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Dec 8, Monday: Gratitude

1. An Understanding of Me
Last night, while I was having a conversation about my priorities and how things have changed for me in the last 5 years, I made a statement that surprised me (in a good way)- I said “When I think of me, I automatically take Red into consideration as he is a part of me”- to me, this is another step in the emotional dependence of a relationship. It scares, excites, terrifies me in a way I have never felt before and I am excited about what the future holds!

2. Heels
Nothing like a pair of heels to make you feel awesome about yourself and get you in the party mood.

3. Silly season
Silly season is a great way of reminding yourself how amazingly loved you truly are!


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Jan 21 Tuesday: A Beautiful Moment

I am so glad I do this exercise every week cos it’s actuallyt ough to just sit back and remember something without a trigger.

Today, I am going to remember my first pair of heels.

I have had an inate love for heels ever since I was a kid. I remember the first pair I ever wore were my mum’s- she hated me for it- they were your classic 80s style heels- even if Louboutin do a similar pair now:

white heelsI remember feeling so feminine, so cool and so sexy for having a pair!
I remember walking in them, badly.
I remember dancing in them.

And since then, there has been a love affair between heels and me…. I love heels. So much so, the other day Red said “Joy was made for wearing heels”.

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After travel, it’s shoes.

I mean, my passions in life- I love traveling most, but a close second is fought between photography, business, chocolate and shoes. So when Christian Louboutin talks about shoes, there is no way I don’t feel the urge to comment. So here’s his list of the top 10 shoes a lady should own and my opinions:

1. The Flat Sandal: Agreed- sometimes, the best accessory for a dress- it can dress up a simple dress, dress down a formal dress, provide comfort and kind of shoes a very sensual part of a lady’s body- one usually not seen that way! My favourite are the kind that are simple yet classy, sophisticated and chic.
2. The Evening Boot: This is an area I haven’t been wowed by anything- no boot is good enough for a black tie event I think. I do love the idea of a lace boot though- I have them in ankle boots and love them senseless but yes, there is something else about a leg covered in lace- it’s all about the right pattern and combination with the right dress that matters though!
3. Nude Peep Toe: Nude peep toe, nude pumps- I think they are both musts but I feel, in patent and in the correct shade- not all work with all kinds- people need to make the correct choice and sadly, people, like picking the incorrect foundation, make this mistake too often to remove the elegance. Talking of which, I need these added to my wardrobe too.
4. Classic Heeled Pump: For a girl who owns primarily only these in every conceivable colour, I agree! I love them- the skinnier the heel, the better!
5. Strappy Day Shoe: Not so convinced about this one- I have very few of these ‘cos at some level, they feel a little “40 years old” to me :/ Sorry peeps- I have a few years to these yet.
6. Flat Slipper: I like the concept- esp to carry in my bag for walking. Am not sure I agree with the chosen picture by CL for this one but something simple and pretty does the job for me- I need to invest a few more of these too.
7. The Statement Shoe: Again, I don’t agree with the shoe CL has selected in the article but I agree with statement shoes- I have a few myself after all!
8. Classic Boot: I love, love, love a good boot- as an owner of many different pairs over the years, I understand their importance greatly and am a MASSIVE advocate of a good boot investment- every girl should own black and brown at the very least, I think!
9. The Ankle Boot: Versatile as can be and very handy for the cold summers in Ireland.
10. The Uber Heel: Love, want, love. No other explanation needed.

I personally feel a girl needs a few more pairs in her repertoire…
11. The Lifestyle Sneaker: There is a place and time for these- be it Cons or Pumas, every girl should own one
12. Flip flops: Cos sometimes they are the perfect accompaniment
13. The Graceful Wedge: Not the thick, chunky ones but the nice, pretty ones
14. For the Indian in me, the pretty slightly heeled sandal: For the sarees, the salwar kameezes and esp the anarkalli suits, an absolute must!

Sigh, shoes- drool. I heart heels- the skinnier and higher, the better!

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Obviously my day for random links!

1. 2 Travel Safety Tips

So, for someone who travels a fair bit (or well, hopes to), I usually get the advice to take copies of my passports everywhere, to not carry too much cash, to not wear very provocative clothes etc etc etc but this is some amazing advice- gives me an excuse to sleep in, even better!

I usually go for window seats in airplanes and as high as possible in hotels, maybe, I need to rethink both! Hmmm… I know this says nothing about airplanes but think about it, if there is an emergency, the people in the aisle would get out quicker than those by the window that doesn’t even open…

2. Women are NOT from Venus

“Popular culture tells us that women and men’s brains are just different. It’s true that male and female hormones affect brain development differently, and imaging studies have found brain differences in the ways women and men feel pain, make social decisions and cope with stress. The extent to which these differences are genetic versus shaped by experience — the old nature-versus-nurture debate — is unknown.

