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In the last 3 days, I have been caught in pyjamas 3 times when I least expected it but once, I chose to put them on (the least flaterring ones infact) and sit down with Red and a good friend of his!

child in us

Now I am obviously very comfortable with Red but to be so comfortable with his friend is a good feeling and you know you have made some right choices in life when you are surrounded by such folks in your life.

I am a lucky girl.

Today I am grateful for the love in my life- romantic, family and friends; comfortable clothes I love and a happy disposition towards everything.
And the epic 10 hour sleep I had earlier. Yes!! #winning


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Jan 26, Monday: Gratitude

1. Networking
One of those skills that has no real tangible value but immense intangible value. Believe what goes around comes around and do the best for everyone else, funnily things start falling on place for one self! I love it.

2. Laughter
You can’t beat a good laugh. Period.

3. Luxury
The last while I have spoilt myself, even while booking some of our hotels for our holidays, we have made some expensive choices but hey, we only live once, yeah?! While we are flash packing, it would be awesome to enjoy these experiences!

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Jan 19, Monday: Gratitude

1. Readers
When I started this, I did it for me. I only shared the link with about 3 friends and that was it- it was my diary and my place to be me. Now, I think 4 other friends have the link making it a total of 7 people I know but the number of people who comment, email me, read this is amazing and when I sometimes see the stats, I am blown away by the interest in my ramblings. Thank you.

2. Travels
Planning a holiday is just the start but going on one is amazing and I am looking forward to taking a detox month of Feb from the online world and blogging to go spend some time with my family. The weekend away, though only one night, was amazing as well and I am so grateful to appreciate these moments.

3. Movies
This year, I have seen some fantastic movies- less than a month and cinema has been awesome, I love it!

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Jan 12, Monday: Gratitude

1. Future Thinking
Last week, 2 of my friends and I made a pact to try harder to achieve higher goals- professionally and personally. We are all focusing on our 12 for the year and I must admit, the possibilities excite me, leave me trying to balance nervousness with determination and make me feel so amazingly happy to be a part of this world!

2. Good Food
The last weekend has been a bit bland for my taste buds and I am made to realise how important good food is- no wonder people eat loads- the horrible flavours make you want to eat more and more and more. I like good food and am glad I can enjoy it as often as I do.

3. Dancing
Indian weddings are famous for their dancing. Red learning to dance is amazing and I am falling in love with him even more!

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Jan 5, Monday: Gratitude

1. DIY
I am not much of a DIY person but being able to paint this weekend, drill a few holes when needed and other such bits is always a learning experience for me and I am glad I can learn them and perform too!

2. Rest
The past 2 weeks have been a good break- the way things worked out, I actually caught up on tonnes of sleep and managed to get somewhat refreshed- now for the holidays in a few weeks 😉

3. Planning
Ability to plan ahead is something I am proud of and planning holidays… even more so! This year is rife with weddings but to be able to make them into mini adventures is even more special! Also all sorts of other planning too- some exciting times ahead, personally and professionally.

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Dec 29, Monday: Gratitude

And I am back- hope you have been having a fabulous break 🙂

1. Comfort
Comfortable clothes, comfortable surroundings, comfortable in your own skin and the sort of comfortable behaving that comes from love, knowing each other well and being good friends- the past few days have been aglow with a sort of light that reeks of love, happiness and comfort. To be able to feel like and even more so, realise it, is definitely something to be grateful for!

2. Good hair and skin
Over the last while, I have experimented with a lot of different products, diets etc and I seem to have found a way to keep my hair thick and full and my skin clean and glowing- exercise and diet play a hugely important part for sure but simple products like coconut oil, yoghurt, herbs etc are pretty awesome. Knowing how to use them is a definite advantage.

3. Relaxing
Christmas wouldn’t be christmas without a few days of just chilling and relaxing thrown in- we have had some epic 5 am parties in the last week but also afternoon snoozes that lasted for hours, sitting on the couch etc etc etc- yeah baby, snoozing, fires, cups of tea and just chilling are a good way to be. Boo yeah!

