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Choices, Changes, Cha-ching

Yup, I just went for alliteration in the title, sometimes playing with words is fun 😉

I am in an interesting situation at the moment- I have 2 exceptionally fantastic options and they both could lead me down the path I want to go- 1 is easier and makes me a fair bit of money, 2nd is tougher and keeps me saner. When put so plainly, the latter is obvious but there is a love for the former option because it allows me flexibility, gives me peace of mind and lets me move on to the next piece of work exceptionally easily. The point being that the next piece is unidentified as yet.

I have a very clear vision of where I want to be in 10 years time but that’s no good today as both the options could lead me down the path and both options could mess me along the way so it’s more about how I manage this situation than anything- I am at a crossroads, an exciting crossroads, probably the most exciting in my life and I have to make a decision that will impact every other aspect of my life… no pressure, eh?!

I am so glad I am in a position such as this and the issues in my life are down to how things make me feel… a few years ago I was in a minutely similar situation and at that time, I knew sanity was my only option. In this case, I suspect I have more- I just need to explore them all and the clock is ticking… 4pm today, which way will I head… decisions, decisions, decisions! Send me  powerful good luck vibes please 🙂 x


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Adventures rock!

Amen to this:

great adventuresI love adventures and the lack of knowing what is gonna unfold- I have had some amazing ones in the last while and the current one is terrifying, exciting and nerve-wrecking: life is a journey that I am glad to be traveling.

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Aug 18, Monday: Gratitude

1. Adventures
Life without adventures makes for no fun- be it a day trip to get a view from a lighthouse and a tour of a haunted house to making up a dish with absolutely no experience in it or anything!

2. Budgetting
To plan financially ahead, to take charge of my life and to be able to get the most with very little compromise.

3. Good Housemates
Yes, they have faults but after a few not so great experiences, it is nice to be with some fun people again!

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5 years plan

For most people, nothing of significance happened 5 years ago- a friend of mine turned 30, sure- but other than that, it was an ordinary day for most. If you ask anyone, they will think it was an ordinary day for me too.

However, I know differently- in many a respect, today marks 5 years to the day when I made a decision that completely changed the path of my life- today, 5 years ago marks the day that made me go into writing & photography professionally, pursue business school, leave the corporate world, enter the risk-taking world and basically, go through the mad roller-coaster that life has been the last 5 years.

I was out for dinner on a date today- second date- and realised, the guy had nothing to say- his highlight was being able to leave work early ‘cos he didn’t have to treat any patients and being able to iron his shirts in that extra time. Had this spiral of madness not started off 5 years ago, I probably would be like that- a girl caught in a corporate job, with nothing to talk of- work, telly, pub over the weekends could have been my life.

The decision I made didn’t work out but the impact it had has caused me A LOT of pain, A LOT of turmoil, A LOT of mental anguish, A LOT of anxiety but it has been worth every second of it- knowing how much I have done and have yet to achieve and having been lucky to have been made aware of so many different possibilities… yup, it has been crazy, insane, tiring and adventurous & fun. Here’s to life.


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Live Life, ‘cos it’s an adventure!

‎”It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves.” – Andre Gide

Go on… do it!

Enjoy the adventure- it’s only gonna be as much fun as we make it!

And one of the quickest ways of doing it:

Holidays, here I come 🙂

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New Vigour

Since I can’t travel for at least 6-7 months… moving to Dublin will count as my BIG adventure even though it’s partly back in my comfort zone!

Here’s to new vigour to my mind, could certainly use it 🙂

Sigh, I miss traveling… so wish I was packing for Cuba & Mexico right now. SIGH!


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