1 Year in 1 Month

Started in 2010, I have personally only told 5 people of this blog and then I know one of them told someone else of it too but as far as I know, less than 7 people I personally know about this space of mine and I love the anonymity here, the freedom to share thoughts I may not share elsewhere, the ability to rant here and get it out of my system, the diary to capture certain feelings even if the true story may be masked, a place to leave notes to myself re food and anything else!

So it is very surprising for me to note that without any advertising, without informing too many people (I presume 2 of those 5 I told have no interest in coming here anymore either- we did have a bit of a fallout after all…) I still get a lot of interest here. I expected it to be maybe the odd one or 2 people stopping by but I noted today that for the past few months I have managed to beat the total number of people that came to my site all together in 2010.

Ah, the things I find amusing.



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