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“She deserved it”

As a victim of sexual abuse myself, I have always felt like an outcast to the society even without mentioning it- despite the rational understanding that almost 25% of people have been victims at some point and 60% of those are from people we know. I might be that unlucky statistic who has been a victim thanks to both a known and an unknown person.

I think the words in this image captured at one of the Slut Walks are absolutely fantastic!

I yearn for the day people mature up and smell the coffee.



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So, the other day, some of my closest lady friends and I were heading back from an epic weekend away and on the drive back, we started discussing women and the stereotypes.

I must say, I felt bad and a part of me cringed at the racist in me but a bigger part of me has shown I have almost always been right about these and my experiences have been such… so in my defense, I have experience on my side, and personal ones. I also apologise to anyone who reads these and is offended.

It started off with us talking about Russians (I am kinda seeing one so sshhhh but he’s male so obviously this doesn’t count hehehe). The Russians and Eastern Europeans are almost always gold-diggers and not consciously. They always marry up and access the basis of a relationship based on the monetary potential, and the materialistic one too. They will use their bodies and make a massive effort to maintain them to keep their partner interested and keep them plying!

Funnily enough, many of the Asian women are similar. Indian women may not use their body but they certainly would be very much aware of the need to marry up.

So is it that the caste system has changed to a different system that women now use to decide on their partner?

And as an Indian, how have I escaped? Or have I? Scary, scary thought! I love my possessions (my shoes, my gadgets, my jewelery is enough of a give away) and have been mostly successful men. I mean SL and I parted cos of his lack of focus but in most scenarios, I have been the one who would have been worried of gold-diggers…

PS On a completely different note, the romantic in me loves this pic– a recreation of one of my favourite paintings!

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Who describes “conventional”? I mean, how does a society decide what is the norm and what is acceptable? And why is unconventional unacceptable- who are we to judge that?

I wish I knew…

Apparently, I am not conventional, but I think I do everything I think is correct (well, most of the time) and isn’t convention doing the right thing? Or so it says in the Indian philosophy… so what really is convention? Anyone out there who can help me?!

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An outsider looking in…

Came across an interesting post on India today and it made me realise how cool my countryfolk really are- they (we) ALWAYS find a way of making things work. The writer has done a good job of trying to capture the spirit from an outside perspective, I mean, जुगाड़ (jugaar) is no magic- it’s just making do with what we have, best we can but there is no real translation to it- it’s something we know and feel so intricately- it’s something that flows in our blood. I am so proud to have that blood flow through my veins.

Anyhow, didn’t manage to get online (for long) yesterday so 3 blessings for last week:

  • Making a friend of mine who is really stressed at the moment smile
  • Finding humour in situations and getting amused by my friends
  • Having the most amazing set of family & friends possible

It’s all about friends- maybe that’s another bit of Indian blood in me- however much I try and resist the Hallmark “Friendship Day”, I feel the need to acknowledge their presence in my life!

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Now, this is a RAMBLE!!

Today, I am gonna ramble, because I wanna ramble and I mean ramble so if you are in the mood, I highly recommend getting a cup of tea and some biccies to go with it so you can follow this random maze of thoughts!

– I was reading this article today and understood the sentiment really well. I have often wondered about my identity- am I Indian? am I Irish? am I American? am I Thai? Or am I just what is coined “a global citizen”? Love the idea of a global citizen as I do, there is something pretentious about using that phrase, I feel. It’s kinda yuppie… but at the same time, I may have lived in only 2 countries but have lived and worked with so many others- traveled extensively so what should I describe myself as? What values do I believe in? The ones I grew up with, the ones I see around me or the ones I find myself most comfortable with? And if the last option, then do I care about how I upset one culture or the other?! Sigh, life used to be so simple…

– And then, I read another article that just seemed to describe me, in essence- the facts aren’t right but there is alot of truth in what the lady says- all she is craving for is love yet she seems to be doing everything to mess it up. I feel the same way, especially with TS- I know I want us to give it a shot yet I also know I skip along alot quicker than others… and so end up smothering him in communication- the poor lad, so far he seems to be coping but how long before he blows his cool with me?!!

– The environmental hippie in me is loving these! I can eat the cup I drink in- it’s almost as cool as the shot glasses made of ice (yeah, they exist, I bough mum some for her birthday- BEST birthday present ever!!)

– I was working on organisational strategy today for a company I am consulting to and came across this amazing quote that shows how strategy is useless without culture!

“..culture eats strategy for lunch. You can have a strategy in place, but if you don’t have the culture and the enabling systems, the culture of the organisation will defeat the strategy”- Dick Clark, the CEO of Merck.

– One of my mates had me in splits for hours- this is the text I received:

“Ohh God just ran around to the shop for a jar of coffee I now see it is a jar of Branstons Pickles?? I can’t drink Bloody Branston Pickle!!”

Lots of other rambles of my twitter today- it’s just been one of those mental diarrhea days!

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While I am amused in my own bubble, Indians across the globe are upset!

So Joel Stein tried to do a humourous article in TIME magazine about his perception of how Indian culture had impacted his town- Edison in New Jersey, USA but somewhere along the line, the humour was lost!

The anger it has caused though is somewhat shocking in my opinion. However, I am just a bystander who is surprisingly able to see both sides of the coin but unable to comprehend either. I don’t see the humour (it’s his personal opinion!) but I don’t see the need for the outburst from the Indians either.

On that note, snooze, here, I come.

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