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Dec 22, Mon: Gratitude

1. Driving
The luxury to own a car, the ability to drive, the sense to enjoy the twinkling lights to Dublin bay on a clear night, the beauty of silence or music, the joy of enjoying a moment alone.

2. Christmas celebrations
Having so many so far and having a few more ahead does mean I may not write for the rest of the year perhaps or may have the random check in only but to be able to have so many celebrations and to be invited other people’s homes and hearts is definitely a thing to be grateful for.

3. Feel good films
I love movies and sometimes, we need some feel good movies- to have enjoyed 2 excellent ones in 2 days is a definite thing of luck!

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Dec 15, Monday: Gratitude

1. Red and his support
As things have been awkward with Ryan, Tigger and me, I didn’t want to involve Red in it and asked him to make a decision for himself. He didn’t go either and I really appreciated his standing by me and instead helping me with some business plans of mine, some DIY work and some R&R time. This weekend was him doing bits and bobs for me and I felt very loved.

2. Healthy living
For the past while, I have been very conscious of what I eat and how much I exercise etc. It has been fantastic to feel the impact of it in my body and I am absolutely loving it!

3. Family
With a new addition to the family, I am so glad I have the family I do!

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Dec 8, Monday: Gratitude

1. An Understanding of Me
Last night, while I was having a conversation about my priorities and how things have changed for me in the last 5 years, I made a statement that surprised me (in a good way)- I said “When I think of me, I automatically take Red into consideration as he is a part of me”- to me, this is another step in the emotional dependence of a relationship. It scares, excites, terrifies me in a way I have never felt before and I am excited about what the future holds!

2. Heels
Nothing like a pair of heels to make you feel awesome about yourself and get you in the party mood.

3. Silly season
Silly season is a great way of reminding yourself how amazingly loved you truly are!

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Dec 1, Monday: Gratitude

Happy Monday and Happy December, world! Here’s to a fabulous new chapter ahead- end of 2014… make it count!!!

1. Good Food
Having food is amazing, good food even more so and when shared with friends, you just gotta love it!

2. Great Chats
Chats with friends, chats with housemates, chats with Red, chats with my family… I am so glad for these. They remind me how lucky I am to have friends and family, how lucky I am to be able to socialise with people and how awesome life is.

3. A Regular Cycle
Every woman has faced the fear sometime, the cramps (fortunately not often for me), the pain, the PMS etc… it is great to be regular and have no issues, most of the time.

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Nov 24, Monday: Gratitude

1. Peace
The sense of peace knowing you are doing something that goes with your morals and ethics is an amazing feeling. Feeling it often even more so.

2. Random Encounters
Sometimes, you have conversations you don’t expect. Sometimes, you have chats you don’t prepare for. Life is full of this randomness and spontaneity- loving it!

3. Excitement of the Future
Knowing that there is something very exciting lying ahead of you yet not knowing what IT is… great place to be!

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Nov 17, Monday: Gratitude

1. Friends
As time has gone by- I have genuinely learnt the worth of 5 awesome friends vs 50 good ones, even if those 5 awesome aren’t always around for me and drive me nuts! In the last while, I am reminded how lucky I am- despite getting pissed off with Ryan for jumping to conclusions & not wanting to clear the air, feeling abused by Jiju’s saali who thinks I have all the time on earth to do her work but none when I need help, a little underwhelmed by The Shrew for not having any time when I need advice, feeling exceptionally angry at one of the guys for wanting me to help with something non urgent that he was meant to do and messed up his time management (not as a request but an order!). I am so lucky to have the friends who will bring me homemade cocktails for a b!tch session, friends who will help me change lights in my car where I can’t reach or friends who help me strike the balance with give and take!

2. Rant
A good rant (See above) is awesome. I love it- get it out of the system and let it go… once gone, it can’t fester.

3. Exercise
A good stretch, a bit of a sweat, sore arms, feeling the muscles… yeah, it’s nice to be able to do that, feel that and enjoy that!

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Mov 10, Monday: Gratitude

Dry and Warm Weather
It is wet, windy, cold and I am definitely missing the sun and associated Vitamin D! I am grateful for the few dry, sunny days we get- please let there be more of them for me to appreciate.

