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Happy Diwali

I love Diwali. Holi is my favourite festival but I love Diwali- there is something special about Diwali- the love, the brightness, the sense of freshness, the sweets, the family time… everything, the package that is Diwali is just awesome 🙂

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Light a candle, pop in a malteser, eat a festive meal, drink some good whiskey, play some cards, hug your nearest and dearest and perhaps, take a moment to introspect and be grateful for all you have and plan for all you want.

Love, light and peace xx


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Oct 6, Monday: Gratitude

1. The Shrew
She is one of those unexpected friends who becomes a pillar without you realising the transition. She has been a partner in crime for stupidity, she has been a mentor for work when needed, she has funded me when I was short, she has laughed with me till we have had tears rolling down our eyes and she has shared many a special moment that I will cherish. Thank you, Shrew.

2. Communication
Every so often, there is a miscommunication and every so often, that causes further issues. I am glad to be able to communicate with those that matter!

3. Festivals
It’s festival season in India and it’s not that we need an excuse to party, just that it’s good to have it! It’s a good time to take stock, take a moment and reconnect with all.

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Oct 14 Monday: Gratitude

I mean the religious kind and even if I may not believe in God, they are awesome. Dusshera, Diwali, Christmas- they are all coming up and I cannot effing wait! I love the festival cheer and the socialising, the madness, the partying, the everything that goes with it!
I ner doubted my intelligence and now I am even happier about it- I am glad I think the way I do and I am glad that I have been taught to think the way I have. I love having brains over beauty, any day!

I am blessed, truly blessed, to have the love I have in my life- friends and family alike! I love it.


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Aug 14: I seem to be making a habit of this :/

Aug 12: Gratitude:

1. Opportunities:
The things that come my way and the opportunities I have are amazing and awesome, I am lucky to be offered them, lucky to recognise them and luckiest to be able to seize them!

2. Hugs
I am a divil for hugs- I absolutely love hugs, especially the genuinely good ones! And I was lucky with the number of really tight, good ones I got this week. Loving it!

3. Festivals:
Being at a music festival for 5 of the past 7 weekends has been quite something for me. I am shattered and wrecked from it all but delighted with myself for having roughed it when needed, dressed up when required or chilled the rest… it has been fun to have been able to enjoy so much music!

Aug 13: A Brilliant Moment

About 2.5 years ago, Candy got engaged to a wonderful guy (who she went on not to marry for all the right reasons for both of them!). However, there are 2 moments about their engagement that I feel very privileged and touched about:
1. She informed me as soon as she could- even before she informed one of our closest friends and I really was touched about the fact that she cared about me enough and considered me close enough for that!
2. She asked me to be a bridesmaid- to me, that meant a lot!

I am indeed blessed with the friends and I have and when they appreciate my presence in their lives, I feel absolutely humbled to be a part of theirs. Thank you Universe for giving me the friends I have and letting me share so many beautiful memories and moments with them!

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