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What’s Your Insecurity?!

We are ALL insecure- about something. Be it in business, in our professional lives, in our careers, in our relationships with our family, in our relationships in love, in our friendships, in our sport or whatever it may be. And yes, I am insecure too- I am insecure in some of my friendships, I am insecure in my ability to do certain things, I am insecure in my future, I am insecure in my relationships with my brothers and bar once, I have always been in secure in a romantic relationship (this confession has been tough but hey, tis true).

I usually don’t inflict my insecurities on anyone else, or so I believe. The other day, I was a victim of a friend’s insecurity and despite recognising it as that immediately, I still got VERY angry, I still was VERY peeved and I was spitting fire at that person for almost 48 hours (fortunately in my head and not in person)!! Now that’s completely stupid and insane, especially since I knew exactly where it was coming from. It got me thinking:

– Do we recognise our own insecurities?
– How do we manage our insecurities?
– Does anyone have any ideas how to get over one’s own and how best to deal with those of their own friends?

We all want to be accepted as we are but who knows the real us when we are always trying to cover up our insecurities?! Everyone knows an aspect of us and that’s it- have we gotten so used to wearing a mask constantly that no one and no one, including ourselves (I fear/ suspect) knows who the TRUE US is?!!
Scary, scary thought, thinks me.

On a fun note though- I totally adore this pic!



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Happy Birthday

A friend of mine, let’s call her Bridezilla as that was the reason we fell out is celebrating her birthday today- knowing her the way I do, she is at home with her husband having a meal cooked and loving him being the doting guy that he is and pampering her rotten and jumping to her every whim- I am delighted she found the man she wanted and I am really glad they are happy.

However, today I realised, the actual form of realising you forgive someone for causing you pain:

And Bridezilla dear, this is for you:

And on your birthday, I realise the importance of having people such as you in my life, so thank you 🙂

And I urge everyone to forgive, “forgive like you have amnesia”

I understand it’s not always easy to forgive but remember it’s a matter of inner strength, a strength that comes from doing the right thing.

And so I would like to extend to her, to anyone else who has hurt me and to the world in general, a blessing- a blessing of happiness, of peace and of constant true smiles!

Forgive, forget, move on ‘cos at the end of the day, life’s too AWESOME 🙂

So, go on, love your life- it’s actually quite simple!

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‘You look pretty’

This week, I heard these words a fair bit- and not from guys trying to hit on me in a pub but from close mates of mine- Candy and TSG being two of them. These are people who are seeing me regularly, so coming from them, these words hold a special meaning and it’s obviously nice to be told I look pretty!

And then I caught up with old colleagues and they all said I look absolutely stunning and well.

Great ego boost 🙂

Now if only I knew what was it that made me look different:

– New makeup? Nothing has changed, except maybe I have become more adept at using it?
– Exercising and fresh air? Potentially!
– SATC life? Could be…
– Getting snuggled, licked and loved by a dog? Definitely one of the factors!
– City living?
– New business?
– Making peace about a certain decision (thanks Candy, I adore you!)
– Or, maybe ‘cos it’s 2012 and therefore, awesome?

Not sure what the reason is but if it gets me so many compliments, whatever it is, please don’t change hehe 😉

And on that note, I bid you goodnight. Sleep tight and sweet dreams, dear world! Love.

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Happy happy!

Today, I feel happy, excited, slightly delirious, nervous and a mix of emotions never before.

And so I urge, everyone to follow this advice, ‘cos it ROCKS!

Go, up and go- somewhere you have never been- what I am feeling right now is a sense of optimism and excitement like never before- the turn in my life is just AWESOME. Told you, 2012 was gonna be awesomely special!

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Extraordinary year ahead

So, 2012 WILL be awesome. It WILL be an extraordinary year. It WILL be so much fun and so much work that one wouldn’t know what hit them. It WILL be a year of balance. It WILL be a year of success. It WILL be a year of adventures. It WILL be awesome, I repeat. A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!

I am very excited about it 🙂

Not sure if I have already used this advice previously, if I am repeating it, apologies. If not, here are a few ideas on how to make it an extraordinary life!


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Taking a moment to breathe and take stock

And sometimes, I do think at the turn of a new year, or my birthday or just randomly, I did so today… decided to take a glass of wine, sit in the garden to watch the sun go down and just count my blessings.

And blessings are aplenty-

  • I have a brilliant family- yes, I have had my differences with some but there are so many others who just absolutely rock and are amazing. And they are the ones who make life so much crazier and fun. Yes, I miss having my own sibling to create havoc with but I had my own fair share of fun with all the other mischief my brothers and I got up to, and not to miss the midnight shenanigans with my little sister
  • I must be the luckiest person with the friends I have- from my own mother to the millions of others- Crystal, Spartacus, Ryan, Tigger, Winnie, Dr F, Snoopy, Curly, Daddy long legs to name a few… infact, one of them just said the nicest words to me on Facebook an dmade me cry- happy tears but cry nevertheless
  • I enjoy what I do
  • I almost always manage to achieve all I want to- yes, I am still a bit away from the dream I have in my head but then again, that dream changes goal posts every time I think of it and so the plan has to be tweaked accordingly…. right?

All in all, life rocks and the cherry was when one of my favourite entrepreneurs and a guy I admire loads offered me a pretty cool job with all the trimmings I could want! There is something very pleasurable and upsetting about turning it down- bittersweet!

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