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Taking a moment to breathe and take stock

And sometimes, I do think at the turn of a new year, or my birthday or just randomly, I did so today… decided to take a glass of wine, sit in the garden to watch the sun go down and just count my blessings.

And blessings are aplenty-

  • I have a brilliant family- yes, I have had my differences with some but there are so many others who just absolutely rock and are amazing. And they are the ones who make life so much crazier and fun. Yes, I miss having my own sibling to create havoc with but I had my own fair share of fun with all the other mischief my brothers and I got up to, and not to miss the midnight shenanigans with my little sister
  • I must be the luckiest person with the friends I have- from my own mother to the millions of others- Crystal, Spartacus, Ryan, Tigger, Winnie, Dr F, Snoopy, Curly, Daddy long legs to name a few… infact, one of them just said the nicest words to me on Facebook an dmade me cry- happy tears but cry nevertheless
  • I enjoy what I do
  • I almost always manage to achieve all I want to- yes, I am still a bit away from the dream I have in my head but then again, that dream changes goal posts every time I think of it and so the plan has to be tweaked accordingly…. right?

All in all, life rocks and the cherry was when one of my favourite entrepreneurs and a guy I admire loads offered me a pretty cool job with all the trimmings I could want! There is something very pleasurable and upsetting about turning it down- bittersweet!


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There are the simple things in life that just make my day, this week there have been a good few of them 🙂

  • When sick on Monday, Ryan refused to give me my laptop so I could sleep and also cooked me dinner
  • I have a blazing fire in the house
  • I graduate from a dream business course tomorrow
  • When I was in a sh!t mood yesterday, I was given a cup of tea and a cupcake unexpectedly
  • I have a great job

Agreed, the last has almost always been the case in my life- be it my own job, be it a job I always wanted to, be it a hobby that earned me money, be it whatever- I thank the beautiful world that I have around me for it being the way it is. I am really looking forward to a day with some of my closest mates tomorrow- Ryan, Tigger, Dr F, some of the girlies- wish Mum, my baby sister, Jingles and Winnie were there too.

Every so often, life rocks.

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And I’m back!

So, the last few days have been very quiet for me- I just took the time to go underground, focus on myself, get some sleep, settle into living in the country (and nope, I am nowhere close), go on long hikes, read and basically love life.

However, in all that time, I have managed to gather up a couple of interesting links, read some cool stuff and still spend some time online- mostly reading, absorbing information and just having a good time… here’s the top 3 that caught my eye, err brain:

This is a post in a mix of Hindi and English, also called Hinglish, and about a topic I love- gender stereotypes! I agree with so much the author says, and used to agree with some of them she says when I was her age- is this a sign of growing old, conforming (shock horror) or just maturing?! (This question is a rhetoric and I really don’t want an answer primarily because I don’t think I can handle it!)

No surprises on this one now- anyone and everyone who knows me knows how I am always singing the praises of having good relationships- I mean, it has gotten me out of many a soup so it has its merits! After my first day at work (after a break of 27 months- ouch!), I am even more a fan of this- a girl who has pretty much been running the operations couldn’t handle me coming over her and the company recognising a fellow manager- all silly, she understands but thank God for me being able to reach out and empathise with her- all about the relationship. I wholeheartedly believe in ALL the relationships that surround us and that’s why I am such a fan of coffees…. with people.

While on the topic of relationships, this made me laugh alot! A dude is actually patenting his approach to hit on women- how cool, crazy or confident is that. Apparently (yeah, I still like the word- you should have dealt with it by now), the book is a very good insight for males into how females think- I wouldn’t know as I haven’t read the dude’s stuff nor can I give a male perspective on a book!

So well, that aside I also finished reading Terry Pratchett’s ‘The Fifth Elephant’- another of the Disc World series and for those who are uninformed, unaware and just ignorant, please go read Terry’s work NOW- he rocks! and he takes me to a fantasy world that is so clever and funny that I love immersing myself into it- go Terry!

And finally, my top 3 of last week would be:

  • Looooooong hikes- 3 in 8 days, pretty good going, me thinks!
  • Moving to the country- seriously, never thought it would happen- to me, Ireland meant Dublin as far as living was concerned… this is a MASSIVE move for me.
  • Healthy eating and sleeping- it has been good to have time for ME- yes, sleeping, eating, reading, cooking, sipping wine in the sun, drinking champagne on my garden- that’s been something I have missed.

And on that note, it’s late, I am tired and I hope to be more frequent but first week and all, so it may be the weekend before I reappear.

Till laters, toodles peeps!

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‘My’ Men and MY weekly achievements…

You know, there are a few things I have almost always felt are important in the way of a relationship for me… height is one of them- I like my heels and I like to be able to support myself on my guy’s arm when I am in those really high ones so if he is less than 6 feet it just doesn’t do it for me and personally, for some reason, I cannot feel as attracted to them.

