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The Feel Better Factor

Over the years, I have come across loads of different types of people. Surprisingly 😉
There are usually ones I warm up to instantly, some I am a bit cagey about and some I can’t tell why I don’t like.

Often, in the ones I don’t like initially, there are a handful who change my mind about them but often, turns out my gut was right. These people have this amazing ability to eventually make you feel better about yourself, have fun with them, trust them and so on and as you start getting comfortable and changing your initial belief about them, BOOM.

They start saying comments that make them feel better about themselves. Now I, for one, am all about the self loving! I love me and I think everyone should love themselves. BUT it’s not doing you or anyone else any good if you can love yourself by putting others down. Their comments may be slightly snide only or they may be masked as advice but never have I come across any that are genuinely helpful.

Over the years, I have been trying to weed such people out of my life and surround myself with those full of love and gratitude, those who don’t compliment me when they don’t want to, those who only advice me when they can add value or when asked and those who genuinely wish me the best.

Down with the frenemies! I wish there was a way to eradicate that gene in every single human.

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‘You look pretty’

This week, I heard these words a fair bit- and not from guys trying to hit on me in a pub but from close mates of mine- Candy and TSG being two of them. These are people who are seeing me regularly, so coming from them, these words hold a special meaning and it’s obviously nice to be told I look pretty!

And then I caught up with old colleagues and they all said I look absolutely stunning and well.

Great ego boost 🙂

Now if only I knew what was it that made me look different:

– New makeup? Nothing has changed, except maybe I have become more adept at using it?
– Exercising and fresh air? Potentially!
– SATC life? Could be…
– Getting snuggled, licked and loved by a dog? Definitely one of the factors!
– City living?
– New business?
– Making peace about a certain decision (thanks Candy, I adore you!)
– Or, maybe ‘cos it’s 2012 and therefore, awesome?

Not sure what the reason is but if it gets me so many compliments, whatever it is, please don’t change hehe 😉

And on that note, I bid you goodnight. Sleep tight and sweet dreams, dear world! Love.

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This weekend was very good for my ego. As in, very. Weirdly enough.

I spent a fair bit of time with one of my closest mates- she got married to another one of my mates earlier in the year so I am totally over the moon!

And so fair warning- the rest of this post is very sappy, as in, its me giving myself an ego wash to remember this conversation 🙂

So in one of our tete-a-tetes, I told her how I was delighted she had reached out and we were so close today. And then I told her I was very impressed by how perfect she was- a perfect friend, a perfect wife to my friend, a perfect hostess, a perfect mate etc etc and how she was always so perfectly turned out. Her reply touched me, amused me and really made my ego inflate. She told me she doubled her spending on clothes when she realised her husband always spoke highly of me and that the one thing that always stood out for her was how I used to always be so well turned out and knew to act the part, in every occasion- from being silly in a club to a board member in the corporate world to a mate in a cafe and she knew to be his partner, she needed to adapt her style to that. Little did I realise that I was partly the inspiration behind one of those ladies that I admire so.

So here’s to me becoming that politician’s wife while being the politician too! heheh.

My ego loved this weekend, for many other reasons but this was definitely the primary- how cool. It did make me realise the best of friends are those that are constantly raising the bar for you and themselves, helping you along and taking your support too!

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And that’s not a tired sigh, it’s a happy one. You know the kind of sigh when  you are content? Yeah, that’s me at the moment. Very content.

And for no real reason!!

I mean, I got some amazing compliments today:

– From an old subordinate: “I am leaving the company X because I can’t seem to find managers like you to lead me”- I haven’t managed her in over 2 years- WOW!

– From a colleague: “You are the best person to buy presents!”

And then, 2 cool things happened today:

1. One of my very close friends told me he is going to be in the same city as me for a few hours- I can’t wait to see him! Been forever- >2 years!!! Even though his reasons for coming are not great, it’ll be nice to see him and give him a hug, share a coffee and chat.

2. I had ordered a present for The Scientist- which arrived today (Thank you Amazon)- earlier than I expected and before he went off to kanuk land (which is next week and so I don’t see him for almost 2 months now- sniff) and even though we were both unsure how we’ll manage to see each other between our crazy schedules and cris-crossing of times in the same city etc, we managed to go for a walk today. I loved the look and the smile on his face when he saw the book- made the effort totally worthwhile. He’s so cute and I am so smitten 🙂 [The book is Ship of Gold and is absolutely brilliant, I highly recommend it!]

So all in all, CONTENT!

Anyhow peeps, off to a few drinkies before studying into the wee hours so toodles!


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