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Freaky or freaky?!

Like almost every other Sunday morning, I woke up, stretched and snuggled into Red… and as I woke up a little bit at a time, I started chatting…

It’s VERY rare for me to remember a dream but I mentioned having a dream about 2 people I used to be friends with and cared (probably weirdly still do) about and imagining a complete parallel reality that would not have been true even if things hadn’t gone down the route they did. That was not so weird, I am doing my whole washing off and assimilating 2015 internally thing BUT Red admitting he dreamt of the 4 of us too but a different scenario- again one not possible either. HOW IS THAT NOT WEIRD?!

Somehow though this has helped me understand the whole situation better and find closure- I understand the role each one of us has played, how each and every one of us is at fault and how it truly started with me not listening to my gut the first, second or third time! I am glad I did NOT listen to my gut to ask her down for a weekend in one of the most beautiful houses I know for some R&R earlier this summer- to catch up, to figure what’s going on and to maybe make it possible to be civil. I know things may be nicer today but I think despite all the other casualties, despite the others affected, despite the pain all of us have felt, I am glad we all know where we stand and I can, somehow, accept it all.


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And the coincidences continue..

So, not only do I return to Ireland on the day before TL’s wedding, the very next day is the hen of one of my closest friends (Blondie) … as if I need any more pink/ confetti/ wedding reminders that weekend. Jaysus, why is life always so confusing?!

And then, today I found out this friend of mine who stopped being my friend when I didn’t turn up for her wedding, 7000 kms away is a friend of TSG- seriously, how much tinier can the world get?! So keen to know the story there… I wonder if she ever mentioned him to me… ah someday, the mystery shall unfold, I am sure!

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