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Tonight Tonight

Tonight… I spent tonight on my own.
I cancelled my plans, sent Red out, popped open 2 tubs of ice-cream, played a movie and just chilled.

Pure pure pure bliss. Something beautiful about an evening with myself, reading, colouring, movie-ing, eating, shopping… everything!

Loving life, hope you’re having an awesome Saturday evening wherever you ware and remember, take a moment and be kind to yourself.

Love xx


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Often, we take emotion for granted.
Often, we ignore the importance of emotion.
Most important, we refuse to acknowledge the impact of emotion on our body.

Good emotion lets us recover quickly, makes us happy, is good for health and lowers stress levels.
Conversely, the bad emotion brings us down and has a very strong negative impact on all levels.

I hadn’t realised how much I needed to nurture my soul again till I moved houses, changed the way I work, had some dates with myself and realised how certain things are just so important to me:

– finer things in life that are enjoyed, not abused
– cleanliness- messy is different to dirt
– soulful things- I had gotten back into the habit of doing a lot of things
– leading by the heart- every so often I need to let the head lose
– relaxing- putting my feet up, watching a movie, reading a book, having a good cup of hot chocolate- all these things are just so important and nice 🙂

It’s amazing how one tiny change opens up so much!

be soft

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Mar 3, Monday: Gratitude

Every so often I have to thank Red for just being so wonderful- wonderfully able to drive me nuts and bring me back down to reality too 🙂 Thank you, my love.

Me time
Having my house all to myself- no dog, no housemates, no partner, no guests and just some me time is something I truly enjoy and cherish when I get it!

I am lucky- simple as!

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I am tired.

Very tired- emotionally, spiritually, physically, mentally. If I have left any other out, throw that in too. Back in March, I promised to love myself more and I truly haven’t been doing it… 😦

I have gotten some massages, some pampering done. I have cut out a lot of junk but not all. I meditate a wee bit more but then going from 0, that’s not tough! However, I haven’t made ALL the changes I wanted to.

Weirdly, when I first started meditating, I was told that there would be days when the negativity is coming out of my system and I will feel worse- maybe that’s why I went through the cocktail of emotions that was yesterday. It was a heady cocktail, but even ranting online did not do the trick for me, I ended up ranting to Candy earlier today and felt really bad afterwards, it felt a bit like b!tching even though I know I wasn’t doing that- it just came out without any menace to it.

But I realise, I have reached my breaking point, I moved to Laois exactly 52 weeks= 364 days. Initially, I had looked forward to it but I realise being this far away from civilisation, this far away from fun times, this far away from my friends is no way to live- it’s called surviving, it’s called existing but it certainly ain’t living.

And to live, I need energy and I am SOOOOOOOOO looking forward to my weekend of me- Mrs F may meet me at some stage, I might do some work, I might get a few things sorted that have been on the long finger but this weekend is all about relaxing, reading, watching mindless telly (Ok, so not so mindless telly- still addicted to 30 Rock) and sleeping- I need a lot of sleep. May get a hike in at some stage, if I can but all in all, it’s all about me. And though I do feel the slight twinge of guilt, I have to thank ALL my other friends who have pushed me to this decision- I am really looking forward to my day away and getting pampered.

I am so tired that I feel and look worse than a zombie but I am looking forward to feeling this fatigue work its way out of the system, looking forward to some nice meals and some amazing me time (a 20 hour meditation! woohoo)

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