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I tried coming up with an interesting heading but realised the simplicity of just ‘hair’ outdid them all 🙂

So, a very quick note to say hi and just capture my amusement at the fact that I am going for a date with a hairstylist while my own hair looks like an absolute mess. And I am way too shattered to go wash it, blowdry it etc before the date (not that I really have the time either, in all honesty, especially if I want a quick nap- it’s been a long day!)

Even more amusing to me though is a comment my supervisor made to me after my meeting with my client “Gosh- you’re very diplomatic”- errr…. he needs to get his head checked, me thinks!

And oh- GO GERMANY!! I have bet a date on it- it’s the matter of a drink, you gotta win!!! (The hairstylist better take me to a place where I can see the match.)


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