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Aug 14: I seem to be making a habit of this :/

Aug 12: Gratitude:

1. Opportunities:
The things that come my way and the opportunities I have are amazing and awesome, I am lucky to be offered them, lucky to recognise them and luckiest to be able to seize them!

2. Hugs
I am a divil for hugs- I absolutely love hugs, especially the genuinely good ones! And I was lucky with the number of really tight, good ones I got this week. Loving it!

3. Festivals:
Being at a music festival for 5 of the past 7 weekends has been quite something for me. I am shattered and wrecked from it all but delighted with myself for having roughed it when needed, dressed up when required or chilled the rest… it has been fun to have been able to enjoy so much music!

Aug 13: A Brilliant Moment

About 2.5 years ago, Candy got engaged to a wonderful guy (who she went on not to marry for all the right reasons for both of them!). However, there are 2 moments about their engagement that I feel very privileged and touched about:
1. She informed me as soon as she could- even before she informed one of our closest friends and I really was touched about the fact that she cared about me enough and considered me close enough for that!
2. She asked me to be a bridesmaid- to me, that meant a lot!

I am indeed blessed with the friends and I have and when they appreciate my presence in their lives, I feel absolutely humbled to be a part of theirs. Thank you Universe for giving me the friends I have and letting me share so many beautiful memories and moments with them!


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Slumber Party with MY housemate

Last night was one of those nights that was just AMAZING in so many ways!

I learnt things I didn’t want to, I saw a movie I had always wanted to have the courage to see, I cried, I laughed, I talked and so did Candy.

Despite the fact that we had our own beds in our own home, we were like 2 giggly (or not so giggly) girls at a slumber party and in many ways, it was one of the best slumber parties EVER- we opened up, we talked, we shared, we laughed, we cried, we said things we normally wouldn’t, we were vulnerable, we were ourselves and we still love each other, infact even more so.

It is SO good to have such an amazing connection with such a beautiful person- inside and out. I am truly blessed and I am glad we had the night we did even if I am absolutely dying today! And the best bit, it was so NOT planned!

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And I’m back!

So, the last few days have been very quiet for me- I just took the time to go underground, focus on myself, get some sleep, settle into living in the country (and nope, I am nowhere close), go on long hikes, read and basically love life.

However, in all that time, I have managed to gather up a couple of interesting links, read some cool stuff and still spend some time online- mostly reading, absorbing information and just having a good time… here’s the top 3 that caught my eye, err brain:

This is a post in a mix of Hindi and English, also called Hinglish, and about a topic I love- gender stereotypes! I agree with so much the author says, and used to agree with some of them she says when I was her age- is this a sign of growing old, conforming (shock horror) or just maturing?! (This question is a rhetoric and I really don’t want an answer primarily because I don’t think I can handle it!)

No surprises on this one now- anyone and everyone who knows me knows how I am always singing the praises of having good relationships- I mean, it has gotten me out of many a soup so it has its merits! After my first day at work (after a break of 27 months- ouch!), I am even more a fan of this- a girl who has pretty much been running the operations couldn’t handle me coming over her and the company recognising a fellow manager- all silly, she understands but thank God for me being able to reach out and empathise with her- all about the relationship. I wholeheartedly believe in ALL the relationships that surround us and that’s why I am such a fan of coffees…. with people.

While on the topic of relationships, this made me laugh alot! A dude is actually patenting his approach to hit on women- how cool, crazy or confident is that. Apparently (yeah, I still like the word- you should have dealt with it by now), the book is a very good insight for males into how females think- I wouldn’t know as I haven’t read the dude’s stuff nor can I give a male perspective on a book!

So well, that aside I also finished reading Terry Pratchett’s ‘The Fifth Elephant’- another of the Disc World series and for those who are uninformed, unaware and just ignorant, please go read Terry’s work NOW- he rocks! and he takes me to a fantasy world that is so clever and funny that I love immersing myself into it- go Terry!

