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So I am going to have a 4 week sugar free period starting Monday and to stick to it, I am trying to use up everything for the various parties we are going to so it’s not me or Red eating it all ourselves.

One of my favourite recipes is these lemon bars:

SOOOOOO bad for you but so good!

So for NYE, I have:
– rice crispie slices
– rocky road
– nutella and kahlua cupcakes with ferrero rocher toppings
– lemon bars

For the 2nd, NY celebration, I have:
– more rice crispie bars, different recipe!
– leftover lemon bars
– no bake nutella cheesecake- yum, you read that right!

How delish do they sound?! And I am actually going to share it too!! 😉 xx


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So, last week I cooked for a tiny army and so was left with tonnes of aquafaba- my new favourite ingredient to play with!

If you aren’t aware of it, it’s basically an egg white substitute and is originally the brine from a can of chickpeas (or other beans but primarily chickpeas). Can be used to make pancakes, cakes, brownies, meringues and everything else with eggs in it really.

Today, I baked brownies for a friend’s surprise birthday party- risky to try a new recipe I know but it’s the only way I was gonna be baking tonight. Think I would add a little more butter as mine seemed a little flaky but here’s the recipe I followed:

I would say the recipe would work well on its own as is but being in need to finish all the leftovers in the fridge, I used up the salted caramel to replace the amount of maple syrup in it.

Just took a test bite and I want it all! NOM!!


And this is what I want to use the frozen aquafaba (there’s just so much in the fridge!!) for:
And for the lemon curd:

And perhaps for breakfast tomorrow- a good brekkie does kill a hangover:

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Onion or Garlic: HELP!!

For the longest period of my life, I have cooked garlic, then ginger and then onions- not knowing why.
Almost all the recipes suggest cooking onions first due to the burning point and garlic flavouring.

Anyone know what is chemically the right way and how they interact with our bodies?
I have been trying to find it in Ayurveda but since onion and garlic are actually avoided in the cooking there, I am unable to get a scientific response.

If anyone can help me, please mail me or comment here so I can get to the bottom of this!

Amadea Morningstar, Vasant Lad, Usha Lad- if you are reading this per chance, please, pretty please, help!



Garlic should be fried first, ginger second, chillies third and onions last.
Most spices should be added once onions are a little soft but things like cumin, mustard, curry leaves and asafoetida should be pre garlic.

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Yummy brownies!

Last night, I was making myself some brownies to use up all the chocolate in the house so I wouldn’t keep munching on it! Absolutely delish!!!

Grated sweet potato- 2 cups
All the chocolate pieces you can find or cocoa- 2 cups (because of all this you don’t need sugar)
2 eggs
3 tbsp coconut flour and same amount coconut oil
A pinch of vanilla extract and a pinch of baking powder

Mix well, bake for 25 mins at 180 degrees, let cool and cook through- eat warm.

Comment if you make this and are as in love with it as I am.

PS: Even tried making grated sweet potato and cheese pancakes- they are delicious too- try them!

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Foodie Notes!

1. Plum Cake:

Make it tastier by stewing the plums in a wee bit of rum before putting it on the pastry mixture.
Use the rum and plum juice mix and only add more sugar if it doesn’t add up to the size requirement for the glaze topping.
Don’t use liquid butter when making the crumble mixture- much nicer to mix with wet as the consistency is more airy in the end due to the extra whipping.

2. Banana Bread:

Add some cinnamon in the banana while blending it.
Mix the walnuts after the banana.
Make it muffin tins to be able to freeze it in small portions for longer lasting tastiness.

Nom nom nom- best of it all, fairly healthy!


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An Unexpected Break

So, I hadn’t planned on this week long break but hey, these things happen- that’s life eh? I seem to have started on a daily favourite moment routine now too and it makes me fall asleep with a smile on my face- considering it takes 30 seconds, I think you should all do it too!

Anyway, on a different note- I am loving the idea of these 88 snacks- all under 100 calories too- now that’s a win-win situation, me thinks!

dont let bacon die

After all said and done, bacon wins!

A note on recipes I want to try:

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Random experimentation!

So the other day I had friends over for dinner. I had a simple but pretty darn amazing menu:

Main: Seeded Fish

I bought the fish fileted and used cod to bring out the fresh flavours
I cut it into chunky pieces so as to coat more surface than not
In a big tray, I spread some ginger-garlic paste, seeds (chia or flax and sesame) and almond flour
In a big bowl, I whipped an egg

Dip the fish in the egg, roll all sides in the spread out paste and cook on all sides till golden brown on a hot pan.

