Sunrise Parties!

Through late teens, college, early 20s, most of us party and I was certainly no less- heralding a new day in as I went off to grab a shut-eye was rather usual for me.

However, as time gets on, life goes on, the people you party with become more immersed in practical lives as do you yourself often, energy levels drop and it seems easier to just reduce seeing a sunrise before sleep.

This week feels special- 2 nights, not 1 but 2! I would normally consider myself lucky to get 6 nights a year of such parties, VERY lucky actually so to get 2 in the course of 5 days is pretty epic and encouraging to realise I ain’t all that old!

Both parties, very different- one was a big gang who went out dancing and ended up at a house party with decks and all while the other was movies, chats, fire and dancing in the jammies… ah life, you beauty.

It’s good to go for a snooze as the birds chirp and the sun rises.
It’s great to get the system out of whack, even if it takes longer to fall back into a rhythm.
It’s amazing to realise I am surrounded by some very beautiful people.

Ah life, you beauty 🙂



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5 responses to “Sunrise Parties!

  1. It’s a joy reading you, Joy! 🙂 I want to know you more. What you do, mostly, as your career. You share your life’s day-to-day happenings and your day is very different from my day (the routine job of an engineer, that is). I am curious to know who’s average day I’m reading. CEO of a fashion house? President at Illustration firm??
    Share if you don’t mind sharing with your readers 🙂

    • Hope
      Your words are very kind- I am nothing as illustruous as you make me sound- I am just a simple girl working as a project manager. I do try to keep things that could potentially identify my true identity separate as I like this space of anonymity and no judgement 🙂
      Joy x

      PS Engineers days’ never seem to be routine, based on my experience!

      • Hi Joy!! Thanks for sharing. I totally understand and respect the need for anonymity. Even I use the blog as a place to let-out my innermost thoughts and there’s no way I could do that if I didn’t have the feeling of being anonymous to readers 🙂

      • Exactly. Who knows- maybe in real life, we are friends or foes?! Hahaha 🙂 Love the ability to mask ourselves and let the good and the not so good thoughts shine through!

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