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Things that will happen

These are a few home visions/ affirmations, in a very cryptic manner so as to keep them close to myself yet put them out there:

1. I will make the amount of money I intend to make by the date I intend to make it by
2. I will go to Havana/ Cuba in July with Winnie
3. I will do the trip I intend to do with the person I intend to do it with by April 30th 2014
4. I will stop being as shy as I am about my company and my identity in real life and be more open about it- to the extent, I will feature in at least one article by April 30th 2014
5. I will be living the life I imagine in my head as part 1 of my long term dream by Dec 20, 2013

Future, watch out, here I come.
Life, be warned, I am taking control.
Universe, thank you, for giving me the strength!

Love & peace to all.


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i AM going to cuba

Yeah I know the punctuation in that is all wrong- I have chosen to emphasise AM!

I have no clue how the money will come to me.
I have no clue how I will make it all happen.


Winnie and I are going to Cuba- others are welcome to join in but the two of us are going. I have sent the intent out there, I am believing it, I am planning it, my diary has been cleared and I am going, I am going, i AM going to cuba!

to travel is to live

My first holiday in a while- I am so very excited. I was chatting to Winnie today and she is the main reason this is happening- we were upset about the lack of holiday together- our last one was in 2009!!! She had to cancel 2010 plans cos Ryan decided to come along and she didn’t want to be with him around and we all know the disaster of 2012!

So dear world, make it happen, please. I cannot wait. I am so very happy and excited!

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