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Exotic Capital

So apparently there are a few different types of capital that people are generally evaluated on, it’s kinda of the new caste system. Three of these being monetary capital (your financial  situation), your intellect capital (education and intelligence), your social capital (who you know) and the fourth being identified as the erotic capital. I personally believe, for many, there is a fifth- Exotic Capital.

Exotic has a different meaning to different people (’tis all about the perspective) and it is valued differently by them- some think the colour of the skin, the accent, the nationality, the nativity, the culture define it; some believe it is the way you think, what you do that defines it. I believe it is the “je ne sais quas” (spellings were never my forte), that unknown quality that really makes the other person stand out for us, because it’s that ethereal value/ quality about someone that drives one crazy- for example, geekiness is definitely something that grabs my attention and I find geeky men that little bit more exotic, even though I am a geek too. I also am fascinated by new accents and height…

So basically, at the end of the day, when I am evaluating whether I really want to have someone in my life, it is on a combination of those 5 capital scales and I suppose inherently there is a score that helps me determine the effort I will make towards a friendship…

Yet another reason to embrace your extraordinary and live big (I have a similar poster on my wall inspired by some words shared by a friend many moons ago and again by another earlier today as a reminder to live one’s dreams!)


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