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For something different…

Genius is the person who dreamt up this bed- so pretty and so funky. I can see a lot of mess building up on it though 😉

boat bed

If only… Sigh!


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Just adopted!


blankets have accepted me

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Bed, one’s own bed

Yes, THAT feeling:

jump in bedit’s pretty darn terrific!

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It’s one of them days, all right!

If I could choose what to do, re-write my plans for the day, this would be it:

today I want

Scary but true- it sounds oh-so-heavenly!


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Stop being jealous, alarm!

Bed, alarm, love triangle

No other words needed.

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Some cool inventions over the years that well, never made it mainstream…

Spring mattress- I understand, spring bed… hmmm… not sure I would want one of them personally!

Hahah kinda funny but useless but may mean less breakages at parties!

If I find one of them, so getting it for the shower! Defo!!

Love! Love!! Love!!! Want. NOW. I heart penguins.

If this gets me out of bed in the morning, it may just be THE alarm clock I need!

The best way to manage that tea break with only 2 cookies!

For the Irish weather and the fact that girls never have place for a brolly, this might just be the answer!

Even for someone as lazy as me, that’s going TOOO far!!

Errr Ummm REALLY?!


I want these stairs PLEASE!


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