But for the most part, male and female brains (and brainpower) are similar. A 2005 American Psychologist analysis of research on gender differences found that in 78 percent of gender differences reported in other studies, the effect of gender on the behavior was in the small or close-to-zero range. And recent studies have debunked myths about the genders’ divergent abilities. A study published in the January 2010 Psychological Bulletin looked at almost half a million boys and girls from 69 countries and found no overall gap in math ability. Focusing on our differences may make for catchy book titles, but in neuroscience, nothing is ever that simple.”

I this! It comes from an article about 10 random facts on brains and is an interesting read though Points #7 and #1 are my favourite! I can now fight anyone who says I am thinking a certain way because I am a lady and I can tell my friends who care about their looks to realise the importance of those lines- maybe, I should go add some lines on my face by frowning though the laughter lines are so much prettier, me thinks!

3. Ladies, stretch your legs!

Yet another reason to stretch our legs ‘cos I refuse to give up heels- they are way too sexy!

4. And that is abuse of power, silly goose!

So a flight attendant became irate and went down the inflatable evacuation tube. Kinda sounds funny, in fairness, to the flight attendant! But this IS so silly, people who believe they have the power yet are low in the pecking order really shouldn’t think they can get away with things like these!!

5. Some of the things we argue about, fight about, care about are, well- for lack of better word, lame

David having the time to put this together makes me wonder how un-lame it is too but seriously, some of the things in here are just insane! I mean do I really care if Jimmy Wales edited his own birthdate or if Sarah Palin is more or less famous than Michael Palin (the man with the dream job), is Bono any good at the harmonica etc?!

Either which way, funny and amusing. And keeps me well distracted for a while… 😉

6. Puberty at 7/8?!!

Man, I am glad I didn’t have to deal with puberty at that age- imagine trying to explain birds and the bees to a kid that young! Studies are showing that girls today are hitting puberty early because of obesity (oh sorry, the word is fat now, isn’t it?) and the environment. I can just see this being such a bag of troubles! 😦

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So, there are a few things that seem to be eluding logic, at least to me, so if anyone can shed ANY light on the following topics, I’d be ever so grateful!

Homeless People

So, while I was walking home from the cinema (after watching Toy Story 3- really enjoyed it- highly recommend it), a lady on the street was sitting with a cup and a homeless sign, asking for change to buy some baked beans and food. Now I generally consider myself hardened to begging (years of Indian living would do that to you), there was something about this lady that pulled at (what I thought of as non-existent) heart strings… so when I was heading back into town later that evening, I stopped by a store en-route and picked up baked beans, sliced pan and a cup of hot coffee for the lady. There was nothing rational in my thinking BUT what really, really, really shocked me was that she looked at me with such fury for bringing her food and not giving her money. She threw all the things into a bin near her and started verbally giving out to me for not giving her money. Now, WHY would I want to help those who appear to be in need?! Seriously, I wish I knew an answer to this one!

Ladies & Heels

Now, I am one of those who LOVES heels. And I mean LOVE. So when I give out about anyone else wearing heels, it can come across as hypocritical however, my only caveat is that I know how to walk in heels. A lady wearing heels looks sexy, undoubtedly. There is something about heels that just makes the plainest of outfits stand out- sometimes in a good way and sometimes in a bad way. But, the most important rule about making heels look sexy is to get them to work for you and this means, wearing the right pair, wearing the correct size, being able to walk in them and not having to lean into someone else. Now, for the regular heel-wearers, the trick is usually to carry spare flats in the handbags- I have been known to do that myself 😉 While I was out today, I saw decidedly more pairs of heels than I have in a very long time. BUT they didn’t fit right- seriously, some looked loose (perfect recipe for twisted ankles), some looked too tight (err… no circulation, ladies!) and some ladies could just not walk in them. If you can’t work those heels, don’t wear them, please- you are not just saving us from having to cringe, you are doing your back, hips, legs and dignity lots of favours too!

So if anyone can tell me why do the homeless reject food- and I know they want money for their addictions, but then are there are genuine ones out there and why do women insist on wearing heels and looking ridiculous, I’d be oh-so-grateful! Thank you 🙂

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I love heels- there is no secret about that one but seriously- this is ridiculous!

I have SO many heels- most of them around 4-6 inches tall and that is why I like to date tall (6 foot plus) men and a lot of them are designer and hence, expensive.

I also love diamonds and gold and heels, but the combination of it, at that price seems very ridiculous and pointless to me. Even if I had ALL the money on earth, I am not sure this sort of “luxury” is what I am looking for…

P.S. They DO look pretty though. Sigh.


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