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What are the chances?!

So, when it rains, it pours- at the moment I have 4 guys that I am flirting with- yes forget that original list from a few weeks ago, it has been updated:

  1. The Scientist- we all know the story with him! I really (and I mean REALLY) like him. He suggested meeting up today- yay! However he said “to clear up the air”- that sounds kinda ominous, has he been reading this blog or is it because I was a ditz and sent him the wrong text? Ah well, sometime this week, I should have my answer!
  2. The Chef- still knocking around, still laughing with him and he does come up with some amazing ideas for picnics etc!
  3. The Sunburnt Dude- he was meant to meet me tonight but canceled because he is sunburnt! He seems nice if a bit rigid in some of his ideas. I am not sure yet but am willing to give it a shot, since I am on the fence currently!
  4. The Packer- he is new to the scene- a business owner who is just trying to get into the online space (potential future partnership eh- sorry business on the mind always!) and very charming. Not my usual type- blonde, broad built but very sweet. Do I sound just a tad bit smitten? 😉

The funny thing is they ALL have the same name! Like seriously, how funny is that?! I am not used to multi-dating but this makes it so much easier- I only need to remember the one name but I could end up texting the wrong guy at the wrong time since they are so close together and keeping their stories different- even trickier!!!

And mum, if you are reading my post- this article is for you- I have obviously not written it, obviously your facts differ but please, could you stop smoking? I will never ask for any other present- not at festivals, not for birthday, not for anything.

Have a good week all- I shall try my best to keep my same-named-man juggling not get me into any trouble. More soon:)




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Maybe I should do this?!!

This is such a cool idea- 30 dates in 30 days- though saying that, I don’t think I could do it… but seriously, Way to go Brian!

Talking of dates, I ended up texting TS today- despite every practical reason not to. Nice email conversations going so I really shouldn’t mess it up but well, he texted back. However, there was no question so I am gonna do my best to hold back but yay, got a text on a Sat night, woohoo 😉

On a completely different note, saw 2 really good thrillers as well…

  • The new Christopher Nolan film ‘Inception’ is brilliant! The Matrix of this decade, me thinks. Fabulous concept, well executed, brilliant acting, loved it all.
  • An oldie called ‘One Hour Photo’- wow! I am SO glad we use digital pics now- this stuff is scary- I know the guys who used to print my pics and now I wonder if they were psychotic!

Meeting another guy tomorrow- wonder how that will go- fingers crossed! Though I will admit if TS cuts me slack and gives us a shot, I would rather that- he is such a great guy but I suppose I should TRY and stay realistic, and not be my usual complete idealist!


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And since the game is too exciting to work

I have decided to update all on my dating position with regards the 6 (and maybe more…) men. So I promised a friend of mine last night that I will dwindle it down to 2 in the fortnight. So, copied below are my original comments from Saturday- and now for an understanding of where they stand- colour coded and all, I tell ye 😉

1. A really sweet economist who is a few years younger than me- met up a few times and we always have a great time- however, I am wondering if its more a really good friendship than anything else. We haven’t exchanged any mails or anything in the last while- he seems to be thinking along the friendship lines too, me suspects. So I get to keep him in my life (phew! he’s a good egg) without having to feel guilty about hurting him!

2. A chef- the food aspect alone has me drooling, honestly. Ok that’s not fair on him- he is up for random walks along the sea, along the canal and other fun things on an impulse. It’s all quite easy- I don’t feel the need to think twice or play games, that bit rocks! Still flirting, still having a laugh, still enjoying each other’s company- we;ll see where it goes…

3. An engineer turned manager who spends more time away from Dublin than in- he really makes me smile every time I see a message from him. (Yeah, sickly cute, ain’t I?) And he has the same taste in books, wine and food as me (well… there are some differences but what’s life without those differences?) Well, guess who has a date with this cutie towards the end of the week? 😉 And even nicer- he thinks I have the right to be silly and send him texts when drunk which I regret the next morning! And sounds condescending as it does, without gushing too much, let’s just say, he made me feel all girlie inside and that IS saying something. So far, I would imagine, he is in the lead.

4. A tall, tall, tall hairstylist who has such a cool past of doing a million different things. And for someone like me who is constantly trying to juggle a lot of balls, I love the stories. Date tomorrow night- so this time tomorrow, I could either be striking him off the list or he could be giving the engineer-manager a run for his money!

5. A kid who lives on the other side of the country and loves Terry Pratchett. How can you not like anyone who has such fabulous taste in books?! Yeah, he has realised he is a kid and I am potentially not the right sort of person to be dating- we rarely manage to catch up! Galway- Dublin ain’t that far but still… since I am so unsure of my next steps, let’s not complicate it with a further twist.

6. A Kafka and Borges fan- really- how can we agree on anything but we manage to find common ground, a few laughs and a lot of smiles. It’s become very same-same after a while- and I get the feeling he is trying to make sure he doesn’t say something to p!ss me off. C’mon, I know I am opinionated but I don’t want someone who is scared- I want someone who can stand up to me! I am willing to enjoy a good argument every so often!!

7. A hunky doctor- like seriously since when does a girl with a phobia of needles and blood consider dating within the medical profession?!! And I am sure I have been blacklisted in Ireland amongst the doctors after my appendix experience… We’ve just spent the last 3 hours slagging each other’s teams for tomorrow’s semi, discussing colours and their relation to sex and other random topics under the sky. I am looking forward to that rioja I suspect we shall share not too far in the future.

Ok, so from the original 6, I am down to 3 and there is a new 1 too… how does this impact my promise to my friend… Am I allowed to add new ones in and if not, why not? And if they do come in and are green, then am I allowed to let the pool I am dipping  my toes in (no pun intended) get bigger?!

And now back to the game- 2 goals in 3 mins by Netherlands- woohoo! My reasoning of supporting a colour I like obviously did the trick this time- pity I didn’t put a bet with Paddy Power!

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