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In My Bubble!

One of the few things I have been working on recently is ‘being in the present’.
I dislike the jargon feel to that phrase but it’s fitting for what I have been trying to do.

This week has been a real relevation that I have succeeded in it as I have had 5 people either come and tap me out of my own reverie, send me a message telling me I ignored them or missing something in the background that would in the past have been more obvious.

It’s kinda nice to live each moment the way I want to and ignore all the other ‘noise’ around it- I may not see all the other friends but at least when I am with someone, it is all about them 🙂

Here’s to more conscious memories, without a phone, without a selfie, without distractions and about really enjoying quality conversations and quality silences!



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11 years ago…

My world changed, even if I didn’t realise it for a few days. And in it’s own weird way, my plans changed.

Came across today and it is SO true- especially since I am living through my other 25 plans and each one of them has 25 other options so do the maths, I have infinite plans and so do you! 🙂

So forget plans and live for the moment, says I 😉

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