/ Ireland/ Eastern Europe when it comes to singer/ songwriters. He reaches out to his fans through facebook, through myspace and becomes friends with them. Whether it’s an email to help me deal with a sh!t day or a surprise CD to acknowledge my love for his music, he is always there. There is no “I am the star” attitude. There is no “I don’t care for you” feeling. It’s all about a hug, a smile, a pint and a shared connection. Marky, you are my hero! Thanks for your music.
  2. The Bikini Shop– saw them on TV3 Expose yesterday and decided to check out the website. Now I am lucky or unlucky to have a figure that’s not the usual one and I don’t always get my size. Unfortunately the combination of sizes was not on the website so I decided to call them- and they gladly took my size, my preferences and are looking to help me get the bikini I want. Now, that’s service- this feeling of wanting to help me makes me want to go nowhere else- especially since no one has my size anyway!
  3. My local printer- As a photographer, I am constantly printing pictures, getting them framed, and as such, a frequent visitor to the local shop. Now, yesterday I was feeling sick and had absolutely no energy to go anywhere even though I needed to collect a commission from the shop that was due for delivery. So they called me, since they knew its importance to me and when they heard I was unwell, they even asked if they could bring me some groceries and medication. Now, that’s service!

I mean everyone has good products, maybe they have good lean operations (that’s more a cost management internal thing that a customer cannot judge externally) but if the products are comparable, who do you go for?

So if we convert our product focus to service, is it an automatic recipe for success… I truly wonder?

And is this something about the company culture, the training internally or is it just I have been luck to have come across the right people?!!


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