Went away for a weekend the other day and I realised that I have been spoilt to an extent I cannot appreciate luxury in it’s true sense and that, my dear friends, is proper luxury- I am grateful I have that.

Been ages since I thanked happiness for being a part of my life- it does make everything so much more wonderful 🙂

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Nov 3, Monday: Gratitude

1. Chilies
I have a terrible cold and the heat of chilies is the only thing keeping me happy at the moment- I have deed myself up on loads of them and am finding it way better!

2. Ability to be like a child
I spent saturday evening on a bouncy castle and had way more fun than I recall in a long, long time. I love re-discovering the child in me regularly and going back to behaving as one every so often! I hope I never lose it.

3. Baking
Recently, I have started baking a lot. I love being able to make dishes I enjoy eating and keeping them fairly healthy or at least healthier! I love that I have become rather adept at making tasty dishes too!

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Oct 20, Monday: Gratitude

I am off to see a friend of mine this weekend, the weekend after I am away again for another friend’s birthday, the weekend after Red and I are heading away to spend a day with room service and telly, the weekend after we are away seeing friends… it is amazing how much short travel I am getting in my life while I keep craving a new country and culture. I am glad I am at least getting the travel I am.

The past while, I have been trying to clean up my eating habits and get better at eating healthy- tricky it may be but it makes me feel great and I am loving the extra energy!

Meeting People
I don’t mean the close friends and family but the ones you see on the street to say hello to, the ones you keep meaning to catch up with and the ones you are meeting for the first time. Seeing people again and meeting new people is such a joy.

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Oct 13. Monday: Gratitude

1. Survival
After hosting yet another amazing party over the weekend, I am delighted that I managed to live another day- the instinct to curl up and never move again was very high but the survival instinct even more so!

2. Emotions
Tears, happiness, laughter, pain- all emotions, many more exist and the ability to feel them is pretty darn awesome!

3. Dependence
To be able to depend on someone is a fairly fabulous feeling. To have others depend on you even more. To recognise the importance of dependence is a lesson that took me forever to learn and one I am glad I eventually did!

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Oct 6, Monday: Gratitude

1. The Shrew
She is one of those unexpected friends who becomes a pillar without you realising the transition. She has been a partner in crime for stupidity, she has been a mentor for work when needed, she has funded me when I was short, she has laughed with me till we have had tears rolling down our eyes and she has shared many a special moment that I will cherish. Thank you, Shrew.

2. Communication
Every so often, there is a miscommunication and every so often, that causes further issues. I am glad to be able to communicate with those that matter!

3. Festivals
It’s festival season in India and it’s not that we need an excuse to party, just that it’s good to have it! It’s a good time to take stock, take a moment and reconnect with all.

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Sep 29, Monday: Gratitude

1. Health
Being sick last week really took it out of me and I realised, once again, how important health is and how lucky we are!

2. Family
Yesterday I met a whole load of Red’s family for the first time. It reminded me of mine and I am so lucky to have mine and so lucky to be with someone who cares so much about his.

3. Love
The love of a dog, the love of a friend, the love of a parent, the love of a partner, the love we feel, the love that we have, the love.

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Sep 22, Monday: Gratitude

1. Spontaneity
I love it when a last minute plan falls into place. Yesterday, I woke up to a day of lounging and movies but ended up walking in the sun, discussing property and having dinner with one of my favourite people. Love it 🙂

2. Belief
When one has as much on the line as I do, belief is important. Every time it wavers a little, I am glad I get it back too! Here is to me achieving the goals I have written down. Here’s to me kicking a$$!

3. A Good Party
Every so often, one needs a good party- Friday night with friends for dinner and movie, Saturday afternoon for cake and ice-cream and Saturday night for madness- boo yeah, life rocks!

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Sep 15, Monday: Gratitude

1. Facebook
Odd one, I know but yes, grateful for all its evils, it lets me catch up with many friends after many years! Many paths would never have crossed again if it weren’t for the joys of this time-consuming website!

