Date with me

Yesterday, I went on a date, a date with me!
I followed simple rules:
– no reading books/ magazines etc
– no constantly checking phone (was allowed to respond to messages and check it a maximum of once in 90 mins)
– no rushing through my meal

So, I sat in a window- where I could see the inside of the restaurant and the outside without turning too much and I enjoyed numerous cups of tea before I settled on my main course, with a lush glass of red wine.

Going in not feeling exceptionally hungry, by the time I finished my dinner, I still craved more and so (*the horrors*) ordered myself a few different tarts (lack of being able to decide which I wanted hehe).

All in all, it was a wonderful evening and it had been a long time coming!

Some interesting observations:
– Girls in their 20s remain as insecure as my friends and I were at that age
– There were tonnes of couples out for dinner and only a few seemed to have anything to talk about or seemed loved up
– I don’t understand today’s fashion
– 80% of people took photographs of their food (for once, I didn’t!)
– The moment someone was left alone, they took out their phone
– There’s definitely no recession in the air (it was NOT a cheap dinner)
– The food sharing culture seems to be on the rise and as an Indian, I love it
– There are some odd non-smokers who wanted to sit outside in the bitter windchill of -5!! (Seriously WTF)
– There was a lot of smiles and laughs around me and I am glad I got to enjoy that atmosphere
– Waiters aren’t used to people eating alone and kept trying to offer to charge my phone (it was at 80%), bring me reading material etc
– You do get the casual odd look from people and it’s worth it as you raise a toast to yourself with the glass(es) of red wine 🙂

Dare you to date yourself- it’s an experience you will NOT regret xx



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6 responses to “Date with me

  1. I’m out alone for a business trip and I’m looking forward to a date with myself. Hope it turns out as pleasant an experience 🙂

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