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The First Hello…

… after the last goodbye!

Yes, I had one of those moments yesterday where, at a ball, I glimpsed a guy I was with.

Now this is potentially the only guy in the world I really imagined a future with and it went nowhere, I was definitely very upset and confused when it all unfolded. And I always assumed we would bump into each other at some point but just not at a black tie ball- the advantage there is we both looked well 🙂

So, re-applied my bright red lipstick, shook my hair till it looked just messy enough to be cool, in my towering high heels, I walked up to the guy and said hello. And then he rose, all the tallness of him and I recalled why I was so attracted to him- still an imposing figure, still a good looking face and still someone who could fill a suit well.

And then we chatted, we chatted for a few minutes catching up on the major aspects of life. And then we chatted about the smaller things and then we chatted of things we hadn’t really spoken much about at that time. And as we chatted, I realised he was a good guy (phew, I hadn’t messed up on that front at least) but an unhappy one (despite major changes since we had met, and all of them good, he still wasn’t content), with a few regrets in life and so, it made me appreciate Red so much more.

The moment we finished our chat, I knew it was time for me to head home, head home to the man I love the most, the man who stands up to me when I am wrong, the man who pushes me to be the best I can be, the man who gets silly with me when I want to, the man who scrubs up well and escorts me to all the fancy balls we go to, the man who makes my ‘ovaries swing’… I knew the story that started 3 years ago is the one I want to be a part of for the rest of my life and I am really glad I got the closure with Tolkein without ever actually needing it.



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Partner, Wife, Lover

These are just three of the things most women want to be to that someone special.

For a very long time, I resisted this thinking- I was always an “I, me, myself” girl and though I wanted a partner, I never thought of it as something I needed. However, as I go through life- climbing through glass ceilings, achieving things other only dream of, living experiences that I have always wanted to, I realise, there is something amazing, something awesome about sharing it with that someone special. Be it the simple magnificence of a beautiful waterfall or the joy of breaking through a glass ceiling or just an ordinary day at work… the idea of having someone to cuddle to is beautiful.

You know, for ages, I didn’t get this need, didn’t understand this want- I thought Sex & The City was a cop-out when they showed how the independent women ended up in relationships and now, I realise why it was so. For ages, I scoffed at other’s desire for that commitment and even though today I would love to have someone to share my life with, I am not keen to settle for anything but the best.

However, I do not understand why the need to have that partner cannot be intertwined with the need to have a successful career. I have an aunt- one of the top female executives in Asia, an entrepreneur, a go-getter- with an amazing family and though, there have been difficulties along the way, the way each one thinks, behaves and understands their role in this world is so beautiful that I am just so proud of them all! I recall, some 4 years ago, my team in one of the top consulting companies in the world and I were having breakfast and we were discussing one of the girl’s pregnancy, when I commented saying “Someday, I would love to be a stay-at-home mom” and everyone turned to look at me, jaws wide open, shock in the eyes. They didn’t think someone like me, always primly dressed in my suit, always perfectly coiffed hair, always calm in the craziest of situation, always driven, always ambitious could have such a simple wish. But just ‘cos I want to have the option of being a stay-at-home mother, it does not mean I want the option of giving up work! I would love a balance of the two- I mean, how is one meant to choose between my two babies?!

Yes, I admit I would love to get married, to have someone to come home to, to have someone make me soup when I have sniffles, to have someone turn to me for support, to have someone love me for who I am, to be a wife, a lover and a partner to that fantastic human being but why do I have to choose between a career that I love and a man that I love. My career understands my need to look after my personal life, so why can’t my personal life understand my career needs?! Why do I feel constantly pulled in two directions, why do I constantly get advised to give up my current position, my current lifestyle and focus more on getting the man I need to be with.

So world, please, let my life unfold the way it is meant to and let me enjoy the path I have chosen. Someday, I will have the life I dream of- with the man I call a husband, with a career I am proud of, with a kid I love, while living and traveling to the locations I want to explore, living the luxury I totally believe I deserve.

I know this is a very haphazard post but in my head, it makes sense!

Love to you, world.


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Nothing beats a family!

So I’ve been back in one of my favourite cities the past 36 hours and am LOVING it! It’s pretty much been all about my family… went to my 18 month cousin’s on Thursday evening- and she is the cutest thing ever. I am absolutely adore her and am missing her already 😦

Sniff- love the conversations with my aunt and uncle- all the family gossip, the home-cooked food, the hugs, the laughs and the happy moments!

And then went for dinner with another set of aunt and uncle. 3 bottles of wine later, we discussed my love or lack of love life! Sigh- these Indo-Irish families, I tell ye, seriously. AAARGH!

All in all, it’s been great to just sit back and spend time with the family 🙂 Gotta love them!

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