2. Break
A good break, the wind in the hair, the sun on your face, the copious cocktails, the many delicious dishes, the happiness from all the laughter, the feeling of joy and just the refreshing feeling of a good break!

3. Cleanliness
I never thought I was a Monica (from Friends) but as I get older, the more I like things in their places, everything tidy and a house to call home and be proud of! I look forward to being in my own place someday soon.

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Sep 1, Monday: Gratitude

1. Hugs
I heart hugs. I heart good hugs. Having people who give me good hugs in my life is an awesome thing and I am so glad I have such people around me.

2. Friends and Family
Been a while since I said how lucky I am to have these peeps in my life!

3. Wind in the Hair
The feeling of wind in the hair, the feeling of free-ness, the feeling of joy… yes, yes, yes!

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Aug 25, Monday: Gratitude

1. Hosting 
A party, a dinner, a cup of tea- whatever it may be, I like to host and I like to be able to host it with grace and class. I like giving people good things to eat/ drink and I want to make sure everyone has a good time!

2. Sex
A necessity. Enough said.

3. Possibilities
Every couple of days, one realises how many possibilities there truly exist and I am glad to say I can take advantage of so many! I love it and am glad to have this sense of optimism, the knack to recognise the opportunities and the ability to dream of the possibilities!

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Aug 18, Monday: Gratitude

1. Adventures
Life without adventures makes for no fun- be it a day trip to get a view from a lighthouse and a tour of a haunted house to making up a dish with absolutely no experience in it or anything!

2. Budgetting
To plan financially ahead, to take charge of my life and to be able to get the most with very little compromise.

3. Good Housemates
Yes, they have faults but after a few not so great experiences, it is nice to be with some fun people again!

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Aug 11, Monday: Gratitude

1. Love
I am lucky- lucky to be loved the way I am, lucky to love the people I do, lucky to have the love in my life. Love is like oxygen and I am so very lucky to have it in my life. And yes, I still want a puppy for the unconditional love too!

2. Money
When things are slightly tough and tight, being able to spend money is a plus. In fact, I started a treat wallet for myself- I need to put in it the leftover from my budget every week and can only spend it on extravagance- nothing like just a weekend away or festivals or anything- a designer pair of shoes, bags or spa break kinda thing. I am looking forward to making the most of this for myself.

3. Visualise
Being able to imagine things in my brain about they would look and then seeing them work out is always good. A simple example is my new room and the way I visualised it is very different to the way anyone else would have used it! Being different is also something to be grateful for but seeing a visualised concept taking shape is way cooler 🙂

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Aug 1, Weekly Achievement and Aug 4, Gratitude

Aug 1, Friday: Weekly Achievements:

1. Spent a lot of time walking, playing, hanging out with a dog
2. Had a great time with my new housemates
3. Managed to get an outfit ready for a wedding with very little available to me

Aug 4, Monday: Gratitude:

How I miss those days- we take it for granted but I am certainly beginning to feel the changes and am definitely older. With it comes wisdom, the ability to not drink as much, the post party fatigue but I have to be grateful for the youth I have enjoyed and for the fun I still enjoy when I behave more youthful than I should.

You gotta love these furry creatures. They love you in ways that one cannot even imagine! They are awesome.

Ability to forgive
Being compassionate is not always easy, being able to forgive even less so and I am glad that I find it easy to forgive people in order to move on!

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Jul 28, Monday: Gratitude

1. Realisations 
– Realisation of my feelings about certain things and being honest about them, at leas tot myself and maybe one close friend
– Realisation that for some people t isn’t about you but it is not about them
– Realisation that meditation truly is a force to reckon with

2. Weddings
I am not a huge fan of weddings, especially having escaped some potential ones I could have been embroiled in! But that’s not to say I don’t enjoy the excitement around them, the joy of sharing someone’s special moment, the severity of the promise and all the craic around it. With a family wedding on the horizon, I am absolutely over the moon and can’t wait to get home for it!

3. Tears
They are not a way of pride but letting them out of the system is always a good idea and I am glad at my ability to let them flow- I just prefer to do it in own privacy!


