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And now for Christmas!

Bring it on!

This is the first year I have partied as little as I have and had a total of 3/4 days at home but if anything, I have learnt a lot this Christmas season:

  • I am older, I don’t mind not going to the new bar that’s just opened
  • I can’t drink as much as often, I need more recovery time
  • I prefer small intimate groups to big celebrations
  • I love that big night out or two coming up to christmas
  • I love the traditions certain groups have started
  • I have an alcoholic theme to my presents this year, yup!
  • I love shopping for others
  • I love cocktails and prosecco, not always together
  • I am very lucky to have the friends I do
  • I am becoming rather domesticated with hosting my parties and baking loads of nibbles/ desserts
  • Life is awesome

Have a fabulous, safe and very merry christmas all. Love xxx


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Dec 16, Tuesday: A Beautiful Moment

Growing up in India, Christmas was not a big deal per se- it meant the school fete, it meant a Santa in school, it meant plum cake and it meant holidays!

My first ever proper Christmas was a beautiful affair and I was absolutely showered with love by the 5 of them. The couple who took me in gave me tonnes of pressies- I got jammies, chocolate, jumpers, jacket, socks, teeshirts and so much love! It was a beautiful experience. For the first time ever, I understood the whole attraction and love of Christmas, the whole point of it, the traditions of it!

I know I will never have a Christmas like that again- it was my first, I was showered with presents, I could be myself, I was a kid and now I am an adult and the magic spell has broken! I am so lucky to have had a chance to appreciate this and have that experience. Merry Christmas all xxxx

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Dec 29- Jumbo Post for Last Week

Dec 23: Gratitude:

– Savings- I managed to spend loads and save the aimed amount
– Love- tis the season
– Liver- read above

Dec 24: Moment:

My first Christmases- in India, in school, in Ireland, hosting, with Snoopy, with Ryan’s family, with friends at Ryan’s family and now added in, Red’s

Dec 26: Letter– read post below 😉

Dec 27: Week Gone By:

– Survived Christmas- think my presents went well and I was definitely spoilt by the ones I got!
– Got comfortable in Red’s family home to an extent where I didn’t constantly feel the need to be on guard.
– Got some major deadlines met despite all the obstacles!


This article written by Brad Pitt really irked me- no woman is a reflection of her man- yes, her man and any other person in her life can affect her love and self confidence but herself is not a reflection of him but of how he may make her feel! At the end of the day, each person is an individual and so it should remain!!! Any one who thinks their happiness is dependent on another person, get a grip and anyone who thinks they hold the key to someone else’s happiness, come back down to earth- we are all responsible for our own happiness, we give others the power to make us happy- they don’t have it automatically!

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Christmas season!


Peace out for the season- have a fabulous break, enjoy the festivities and talk to you in 2014, most likely!!

Thanks for the support and love!

Here’s a christmas cracker joke for you:

An alligator in a vestLove love love x

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Dec 24, 2002

"Weeping willow with your tears running down, 
why do you always weep and  frown? 
Is it because he left you one day?
Is it because he could not  stay? 
On your branches he would swing, 
do you long for the happiness  that day would bring? 
He found shelter in your shade. You thought his  laughter would never fade. 
Weeping willow, stop your tears. There is  something to calm you fears. 
You think death has ripped you forever  apart. 
But I know he'll always be in your heart."

These words NEVER fail to move me- for some weird reason, I understand the pain the little girl felt, the emotion and the beauty of these words better than most poems… when the boy dies, I feel sad and almost always shed a tear.

It’s weird how life changes, how life takes its twists and turns and how things work out… Dec 24, 2002 was the day I was meant to marry, in my own childish way, my first love. FL- I miss you and weirdly, I have missed you more this year than I have ever in the last decade- weird or what?!

Anyhow, what better way to celebrate life that spending it in beautiful waterfalls, hiking to the top of mountains, clicking photographs of the Mekong, drinking wine and just having a good time in life… Merry Christmas all.

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