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Dewy Grass

Yesterday morning, I walked to the office as I often do. It was a blistery wintery morning- a little bit of rain and a lot of wind, nothing too unusual for Ireland really.

But wait, there was! It was also a little sunny. And I suppose being dressed for the occasion meant I could deal with the cold and the misery without much trouble and so I marched along with my head in the clouds.

And as I entered a park, I saw something beautiful, something almost magical and something I wish I could somehow have captured- I saw the wind blow the dew on the grass. It may seem trivial but on a not quite grey morning, it was a sight to behold and enjoy- I truly wish all of you get to see something so pretty yourselves.

Here’s to the little things! x



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टिप टिप बारिश बरसे

So the weather forecast said it was meant to rain crazy today and for a very long time, it seemed we had managed to avoid it but obviously Mother Nature had other plans and so it poured, and I mean- it was like monsoon in Ireland, so so so cool. Well, I would say that because I was sitting inside a closed room, enjoying a great conversation with some of the boys on my team and looking out at the rain. Due to the heat, it is humid and so much more like monsoon.

Some of my favourite memories of the rains through my childhood are:

  • Going for a run and getting absolutely soaked to the bone
  • Sitting under an awning, in a car, and drinking hot, sweet, milky tea while eating pakodas
  • Sitting on my swing in my house and enjoying the rain
  • Playing music (something poppy or something romantic or something emotive) and dancing to it in the open
  • Trying (and trying being the most operative word here) to be poetic
  • Trying to compose a new song (yeah, right! haven’t done that in 10 years!)
  • Sitting inside while it rained outside and just saw the rain fall

Today, while walking home, after the rain had stopped, the breeze caused the trees to wet me- just enough for me to feel I had stepped back to the days of wet Delhi, open my arms wide and enjoy the raindrops. The best bet was that it felt great- for once, I didn’t feel cold, I didn’t feel the need to dry myself but I could enjoy the feeling of rain in Ireland and the worst bit- the need to get my suit dry-cleaned now hehee.

It was potentially one of the most beautiful feelings I have felt in such a long time. If I could bottle the smell of freshly wet dry earth and bottle it, I would use it as a perfume ALL the time- if only to remind me of happy times, nice thoughts and the fabulousness provided by our environment!

P.S. The title just says “Tip Tip It Rains” but its so much more beautiful in Hindi!

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