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Jul 21, Monday: Gratitude

1. Creative Mind
Not mine necessarily but people with creative minds around me! It’s always good to have them about 🙂  They definitely see things differently!

2. Desserts
There are times when all you want are sweets, sweets and more sweets and when you get healthier versions of them, even better!

3. Sanity
Let’s never take it for granted, sigh. So glad when I find mind every time I lose it- which is regularly enough!

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Jul 14, Monday: Weekly Gratitude

I spent the weekend chilling, having coffees, being a girl about town and then, getting myself pampered with dry relaxation, facial, massage etc (I still miss Monart!!). Sometimes, being a work widow is an awesome thing!

In the last few months, read years, I think I have grown in numerous ways- most of all, in my expectations. I feel, I have become a better person for it and I am glad I am able to admit to it without feeling guilty. Thank you blog, friends, everyone I have interacted with, life.

Every time I wanna give up something, I hang in there and I push myself that little bit more and I am glad I do. I look forward to seeing the results in the things that really matter in the future!

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Jul 7, Monday: Gratitude

1. Inclusion
Every relationship has some level of inclusion in the other person’s life. I have been included in many others deviously but the way Red has included me in his was very evident this weekend, where I spent the whole weekend living his life and not really mine. But to have never felt an interloper, to have never felt an intruder, to have never felt like I was walking on egg shells but to have felt like an equal whose wishes and considerations were being taken into account is a pretty awesome way to be! Thanks for the way you have made me a part of your life by making it our life.

2. Dogs
Ever since I moved out of my previous house, I have really missed Candy’s dog- despite her silliness, despite her laziness, despite everything else, she was pretty awesome and I miss hanging out with her. I spent the weekend with 2 crazy spaniels and am gonna mind a German Shephard for a friend for 2.5 weeks- very excited!

3. Dragons
Went to see ‘How to train a dragon 2’ last night and I am in love with dragons all over again! I love them dragons- cute, fire spitting, flying machines that they are.

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Catching up with June!

So the last week just took me by surprise and it was tough in a lot of ways, so here goes the ones I have missed out on:

June 23: Gratitude:

– Sunshine: A weekend in the sun, longest day of the year, loads of friends, great music, fantastic memories- all made extra special because of the beautiful weather.
– Ability to drive: After having to drive back from the music festival, I am glad I could- having to spend an extra night there would not have been fun!
– Shower: Nothing like a good clean shower after a weekend of camping and fun!

June 24: Moment:

The first time I went looking for an apartment, I was clueless as to what I should be looking for- eventually found something, nice size etc and realised that the girl I lived with was amazing and I had struck lucky till she had to  move out… as I look back, I have had some odd moments all right, some weird stories but all in all, I have been really lucky and I hope as I go looking to share for potentially the last time, I am really excited about the prospect of meeting someone new, making a new friendship and creating a new atmosphere and environment around me!

June 26: Letter:

Dear Mum’s Youngest Sister,

You have often been the one I have compared to most- thank you for our advice, thank you for your pragmatism, thank you for your love, thank you for the inspiration you have provided and thank you for the shoes!

I love you loads and I miss you loads- wish I could be there through these times.


June 27: Weekly Achievements:

– Packing up completed
– In the news in 2 different countries
– Taking some time to remind myself how lucky I am over a nice bath and a glass of bubbles!

June 30: Gratitude:

– Good Times: Water skiing, donuting, BBQs, drink with Red’s granny, all make for good times! Great weekend makes for a great start to the week
– Sense of Humour: SO much went wrong over the past while but a sense of humour has really been awesome
– R&R: Booked myself a spa day and also had lie-ins, sleep-ins, chilling in the sun and all the things that make for a nice R&R (even if the body aches now!)

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Jun 16, Monday: Gratitude

1. My Sounding Boards
Be it my mother, her boyfriend, Red, Shrew, Lady or some of the other people in my life- I am so glad they are there. I have been very lucky that when some of the people I am used to having around get busier with aspects in their lives, someone else enters. So lucky to understand that people can’t always focus on me and so glad that when they can, they do! Thank you all- I always need your love and strength and hope in return I can be there for you and others who need it!