Sauce: Salsa verde a la Joy

In a bowl, mix coriander, avocado, scallions, pepper, green chilli and lemon- ideally, make it a few hours earlier.
Dish it on top of the cooked fish on the plate

Side 1: Herbed Potatoes

In a baking tray, spread some butter
Spread the herbs you want to use on top of it
Spread any other seasoning you may want
Roughly chop potatoes to the right size, rough chop shallots
Mix everything together and squeeze a little lemon on it all
Cover with foil and cook in the oven for 20 minutes at 180C
Remove foil, add some more butter and cook for a further 7 mins
Dish on the side of the plate and eat

Side 2: Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

In a different baking dish, mix balsamic vinegar, basil and a very minimal amount of garlic paste
Remove tomatoes from the stem and roll them in the baking tray
Bash them into the oven for less than 5 minutes so they retain their shape but are nice and hot to eat
Serve on the plate with the cod and potatoes

Side 3: Sauteed Greens

One of my favourites- asparagus, mangetout, beans, yellow peppers, spinach

In a frying pans, heat butter and add some garlic
Once garlic starts to brown, throw in all the washed veg but not the spinach
Sprinkle some pepper, add some lime and lemon
Cook till it is not soft but it is still edible
With water still not dry, add the spinach for a brief moment to avoid it wilting but to let it get hot
Mix all together and dish it on to the plate

There you go- totes simple. Enjoy!

Dessert- Strawberry/ Coconut/ Chocolate Surprise

2x walnuts, 1x soaked dates
Blend till smooth, press on the bottom of the bowl and freeze

Strawberry layer:
Marinate the strawberries in balsamic vinegar and honey- make enough to make 2 layers
Use half to layer the base in any pattern

3x soaked cashews, .5x coconut oil, .5x agave
Blend until smooth
Whip till its got a good soft consistency
Throw in some chocolate chips or add some chocolate in the mixture or both
Layer on top of the strawberries

.5x cocoa, .5 coconut oil, .3x agave
Mix all together till silky, lump free and glossy
Layer on top of the cake
Cover it with the rest of the strawberries

Freeze the whole cake for 2 hours at least- thaw before serving and though there are very good ingredients, remember nuts are full of (good but still) fat so eat small portions!


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Healthy evil!

So, this started off with me wanting to bake something, coming across a few recipes and combining them to make my own.

I used:

1 courgette
1 banana
1 carrot
1 apple
(all grated)
.25 cup honey
2 tbsp nutella
1 egg
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp pepper
1 tsp vanilla extract
1.5 cups oats
.5 cup chopped chocolate

All mixed in well together, baked for a good 40-50 mins at 180 degree Celsius.

And it worked! It tasted good but it was a wee bit soft and there were too many flavours to enjoy any one but they all mixed well together.

Here’s a few ideas to make it different:

1. Add 2 tbsp more nutella, remove the egg, add .5 cup more oats2. Add more carrots, no nutella, no honey

I am really keen to try option 2 myself- someday, I shall have to make it now!

Apparently I can make a frosting using avocado whipped with cocoa powder to top it all, if I so wish!

Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 17.43.42

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Yet another justification for my love for mangoes

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October 4, 2012 · 3:04 am

Dreams for 2012

I have been meaning to write down all I want to achieve this year: here are some images!

1. The BIGGEST decision of my life potentially but one that makes me excited, tingly and happy 🙂

2. I know I look good but there is something about feeling good- inside and out. I have ignored yoga and my body for ages but this year, I want it to change. It is not just about turning heads when I walk in about doing a double-take everytime I catch a glimpse of me in the mirror! Too vain, perhaps but it’s what I want for me.

3. My blog name says it, my very ethos is about it and I really miss it. I cannot wait to go on a new adventure. I am hoping I don’t have too long a wait.

4. What’s the point of owning a beautiful car like mine if I don’t take it for an adventure- bring on summer, hood down, foot on accelerator and just a weekend of giggles, photography, chats, fun- boyfriend optional 😉 Well, to make it that bit more special, it would be nice to go with him!

5. Goes back to #1. When I start earning, I can start saving. It’s a vicious circle.

6. With the changes coming my way, with the roller-coaster I have been through in the past few months, with the decisions I have made in the past few years, I have forgotten myself- my values have remained, I have adapted but I have not always been honest to myself- this year, I find myself again.

Honestly, I am not even sure what this means but it sounds AWESOME and so I am somehow gonna define it this year for myself and make it happen!

And when I find myself, define magic for myself, I can be who I want to be- again. It is time to reinvent myself.

7. Have fun, live life, be happy

So what if this is my last moment on earth- as I have said, I would rather die doing something fun and memorable than sick and bored…

Part of finding myself is to accept myself too!

This means finding a different type of strength, maybe not so unladylike though:

AND confidence- the confidence to be me!

And now that I have begun the process of finding inner peace, I hope to always

8. While finding my new strengths, I shouldn’t forget the old ones in my life:

I am SO SO SO SO SO lucky to have the people I have in my life- thank you! If I am cranky, if I am tired, if I am insufferable over the next while- forgive me and keep giving me the strength!

