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Tonight Tonight

Tonight… I spent tonight on my own.
I cancelled my plans, sent Red out, popped open 2 tubs of ice-cream, played a movie and just chilled.

Pure pure pure bliss. Something beautiful about an evening with myself, reading, colouring, movie-ing, eating, shopping… everything!

Loving life, hope you’re having an awesome Saturday evening wherever you ware and remember, take a moment and be kind to yourself.

Love xx


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May 28 Tuesday: A Brilliant Moment

I have realised recently that when I spend too much time with me, I need my 10 minutes alone at night to just wash the day away in my own head- a weird thing maybe, but hey, it works for me and it grounds me.

Very often, people don’t get it- whether it’s my mother when I am in India and I don’t go to bed the same time as her or whether it’s friends I travel with or whatever- sometimes I read on my iPad, sometimes I read a book, sometimes I play a game.

And I recall the happiness I feel, even if I am in the same room as a person I care a lot for. One such moment is playing Bejeweled on Tigger’s phone- I certainly did get addicted to it but I think the addiction was more my way of trying to understand her penchant of playing it mid conversation with people but more importantly, it was my time for me in a day I had no time alone.

So even though I am a people person and rarely like to be on my own, I love my alone time, my introspection time, my self time and I think the memories of many such moments is to be thanked for the person I am today.

Much love to me.

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Today I went into pure hibernation mode- woke up at 215pm- luckily as I had a meeting at 230 and my alarm died while I was sleeping! Post my call, I went back to bed and have hardly spoken to anyone, interacted with anyone or done anything productive. It has been one of those really lazy, lethargic and yet, exceptionally tiring days!

I certainly needed some time alone, so glad I took the day to myself- I am still not sure I am back to my full levels but hey, something is better than nothing!

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