2. Music
Every so often, I am reminded I don’t do enough in music- in terms of listening, exploring, going to gigs and then all of a sudden, I immerse back into it- I am so glad to have the option to do so and to enjoy the melodies of sound!

3. Sleep
As I am so short on sleep, every nap, every snooze, every night of sleep I get is such a  bonus- I love sleep! Zzzz’s are awesome!!

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Jun 9, Monday: Gratitude

1. Love
Exactly 18 years was the first time I acknowledged I was in love for the first time ever- it was with FL, he meant loads to me as a friend, as a boyfriend (the way one can at that age!) and as the first person I ever truly wanted to be in a bubble with. Today, many years later, many boyfriends later, I am lucky to have that sort of love again. However, what is amazing is the love I also have in the form of friends and family. Lucky, lucky me. Thank you all.

2. Excitement and Opportunities
As I am coming up to the most exciting phase of my life so far, where I am making plans that could affect my whole life, I am full of the prospects ahead, the optimism of it all working it, the potential in life itself- certainly very exciting, did I mention VERY?

3. Values
Mid conversation regarding something this weekend, we were discussing the value system and the core beliefs each person has. I am delighted I have the ones I do- even if they tend to cause me pain cos I (irrationally) expect others to have the same. They have made me the person I am, they have stood by me through test of time and they have never deterred through my highs and my lows- it’s like that set of few friends I have- they have just been there, no matter what.


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June 4, Wednesday: Catch up on Gratitude and Memory

June 2: Gratitude:

1. Ireland
As I realise I have spent over a decade here, I have to thank Ireland for the love, the welcome, the journey, the good times, the tough times, the lessons and the life it has given me!

2. Good Times
One can quite easily forget how lucky we are to be able to enjoy the good times we do. I often do. Spending hours talking to old friends, laughing with new friends, converting strangers into friends and waking up with a pain from all the laughing are all signs we have had a bloody good time!!

3. Excitement
When was the last time you did something so exciting you felt them butterflies?! I am going through a VERY exciting period and I am loving it all!!!

June 3: Moment

As I am looking for a place for me to move into, I can’t help but remember the first few times I shared. Having never shared my room before, I was so excited about having a roomie though that died soon after- despite all the fun times.

Sharing a room taught me about the personality clashes, the differences amongst people, how different people prioritise different things and life in general. Thank you lady for being part of such a fun and learning experience!

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May 26, Monday: Gratitude

1. Sense of Responsibility
There were a few times last week I was proud of myself for doing the right ting and not the thing I wanted to do- it all lead to me being able to look at myself in the mirror with a clear conscience every night. I am glad of the sense of responsibility I have.

2. Keeping calm
There were many trying moments in the past week. I seem to have matured and learnt that sometimes it is best not to react irrationally and not to lose my temper even when I have wanted to.

3. The Shrew
Her friendship, her support, her love – I am indeed lucky to have a friend like her!

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May 19, Monday: Gratitude

1. Sun
Glorious sun- a weekend of heat and sun always puts me in a happier mood and I am so glad I got some!

2. Passport
A passport to travel, a passport to see the world, a passport to re-discover old places, a passport to live life 🙂

3. Work
So good to have work and a job to do all I need to do to make it big in life 🙂

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May 12, Monday: Gratitude

1. Being loved
I have had a weekend of feeling totally spoilt and loved with Red- he made me feel like I was the only thing that mattered and just oh-so-special.

2. Decisions
Sometimes, one’s gotta make a decision and sometimes the decision is in not making a decision but each decision is a liberating feeling and I am glad I have it in me to make the hard calls and stand by them.

3. Pampering
Being pampered by my friends, by my family, by myself- we all like to be pampered and sometimes breakfast in bed is just what the doctor orders!

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April 28, Monday: Gratitude

1. The one people call
I am delighted that when friends of mine are going through a tough time, have something exciting to share or just need a chat, they think of me to call. I am delighted I can be there for the people that matter to me.