Another one is that of their salaries. Weirdly enough, it never use to bother me and really doesn’t when it comes to spending money etc but as I have dated more and more people, I have come to realise that men find it difficult when the girl earns more… and it really is a problem to them, psychologically even if they don’t think so. And now study shows that men who earn less than their partners cheat more! So somewhere deep inside, I was right to start doubting that one. Saying that, I think the salaries are not a discussion point or an issue of the two people in the relationship are not in the same profession as the competition is tempered down somewhat. So despite whatever the world might say, including this animation ‘Alpha & Omega’ that I am really looking forward to, an Alpha female only really works well with an Alpha male.

Anyhow, enough of my ramble on men. That’s a topic I could go on about for quite a while as we all know.

Here’s to my top 3 of the week:

  • Completing one of the most intense years any human could ever face.
  • Climbing a mountain despite every cell in my body resisting.
  • Facing the risk of deportation and dealing with it calmly to sort out the issue- atleast I have managed to get myself some time with the government and their admin errors!

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Pocketful of rainbows, heart full of love

So, living in the country where it rains constantly, rainbows become quite the regular occurrence but sometimes, one needs a pocketful of rainbows and this ad is all about that heart full of love!

And it makes my city look SO pretty!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here’s a little bit about the making of it- great to see that in this world of technology, something’s are still done the old-fashioned, simple way!

Talking of simplicity, I am well-impressed by this non-Irish dude who works in Temple Bar- while all the Irish are trying to come up with these techie ideas and make their big buck, he has a simple ply board with the Irish flag, leprechauns and beer glasses and 3 holes for faces, clicks a pic for a fiver and since he’s printing about 400 pics a day, he is looking at about 10k for 5 day’s work- how cool is that?! Simple and effective- now, that’s what I call getting out there and just doing it.

While on the topic, my top 3 of the week:

  • Didn’t burst into tears at the last class night out last week- seriously proud of myself for that one!
  • Balance between work and college and life was amazing and I even managed a good amount of sleep.
  • I brought a smile on 20 faces at least when I gave them a card summing the experiences we shared together.

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I almost forgot…

… to write my last week’s achievements and so here goes:

  • Planned my next holiday, well, more to the point, decided on where to go: Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and India, ofcourse
  • Slept for 14 hours non-stop and made some me-time- gave myself a pedicure, a hea massage, a face mask and you know, the general pampering works
  • Cooked myself a meal- after ages, it seems, I finally cooked- and it was gorgeous- I can be pretty darn good, I tells thee 🙂

More soon- crazy busy with the final days of college, with the juggling of the guys, with life in general- toodles!

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It’s the little things that count!

You know today, after ages, my baby sister and I caught up- and all of a sudden, mid -convo, she goes “love you, big sis” and at that moment, the world stopped and all I wanted was to give her a tight hug and hold her close. Oh why do such massive geographical distances exist?! Especially when there are none emotionally?

And now, I am teary-eyed and homesick.

You know, I have come back to edit this post because the nostalgia has hit me real bad- I remember when my little sis was born- I was in a different city and we had to go see her in the hospital because the little trouble-maker that she is, she came early and she came in the middle of nowhere! Seriously, kiddo, cop on, will you? 😉

I remember rejoicing at having another girl in the family, I remember holding her when she was a wee little thing, I remember playing with her as if she were a doll, I remember the drama that she was, I remember the days she was a meek little thing (oh how I miss those days!), I remember when she first started walking, I remember when she first pee’d all over my homework and I had to redo it (if I hadn’t loved you so, you’d be so dead), I remember when she became an elder sister herself, I remember her first crush, I remember her first boyfriend, I remember her telling me of her first kiss, I remember her becoming chubby, I remember her losing weight, I remember the first time she bought me ice-cream (that was SO adorable), I remember the times she made me birthday cards, I remember the first time she swore in front of me, I remember the first time she cried, I remember the first time she danced, I remember the first time she hurt herself, I remember the sleepovers we had (and will have), I remember the naughty antics I taught her, I remember the naughty antics she taught me, I remember the fun times, I remember the fights, I remember the first time she let out of my secrets, I remember the pride she felt when I did something right, I remember the pride I feel every single day for having her as my sister. I remember her as a little lassie, I remember as a painful teenager, I remember her as an elegant lady and I remember her always, as my little sister.

Kiddo, I miss you LOADS.


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I may be upset about a lot of things but…

… let’s put things into perspective eh?

Here’s my this week’s top 3:

  • My friends and their surprises! Thanks for all the good times this week and weekend people 🙂 You know who you are 🙂
  • My ability to not text this guy I am smitten about- and still nothing from him since last night- no email, no text and so I presume no date tomorrow night 😦
  • Being the “go-to” person for this friend that I thought I wasn’t as close to but the moment things went wrong, he called me for advice- feels great!

So when I take all in all, I am doing all right… Still angry but hey!

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