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Evil Energy

After ages today, I went for an energy healing session. It has been a very long time since I dipped my toe in this sort of a world.

During the energy, she asked me of the evil energy- so far in my life, I have only come across 3 times when I have felt it and it has been a VERY long time since I was aware of them so the question threw me off guard. I have really cleaned up my act in many ways and to find out that I was somehow still leaving myself exposed to someone else’s evil energy really shook me.

Here’s to clearing myself again but more so, ensuring I am guarded from the elements to avoid such a startling question again- fortunately, all the evil energy I had in my life is no longer a part of my life, despite the heart breaks that came with it. And now to keep it that way, inshallah!

I wish someday, we will all be rid of the evil energies around us.



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Sep 29, Monday: Gratitude

1. Health
Being sick last week really took it out of me and I realised, once again, how important health is and how lucky we are!

2. Family
Yesterday I met a whole load of Red’s family for the first time. It reminded me of mine and I am so lucky to have mine and so lucky to be with someone who cares so much about his.

3. Love
The love of a dog, the love of a friend, the love of a parent, the love of a partner, the love we feel, the love that we have, the love.

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May 5, Monday: Gratitude

1. Health
After having experienced a horrible pain recently, I re-love my health and am grateful yet again!

2. Fresh Air
Sometimes we take it all for granted but fresh mountain air, the fresh sea air, the fresh air is just something else- it is so pure and so nice!

3. Financial Logic
To be where I am, with all I have and to be able to make astute decisions is certainly a skill I cherish! Delighted I can continue with it.

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March 24, Monday: Gratitude

1. Being on someone’s gratitude list
It’s nice to know that one has an impact on someone’s life enough that you are on their gratitude list. I am grateful for them being grateful of me- all too complicated 😉

2. My set of lads
I have 2 sets of friends where the core gang is all boys and I am the only girl. One such gang celebrated 10 years of a pact we made- I realised yet again how lucky I am!

3. Health
As the weather fluctuates and I feel not so great, it is a reminder yet again that we should be grateful for our health!

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Beauty Treatments

For the past few days, I have been trying to read up on oatmeal for the skin and have been opened to amazing new remedies and masks.

Here’s one which has 10 amazing ideas– even though I don’t have acne, I love the idea of basil toner, imagine a little cucumber juice, rose water and apple cider vinegar mixed in.

Also, I never knew how amazing cinnamon really is- I tend to use it alot in my cooking/ baking and for tea but rarely in a air mask!

Amazing stuff in our kitchens, I tell thee- go pamper yourself for cheap!

Also, beauty comes from being healthy so if you have excess weight to lose, here’s some non-dieting tips:

weight loss tips


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Sep 9 Monday: Gratitude

1. Health
I have been a little under the weather the past while and I am reminded how important our health really is! Even when Tigger commented that I looked well the other day, I was reminded how being fit is not for anyone else but to feel good about one’s own self.

I caught up with a mate last weekend that I hadn’t seen in a decade and what connects us is the good old organisation- AIESEC! I love how it makes the world so small and how it’s had such a positive impact in my life!

3. Ice Cream
Sometimes the only thing that fixes the world is a tub of icecream. Period.


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May 20 Monday: Gratitude

1. Family
For so many reasons I am glad my family is all healthy. My younger is recovering well and my younger brother is fine after an attack in Delhi. What is my city coming to?! But despite keeping a brave face about how unaffected I am of my little baby brother, I am worried. I care. I hope he will be ok and I hope the knock will push his brains around and get him to get his act together.

2. Money is not the end all and be all
I made a mistake the other day and gave an ex-business partner some money- more than he deserved- I only copped on today. I was angry at myself first. I was angry at giving away money I could ill-afford, I was angry at giving someone money he didn’t deserve, I was angry at the unfairness of it all. Till I realised what goes around comes around- this is just a pay it forward and someday I will get it back multi-fold.

3. Vacations
i NEED a holiday- desperately. I am in the midst of making plans with 3 friends and asked 1 other but no one can go with me. I am absolutely bummed but am sure the universe has something in store for me- I am going to Cuba, I just know it. It is going to be brilliant, I know that too. I cannot wait, I even know that. I just hope I get it soon as I am a little impatient. I know a vacation is coming my way soon- very very very soon infact.

After all, it IS my time NOW and I am ready for it NOW!

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May 13 Monday: Gratitude

1. Universe:
On Friday, I was really angry about something and literally 10 mins after I kinda started making peace with it, things turned- completely. So I thank myself for being able to let go, for having the sense to deal with it the way I did and for life for making it all so much better!

2. Family & Friends:
My mother hurt herself on Saturday. Reminds me once again how lucky I am.
I am very blessed to have the friends I do. VERY VERY VERY.

3. Health:
We tend to take our health so much for granted- I am definitely at fault, despite all my medical history.

I know this is becoming a repetitive weekly post but it reminds me how lucky I am every single time!

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Our face tells us what’s wrong with us….

Looking at ourselves!

So why do we not see the obvious and prefer to spend loads on doctors etc?

Basically, I need to look after my thyroid and intestines is what I am taking away from it all…
(added in thyroid to see if you were actually reading ;))

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Whale or Mermaid

One of those emails that made me smile.

I would rather just be me 🙂

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It’s not just the planets that are different

So recently it has been discovered that women and men don’t break down proteins and carbohydrates in the same way.