2. Support
Yesterday, I was having a bit of a nervous breakdown due to the certain decisions I made last week- they are exciting but they are nerve-wrecking too! The support my friends have shown me is absolutely amazing and I am extremely excited about being able to take such a quantum leap in my life!

3. Fun
Last week has seen a lot of celebrations- for me and for others. In all of them, the common theme has been fun- a simple reminder to never stop having fun!!

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April 21 & April 22: Catching up!

April 21, Monday: Gratitude

1. Weekend
This weekend was crazy- I went to a ‘small’ 200 people festival- great fun, all night madness and all sorts of silliness! And then a small weekend break away in the country for the other 2 nights. Gotta love a long weekend.

2. Chats
The very bone of a friendship- without deep, meaningful conversations, without chats, without conversations, a friendship is pretty useless. I had some good chats the past few days!

3. Passion
And not just the kind of passion for between the sheets- a passion to succeed, a passion to enjoy life, a passion to be me!

April 22, Tuesday: Beautiful Moment

For some reason, the last few days I have been thinking of the first school trip I ever went on. It was my first time away from my parents for longer than a night and it was scary but fun- I learnt loads, I saw loads and I had my set of giggles dressing up as ghosts and gatecrashing the teacher’s lounges and what not. I also recall I was the only person in the whole trip without a “best friend” but obviously, even then, I liked to be independent and do my own thing!

Maybe that’s what instilled my independence and travel bug into me?!

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April 14, Monday: Gratitude

1. My blog
Having this space to rant, to vent, to b!tch, to scream, to be myself is proving to be one of the best decisions I made almost 5 years ago! It has been a wonderful place for me to hide from the physical world for a while and I am so glad for the people who have reached out to me through it, the conversations and the ability to still not be a constant moaner in real life!

2. Silliness
What is the world if not a bunch of silly moments put together? The past few days have had some very frustrating moments but the silly moments have made up for each of those- be in dancing in my jammies on my bed to being silly on prosecco or being silly by trying to sing! Either which way, I am grateful I can be and I appreciate silliness.

3. Instinct
My gut has always been something I have prided on. I have used it often, especially in business. Over the last while, the decisions I made 3-4 years are beginning to show results. Some are advantageous to me and some others are just good for my ego but I am glad that my instinct has proven to be right yet again!

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April 7, Monday: Gratitude

Right so, a week of no posts meant I was away from blogging for a while, unexpectedly- busy with work, busy with partying and busy with flu all combined make for a VERY busy Joy- I did however get into the habit of doing a daily gratitude and daily favourite  moment before going to bed (trying to get Red into the habit too- he will be hooked to it soon, I hope!).

Anyhow, my top 3 for the week:

1. Energy
We take it so for granted but when I was wiped out the last while, I realised yet again, health is one thing but clean energy around us and having the energy to enjoy everything is pretty awesome.

2. Red
We went through a bit of small hiccup there recently and when we came out at the other end, it helped me realise yet again how lucky I truly am.

3. Music
Life is so dull without good music. Good music differs for all and it rocks!

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March 28 and March 31

The past few days have been insanely busy, crazy and full of me trying to recover.

I am gonna skip this post as I have 30 letters of gratitude to write anyway. Hope you are all doing well and lots of love to you x

about themselves

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March 24, Monday: Gratitude

1. Being on someone’s gratitude list
It’s nice to know that one has an impact on someone’s life enough that you are on their gratitude list. I am grateful for them being grateful of me- all too complicated 😉

2. My set of lads
I have 2 sets of friends where the core gang is all boys and I am the only girl. One such gang celebrated 10 years of a pact we made- I realised yet again how lucky I am!

3. Health
As the weather fluctuates and I feel not so great, it is a reminder yet again that we should be grateful for our health!

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Mar 17, Monday: Gratitude & Mar 18, Tuesday: A Beautiful Moment


Post party ‘fear’ hugs, pre party calm down chats, long romantic drives, effort to find me colours etc etc etc- the list goes on, I am lucky to have him. I am glad I have him.

Sometimes, you got to appreciate a weekend away! It makes for good chats, good company, rejuvenation and good times!