And finally, my top 3 of last week would be:

  • Looooooong hikes- 3 in 8 days, pretty good going, me thinks!
  • Moving to the country- seriously, never thought it would happen- to me, Ireland meant Dublin as far as living was concerned… this is a MASSIVE move for me.
  • Healthy eating and sleeping- it has been good to have time for ME- yes, sleeping, eating, reading, cooking, sipping wine in the sun, drinking champagne on my garden- that’s been something I have missed.

And on that note, it’s late, I am tired and I hope to be more frequent but first week and all, so it may be the weekend before I reappear.

Till laters, toodles peeps!

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An outsider looking in…

Came across an interesting post on India today and it made me realise how cool my countryfolk really are- they (we) ALWAYS find a way of making things work. The writer has done a good job of trying to capture the spirit from an outside perspective, I mean, जुगाड़ (jugaar) is no magic- it’s just making do with what we have, best we can but there is no real translation to it- it’s something we know and feel so intricately- it’s something that flows in our blood. I am so proud to have that blood flow through my veins.

Anyhow, didn’t manage to get online (for long) yesterday so 3 blessings for last week:

  • Making a friend of mine who is really stressed at the moment smile
  • Finding humour in situations and getting amused by my friends
  • Having the most amazing set of family & friends possible

It’s all about friends- maybe that’s another bit of Indian blood in me- however much I try and resist the Hallmark “Friendship Day”, I feel the need to acknowledge their presence in my life!

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The time of the week

for me to identify my top 3 of last week 🙂

  • Juggling 5 men and seeing 3 of them last week! Even having a very important chat with 1 of them. Go me and my dating skills!!
  • Running 3 times in the last week- wahay! Been forever since I managed to actually be regular in running.
  • Juggling the different aspects of me in a day successfully, even if I was very tired at the end of it all.

All in all, a successful week- lots of time with friends, some kick-ass deliverables, walks, music, laughs and good times!

Happy last week of July!!

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Ok so maybe my day isn’t all that unlucky after all…

So I was having a bad day, till a friend of mine send me this video– and boy, I am so lucky 🙂

And while I am feeling lucky, let me go over what was great last week:

  • Ability to smile while feeling sh!te
  • A quiet, relaxing weekend
  • Managing to keep a secret from my best friends when I am really wanting to tell them because I want to see the smiles on their faces when I tell them the news about my new job!

Ah life ain’t all bad 🙂

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Blessed! VERY blessed :)

I am so blessed to have the friends I do in my life. And right now, I feel exceptionally blessed and just wanted to share this feeling.

Went for dinner last night with a lovely guy- beautiful meal, delicious wine (wow!), great dessert, fabulous company and many, many, many laughs. And he has such a cute smile too so it’s all good 😉

Woke up with a massive smile today to hear my mother gush on and on and on about a fruit basket I sent her way- thought it would be nicer than cake for the birthday- healthier, at the very least!! Love the fact that a simple gesture like that can bring such a huge smile to her face.

Tried going back to sleep after getting home (yeah, I scored the friend I fancy- he is still green as are 2 others so the fight is hotting up eh? 😉 I am enjoying this flirting, to be honest!), but got a text off my bestfriend, Dr.F telling us one of our partners in crime is over for the weekend and we are reconvening at our usual spot- I have missed my weekly munches with the boys so much and this news has just tipped me over so much- I love it. I look forward to my melon, the amazingly delicious pizza and may even go for the sticky toffee pudding because well, it is delicious! Ah Romano’s, thank you for the lovely Saturdays. I am delighted the friendship of this set of people has stood the test of time, travel, locations, hardships and I am so so so looking forward to this. But it also means, I can’t sleep now- I am too excited!

And if that wasn’t all, a friend just suggested going to Shrek- what better way to spend a Saturday?

Oh, I am loving life immensely and I feel exceptionally blessed. Thank you world for being so good to me.

P.S. This made me chuckle ALOT!

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