I am just wondering haven’t we always known that men and women are different, our bodies differ and so how we metabolise, how we train, how we react will differ too. I am glad there is a scientific proof now and am hoping that soon we will learn what works for women in a situation where they need to keep going for ages but seriously, just stating that works for men doesn’t work for women is too easy a cop out and nothing ground-breaking in my very humble opinion!

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All about me

So I was reading a very interesting article and I have to admit, I do qualify as a geek and I have been a proud one at that for AGES!

Very often, I have been told I can be persuasive and should consider sales though I have always balked at the idea- ugh, that’s so not my thing! However, I had a Eureka moment today when I came across an article that helps me understand why most geeks are so good at persuasion. And it all comes down to the simple ingredient- PASSION. Is everyone with a passion with a geek? Does this mean I can only ever be with a geek (becos lack of passion is VERY much a deal-breaker for me!)… well, theory says they are better in bed and I am beginning to see merit in that one, though that’s not for this forum now, is it? ;). Maybe companies should hire geeks for salespeople?

So my geeky side converged with wannabe-healthy side and I went to do an ayurvedic test and my results (copied below) are somewhat scary! Seriously, I could become close-minded to change and could blame others- that’s so not acceptable, even if it’s me!! Oh my, I better stay healthy- off for a run people!

Your scores are Vata: 1 Pitta: 4 Kapha: 5
Based on your results, you are a KAPHA-PITTA:
Kapha Characteristics
Kapha is the principle of protection, nourishment, and stability. It is associated with the earth element. People with a predominance of Kapha in their nature tend to have a heavier frame, think, and move more leisurely, and are stable. When balanced, it creates calmness, sweetness, and loyalty. When excessive, Kapha can cause weight gain, congestion, and resistance to healthy change.
Kapha Characteristics
Mind: Detail orientated, steady, consistent
Body: Sturdy, gains weight easily, has trouble losing it
Skin: Smooth & oily
Hair: Thick, oily
Appetite: Loves to eat but has a slow digestion
Routine: Methodical and sturdy, resistant to change
Temperament: Thoughtful, forgiving, sweet, patient, loving, content, slow moving
Conversation Style: Simple and profound
Shopping Style: Saves
Stress Response: I don’t want to deal with it! Withdrawn
Pitta Characteristics
Pitta is the principle of transformation represented in our digestion of ideas, sensory experiences, emotions, and food. It is associated with the Fire element. People with a predominance of Pitta in their nature tend to be muscular, smart, and determined. If balanced, a Pitta is warm, intelligent, and a good leader. If out of balance, Pitta can make us critical, irritable, and aggressive.
Pitta Characteristics
Mind: Sharp, intellectual, direct, precise, discerning
Body: Medium build, warm, muscular
Skin: Sensitive, flush, acne-prone
Hair: Tendency towards early graying or thinning
Appetite: Strong, can eat just about anything, anytime
Routine: Very precise and organized
Temperament: Passionate, driven, courageous, strong sex drive, good leader
Conversation Style: Speaks to convey a point
Shopping Style: Spends on luxury items
Stress Response: Irritable, tendency to blame others.

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Heya all!

So I just had a few moments today to just sit back and reflect on so many things happening in my life and here’s my week so far- pretty charmed life, I lead eh?

On Monday, I got offered the role of a CEO of a SME in Ireland- now that’s pretty darn cool, in my opinion! And then I spent the rest of the evening with close friends just chuckling, smiling and having a good time 🙂

Tuesday was a quite day with alot of visits to the toilet and knowing I have a doctor mate who dropped by to check up on me, with a bottle of wine in tow, made me laugh! I mean seriously, doc, I haven’t even in 24 hours and you want to pop open some wine to celebrate? You went with non-bubbly ‘cos of my health- oh how nice of you! Thanks for the laugh doc 🙂 [Incase you are worried, it turned out to be 7up in the wine bottle and he was troubling me but hey, it was amusing]

I went for a tour in the Convention Centre Dublin on Wednesday and wow! What an amazing building- completely carbon neutral, a PPP that seems to be favoured towards the public while still making a profit for the private entity and 8000 capacity on the 5 floors! I am blown away with the way everything was so high-tech and all- maybe in the years to come, it wouldn’t remain so good… but for the moment, I can see a lot of potential to it. My biggest issue is the lack of connected hotel- when I go away for conferences and such, I tend to prefer staying in the same hotel than commuting… I know they are connected to Ritz Carlton in Powerscourt but that’s gonna be not easy!

And today, I was reminded of an old song I used to love- there was an Indipop version of it too but for the life of me, I cannot remember it- so if anyone could tell me where I can get either the French or the Indian version of the song, I would be very grateful- it’s a very soothing tune. I also learnt a random fact that there were over 2 billion videos viewed on YouTube yesterday- that’s some traffic!!!

Some interesting links I enjoyed reading today:

Big hips on women = potential memory loss!

China is STILL trying to control its people’s thoughts!

What a way to start what you’d hope to be a lasting relationship!!

Opening wine by using a shoe- certainly wouldn’t manage that in heels!

Indian Rupee has its own symbol now!

The potential of social media marketing (McKinsey Quarterly report)

Testing your decision making gut (McKinsey Quarterly report)

And when to trust that gut? (McKinsey Quarterly report)

And the BEST smile of the day- TS mailed me a reply to an email I sent him on Tuesday because he had promised to do so. He mailed me at 3 am because that’s when he finished work- now, how cute is that? You gotta adore someone as sweet as that 🙂 *Swooooooooooooooooooooon*

And you know what- we are only half way through the week- how cool is this?! Wahay, I love life!

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