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Nov 18 Monday: Gratitude

1. Friends
Been a while since I just thanked my lucky stars for having the friends and family I do. They rock!

2. Work
Lucky to have the work I do and the options I do. Not everyone is as lucky and I am indeed grateful.

3. Hope
If we gave up on hope, where would we be?!


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And so begins 2013…

… a new adventure
… some new excitement
… a better year- well, it really can’t get worse than the last!

And what better way to capture it than a facebook status I saw!

new year wishes

Dear 2012- thanks for all the lessons, the joys, the downs, the hope, the darkness and the memories- good & bad, but it seems, we were at an impasse and not going anywhere so here’s to us parting ways. I am sorry I met another year- it’s called 2013 and it promises to be full of promise, optimism, results and achievements!

dance, love, sing, live

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Hope. Yup, I have hope.

I choose

You know, for a very long time, I have always been told
“You have very high expectations”
“You need to settle down with someone who loves you more than you love them”
“You are never going to find someone who fits the bill”

I have also written about what I expect from a date and what sort of a partner would I like. I was told by people

“You are aiming too high”
“You will die alone”
“Stop living in a fantasy world”

For a very long I believed the people, for a very long time I was willing to “settle”, for a very long time I thought maybe my friends did know better and were seeing something I wasn’t… a part of me still believed though and as I was saying to Lady earlier today, Tolkien fits a lot of what I have said in the past- this gives me hope- not ‘cos I think he is the one (too soon to say that, he does have a very strong chance though!) but cos he lets me realise what I want is achievable.

Maybe I am like Carrie from Sex and the City and as such this quote captures me fairly well too…

SATC- some women arent meant to be tamed!

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End of a Chapter, Beginning of Another


Yup, I just quoted one of those quotes but hey, it’s true! Each end represents a new beginning, sometimes a beginning we want, sometimes one we don’t, but hey- c’est la vie eh?

Last night, even though it was only a subtle change, I know a chapter closed:
– I picked the last of my stuff from my old place in the middle of nowhere- ok fine, there are still some glasses, some plates, some bowls, some flower vases, some lamps lying there- but those are things that I will let Ryan decide for

And some new ones opened:
– I saw Ryan for about 10 mins and he made a few statements that let me believe that last year’s fiasco has finally been put to rest, we have made our peace and the new era awaits us
– For the first time in years, both Tigger and Ryan will be in Dublin- 2 of my closest friends back in the same city as me, now that’s pretty good going- here’s hoping it actually means more time with them too!
– NLP and I had a very honest chat after ages- he took on board my advice in the past and helped me with the afore-mentioned move

All in all, this wind of change I have been referring to is definitely blowing and so far it seems for the better- now if only I could understand what my game-plan is beyond February, I could make certain decisions…

… in the meantime… उम्मीद पे दुनिया कायम!

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Yup, that is it- go on, break my spirit.

Oh why again. WHY? WHY?? WHY???

FFS- every time life sorts itself, I get a knock YET eFFing again. Seriously, what the f*ck. When will you stop testing me dear world and just send the success and fruit of my labour my way?! Enough. Please. Enough.

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So in 2012, one should…

I think this should be the philosophy one lives by- about balancing! I suspect the workaholic in me needs a real break and though I hope to work less, I hope to achieve a lot more through the dreams, through better planning and through smart working!

Roll on 2012. SOOOOO excited!


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Light at the end of tunnel?

Apparently the light has been switched off!

So much for hope.

Today certainly feels like there is NO light.

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