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Thank you and Goodbye

6 years… that’s how long I have been here.

Over the years, I have shared my moods, my inner most thoughts, my fears, my hopes, my happiness and understood myself better. I feel this place has been a happy place.

However, I shared this space with 5 people who have since shared it with others, unfortunately. When I write, I think of the audience sometimes and I certainly don’t want the negativity of who may read this affecting my thoughts and so, I have thus decided to find a new home, obviously unknown to you- should you end up finding me there, great and if not, this is where our path ends.

Thank YOU to each one of you- I have loved your feedback, your comments, your mails, your words. I wish you ALL the best of luck. Stay happy and live happy.

Much love to all xx
Peace out!



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I characterise March as Bliss. What a wonderful month it has been:
– Personally: some fantastic memories created with Red, lots of laugh and tonnes of parties, great moments with loved ones
– Socially: hung out with some great people, got to make new friends, re-bonded with some old ones
– Professionally: all goes according to plan, which makes me happy, content and satisfied.

What else does one need really?! Laughs, Friends and Good times x

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Catching up with June!

So the last week just took me by surprise and it was tough in a lot of ways, so here goes the ones I have missed out on:

June 23: Gratitude:

– Sunshine: A weekend in the sun, longest day of the year, loads of friends, great music, fantastic memories- all made extra special because of the beautiful weather.
– Ability to drive: After having to drive back from the music festival, I am glad I could- having to spend an extra night there would not have been fun!
– Shower: Nothing like a good clean shower after a weekend of camping and fun!

June 24: Moment:

The first time I went looking for an apartment, I was clueless as to what I should be looking for- eventually found something, nice size etc and realised that the girl I lived with was amazing and I had struck lucky till she had to  move out… as I look back, I have had some odd moments all right, some weird stories but all in all, I have been really lucky and I hope as I go looking to share for potentially the last time, I am really excited about the prospect of meeting someone new, making a new friendship and creating a new atmosphere and environment around me!

June 26: Letter:

Dear Mum’s Youngest Sister,

You have often been the one I have compared to most- thank you for our advice, thank you for your pragmatism, thank you for your love, thank you for the inspiration you have provided and thank you for the shoes!

I love you loads and I miss you loads- wish I could be there through these times.


June 27: Weekly Achievements:

– Packing up completed
– In the news in 2 different countries
– Taking some time to remind myself how lucky I am over a nice bath and a glass of bubbles!

June 30: Gratitude:

– Good Times: Water skiing, donuting, BBQs, drink with Red’s granny, all make for good times! Great weekend makes for a great start to the week
– Sense of Humour: SO much went wrong over the past while but a sense of humour has really been awesome
– R&R: Booked myself a spa day and also had lie-ins, sleep-ins, chilling in the sun and all the things that make for a nice R&R (even if the body aches now!)

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June 4, Wednesday: Catch up on Gratitude and Memory

June 2: Gratitude:

1. Ireland
As I realise I have spent over a decade here, I have to thank Ireland for the love, the welcome, the journey, the good times, the tough times, the lessons and the life it has given me!

2. Good Times
One can quite easily forget how lucky we are to be able to enjoy the good times we do. I often do. Spending hours talking to old friends, laughing with new friends, converting strangers into friends and waking up with a pain from all the laughing are all signs we have had a bloody good time!!

3. Excitement
When was the last time you did something so exciting you felt them butterflies?! I am going through a VERY exciting period and I am loving it all!!!

June 3: Moment

As I am looking for a place for me to move into, I can’t help but remember the first few times I shared. Having never shared my room before, I was so excited about having a roomie though that died soon after- despite all the fun times.

Sharing a room taught me about the personality clashes, the differences amongst people, how different people prioritise different things and life in general. Thank you lady for being part of such a fun and learning experience!

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Sep 24 Tuesday: A Brilliant Moment

Yesterday I saw a pic of SL in the newspaper and it reminded me of the many good times we shared.

Whether it was a surprise trip on a boat to help me keep my get out once a month promise, or
Whether it was a trip to F1 for  my birthday, or
Whether it was an overnight picnic on a secluded beach. or
Whether it was the laughs and the conversations we shared…

Seeing his unchanged smile, seeing him happy, seeing him following his passion I was reminded of us, the 5 years we spent together, the years we wasted to some extent but the years that probably made both of us the people we are together.

Can’t wait for our next catch up, wherever it may be, SL.All the best and love.

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