New Experiences
The joy of a new experience- whether to be repeated or not is completely immaterial! To experience it is the important thing 🙂

Beautiful Moment:

This weekend, I spent a good bit of time talking to one of Red’s bestfriends- we talked of aspects we hadn’t before, we discussed spirituality, we discussed God, we discussed atheism, we discussed relationships, we discussed friendships- we had a good chat and we were able to re-connect on many levels. I love meeting new people and more importantly, I love getting to know them as friends.

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Mar 10, Monday: Gratitude

Ability to have fun
You know, when you can find happiness in simple pleasures and make your own fun, it is amazing- be it in a room full of people you know or at a wedding where you know no one. Being able to have fun is important to me and I am glad I can.

Ability to afford things
Last night, on an impulse, I doubled my planned budget for something I wanted and the fact I could do with little or no consequence is pretty darn awesome!

My independence means a lot to me and I am so glad I have it, can afford it and know how to enjoy it! And I am glad I haven’t had to lose a lot of it by being in a relationship with Red.

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Mar 3, Monday: Gratitude

Every so often I have to thank Red for just being so wonderful- wonderfully able to drive me nuts and bring me back down to reality too 🙂 Thank you, my love.

Me time
Having my house all to myself- no dog, no housemates, no partner, no guests and just some me time is something I truly enjoy and cherish when I get it!

I am lucky- simple as!

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it’s been a while… Feb 24 Monday: Gratitude

Self security
I am not even sure this is a term but it is that secure feeling within oneself. I am so glad I have it. When I hang out with others with a lot of the insecurity, I feel it even more!

My near & dear ones
I survived bringing Red to India, spending a whole fortnight with him, introducing him to all my family… I am lucky to have the people in my life that I do!

Sense of Fulfilment
Yup, I was being interviewed recently for my trip to the Antarctic and felt that rush of achievement and fulfilment yet again. An amazing feeling that I wish more people can enjoy!

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Jan 27 Monday: Gratitude

Catch up on Jan 24 achievements:
– Managed to meet most people I wanted to before I flew out
– Packed everything in time with all the shopping I had to do
– Bagged 2 deals I hadn’t completely

Today I cooked a massive meal for some of my Indian friends despite all the issues of not knowing kithcen, not having everything, improvising etc etc etc and it was fantabulous- I especially loved my fudge brownie- gorgeous as it could be!

At the end of the day, nothing is more exciting than using your brain. Over the past few days, I have really had to optimise on certain areas and it has been handy to have a sharp brain!

Nothing, nothing, nothing more glorious than a glass of bubbly in the sun with good friends around you!

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Jan 20 Monday: Gratitude

TalentOne cannot do much without talent and it’s great to have some and even better when one is recognised for it!

Ability to Drive
I have driven over 500 miles this month- mostly long distance- it’s been a while since my car was used that much and it’s kinda nice to be able to drive and it’s even nicer to be able to afford the luxury!

I love to cook and recently, I have started loving baking- more because it can be healthy and needn’t be all bad for me! This weekend, I tried a chocolate carrot cake- not completely guilt-free- it has a fair amount of sugar but Oh-so-Good and mostly carrots!

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Jan 13 Monday: Gratitude

1. Travel
I love to travel. The fact that I have made it to Cork for a weekend already and that I am heading home in a few weeks is a reminder how lucky I am to call two beautiful countries my home.

2. Friends
I caught up with some good old mates in the last while and some new ones- all in all, I am surrounded by some lovely people!

3. Optimism
When things seem bleak, days seem dark, there is hope- sometimes in the form of a coffee, sometimes an email but always hope!

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Jan 6 Monday- Gratitude

Nothing like a good sleep to get your mood in the upbeat form and you ready to take on the world.

Healthy Eats
I just spent a mini fortune on food that’s good for me- I am looking forward to tucking into it and getting healthier!
Prunes, plums, dates, apricots, figs, apples, bananas and some sugarfree/ gluten free/ dairy free bars, coconut water- now to incorporate it into everyday eating!

Idleness, not that I have had a chance to experience it in ages, is irritating and so the counterpart would be busy but doing work sounds better and is genuinely more fun!

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