And why wait to find a mistletoe… 😉

A hard call- I do know this is always tough to judge and very intangible but I really hope to achieve it the best I can:

9. Something small, something materialistic and something that makes me smile: I am going to own my own Loubotins by the end of 2012!

10. A full bar to me symbolises friends coming in, good times, the ability to afford the finer things and a sign of laughs and memories that have been shared and that will be created 🙂

And no point of drink, without some food, esp exotic food- nom nom nom!

11. I also want to read more, write more, see more plays, have more laughs, explore more and just let the year be the year of awesome!

2012: the year of living, the year of dreams and the year of living my dreams! 🙂



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Sometimes I don’t understand my friends

Last weekend, Tigger sent me an email that obviously meant a lot to her and was tough for her but I have to admit, I can’t see her perspective.

However, each to their own and so I will respect her wishes ‘cos that’s what friendships are all about, at the end of it all. You know when I broke up with TL, the best thing I learnt was the act of humanity his best friend showed me and trying to pay it forward certainly backfired for me.

On the other hand, I hung out twice with another friend’s best friend- alone, just us and the friend who introduced us was totally delighted!

Ah well, different strokes for different folks.

And… been really sick the past few days and I was just totally out of it today, still am. Decided to treat myself to something different and cooked up a cod+chickpea tomato stew with cous-cous, the experiment was delightful and definitely something I will repeat.

For now, let’s try and get some work done while I feel like death warmed up and not death itself!

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I love snow.

I have always loved snow- ever since I was a kid, even before my first time with snow (Kufri in Himachal when I was around 11/12)… I will never forget spending my 17th birthday in Switwerland at Jungfrauoch (spelling?) enjoying a snowfall… maybe that is why I was always fascinated by the Antarctic but either which way, I love snow.

Last night, there was a massive thunder and lightning storm along with a snowfall. From the comfort of my living room with a blazing fire, it was one of the most amazing shows I have ever seen. No documentary, no nothing could beat the vastness of it, the power of nature and just the awesomeness that is this world. What a vision to go to bed with! I loved it- yet another reason to love snow.

So because of all the snow, I didn’t want to take the car out or do anything as it was freezing and I kinda liked the relaxed atmosphere around me… a walk would have been nice but I wasn’t pushed enough to make it happen. The fire, some Nutella dark hot chocolate, pineapple, a nice warm bath and I was a happy bunny. Come dinner time, I decided to cook again and try yet another experiment which worked out really well too.

J’s Special Seafood Pasta

Thawed scallops, crab claws and prawns.

Heated a pot with some olive oil, garlic and scallions. When browned, added in some red peppers, yellow peppers, mushrooms and once slightly cooked, I added in sundried tomato and chili paste (one of those bottled sauce type thingies- yeah I know, I should be ashamed) and cooked it with a wee bit of red wine. Added in some mixed herbs, oregano, basil, parsley and it tasted good.

In another pan, cooked the seafood till it was almost done and then added it, some barbecued salmon, some cooked spaghetti to mix it all in together.

Ah what a treat.

I am loving cooking again, even if I do really miss someone else cutting and cleaning the mess…

On a different note, heading to Dublin tomorrow to spend the evening with Dr. F and his lady- SO excited. Cannot wait!!!! I love me friends.


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I smell of Garlic…

You know one of the things I have always enjoyed, especially when really stressed is cooking. And one of the very few things about living in the middle of f*@£ing nowhere is the fact that I have more time to cook and even better, someone to appreciate it- even if he is a fussy eater!

So tonight, my dear housemate threw a strop stating that all he wanted to eat was scallop and rice. And then he had the audacity (THE AUDACITY- yeah, it did bother me a bit!) to suggest sweet&sour sauce- the pre-made variety! As if!! Anyhow, I decided to give him what he wanted with the ‘J’ twist and some spices… and thus, began the experiment.

J’s special Scallop & Rice- Thai style paella

Marinade: Soy sauce + Olive Oil + Pepper + Some random hot chilli sauce in the press + Garlic + Galangaal root- Mix all together, coat scallops and refrigerate for about 30 mins.

Rice: In a little bit of oil, roast some mustard seeds, add some garlic, some scallions, Thai 7 Spice and then some rice and water. Boil the rice with all the flavours and add some peas towards the end. Takes about 12 minutes. Drain away the water when finished.

Cook the scallops- do them on both sides really well- takes about 6-8 minutes. Add the marinade into the pan while cooking. While cooking, break the scallops into smaller pieces. Once cooked, mix the scallops and rice in together in the pot where the scallops were cooked.

Served with fresh basil to garnish and a slice of lemon.

A fantastic experiment and definitely one I will try again! But for now, I smell of garlic.


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