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THAT moment…

Yes, that!

awkward moment- smile


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And they still continue to amuse me!

I love, love, love my friends!

Seriously, how can’t I?!

This is an excerpt from an email I got today and I am STILL laughing:

“Momma Mia was brilliant! BEST part was the woman dancing in the aisle and her skirt falling down around her knees…..and she didn’t notice for AGES!!! Good ol spanx had numbed all senstation in her legs!! hehe…..”

Seriously, how brilliant is life with anecdotes like these?

Mum, bar the spanx this could be you so please be careful!

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My friends continue to amuse me!

This is definitely one for TFLN!

Just got a text from a mate of mine in Uganda:

“PS I wish the mosque would not open for business and chanting at the time I’m coming home on a saturday night…..”

Followed closely by

“…But time to sleep now! I think!”

Atleast I know he’s having a blast! 🙂 Go him!


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Now, this is a RAMBLE!!

Today, I am gonna ramble, because I wanna ramble and I mean ramble so if you are in the mood, I highly recommend getting a cup of tea and some biccies to go with it so you can follow this random maze of thoughts!

– I was reading this article today and understood the sentiment really well. I have often wondered about my identity- am I Indian? am I Irish? am I American? am I Thai? Or am I just what is coined “a global citizen”? Love the idea of a global citizen as I do, there is something pretentious about using that phrase, I feel. It’s kinda yuppie… but at the same time, I may have lived in only 2 countries but have lived and worked with so many others- traveled extensively so what should I describe myself as? What values do I believe in? The ones I grew up with, the ones I see around me or the ones I find myself most comfortable with? And if the last option, then do I care about how I upset one culture or the other?! Sigh, life used to be so simple…

– And then, I read another article that just seemed to describe me, in essence- the facts aren’t right but there is alot of truth in what the lady says- all she is craving for is love yet she seems to be doing everything to mess it up. I feel the same way, especially with TS- I know I want us to give it a shot yet I also know I skip along alot quicker than others… and so end up smothering him in communication- the poor lad, so far he seems to be coping but how long before he blows his cool with me?!!

– The environmental hippie in me is loving these! I can eat the cup I drink in- it’s almost as cool as the shot glasses made of ice (yeah, they exist, I bough mum some for her birthday- BEST birthday present ever!!)

– I was working on organisational strategy today for a company I am consulting to and came across this amazing quote that shows how strategy is useless without culture!

“..culture eats strategy for lunch. You can have a strategy in place, but if you don’t have the culture and the enabling systems, the culture of the organisation will defeat the strategy”- Dick Clark, the CEO of Merck.

– One of my mates had me in splits for hours- this is the text I received:

“Ohh God just ran around to the shop for a jar of coffee I now see it is a jar of Branstons Pickles?? I can’t drink Bloody Branston Pickle!!”

Lots of other rambles of my twitter today- it’s just been one of those mental diarrhea days!

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My friends amuse me!

So today I was chatting to a mate of mine about his experiences with online dating and how he was faring and his comment had me in stitches for HOURS:

“no well im going to put up a new profile soon with a photo of me with more clothes on”

Now seriously, that’s hilarious! The background is he had NO picture of him on his computer bar one with him walking out of the sea in his speedos. And boy, does he pack those speedos well!!

Unfortunately, most ladies didn’t care for the fact that he is actually a really sensitive guy and very caring and extremely intelligent (maybe I should be dating him!!) but that he had such a dreamy body and ended up sending him pics that he really didn’t want to see.

Lesson learnt- if you want to be taken seriously, dress up!

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Almost gave up on blogging


4 days in and my commitment in waning- and since this is more for me than anything else, is it a wonder I am such a commitment-phobe?

What a day it has been- I have had some amusing moments:

#1: Met a mentor for lunch to discuss career options etc- his opening line to me “J, you need to help me get a job”. So much for me getting him to get me a job!

#2: In team meeting to review a document deliverable that was sent out on Sat- a team member halfway through the discussion, raises his hand- very seriously and says “Shouldn’t we all read this document first?!” [I almost lost my temper completely there!!!]

#3: Friend and I treat ourselves to milkshakes (FULL of icecream and chocolates- they were really good- I recommend them!) after a really long client meeting. On the way back to our office, he turns to me and says “I can’t join you for dinner on Sunday- I am on a diet.” Like seriously dude, you are kidding, right?!

#4: We are organising a night out for everyone in the department and I came across a brilliant deal- reply from a classmate “J is Scottish!” Is there a stereotype I am missing?!!

#5: I looked down at my feet after my evening shower, saw a swollen ankle and decided to not do anything about it- am I becoming SO indifferent to my injuries?! This can’t be healthy, right?

#6: I put my iTunes on random shuffle and the first few songs it blares:

  • Sexy Eyes by Whigfield
  • Don’t talk, just kiss by Right said Fred
  • Gold by Prince/ the symbol

(I didn’t even know I had these songs!)

#7: One of my admirers sent me a mail saying “I hate black heads (and I thought he was referring to closed pore type blackheads, anyway goes to show!) but I really fancy you so could you please die your hair?” Errr… dude, I cannot kill my hair- it’s already dead tissue so I presume you mean dye and did you really ask me this as a way of asking me out. As far as opening lines for dates go, it is an original, I’ll give him that!

Basically, this sums up my day better than anything else! So here are the top 3 things I am thankful for in the past week:

  • My ability to laugh when everything seems to be going wrong
  • Feeling totally desired by SO many men (it’s been a while and I have to admit I am enjoying it)
  • Sleep- gosh, I needed it!

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